Unleash The Lawyers! Mounting Costs Of NSA Scandal To Bleed US Tech For Years

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As we’ve said, the technology sector is in some real trouble because of its partnership (in many instances) with the NSA.

Tech is probably the most important industry in the USA. And we export a lot of technology. However, overseas customers (and domestic ones too) are having second thoughts about buying from companies which have worked closely with US spy agencies. Orders are dropping around the world.

Now a new front may be opening for Silicon Valley, a legal one.

(From The Testosterone Pit)

What’s rising for US tech companies like a pile of fuming manure? The costs of working hand-in-glove with the NSA to build the most formidable, seamless, borderless, indiscriminate spy dragnet imaginable. For years, they’ve cashed in on this work, feeding frenetically at the big trough of the government. Revelations bandied about in the media with torturous regularity confirm that they’ve succeeded.

But the world is not a static place. Reactions have been swift – and very costly for our already revenue-challenged corporate tech heroes. Sales have suddenly plunged in the most promising high-growth countries like China and Russia, and share values have dropped because of it. But now there is a new cost to add to the pile, an all-American cost, the redistribution of wealth from corporations to lawyers: class-action lawsuits.

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JonPOgden 5pts

This who live by sucking at Uncle Sugar's teat will die by sucking at Uncle Sugar's teat.

Jerry Kosch
Jerry Kosch 5pts

There are two many Low Information Voters who are supporters of the status quo, and two many (most) politicians who are willing to pander to them.

Rob McDonald
Rob McDonald 5pts

Thanks Bush/Cheney, no doubt that was your intention, more funneling of tax payer money into private pockets.

Jerry Ware
Jerry Ware 5pts

The costs of knowing how really boring most of us are goes beyond money. The loss of its ability to manipulate the American people is forever lost, the naive trust is gone.

Michael A. Johnston
Michael A. Johnston 5pts

When will our country figure out that we are in the situation we are in because of lawyers. Liberal lawyers and their liberal laws enforced by liberal judges. This needs to end.

Benny Blanco
Benny Blanco 5pts

fuckem all down with big government funded by big business!!!