(US) IT firms lose billions after NSA scandal exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden

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We have similar problems with Chinese computers and software. The US was restricting the use of such computers in government and military prior to the Snowden revelations.

But for the US IT industry the lack of trust in the wake of Snowden’s whistle blowing is a very real problem. US brands have been damaged badly for having partnered (willingly or unwillingly) with the NSA.

Guess where the most computers are being sold, and will be sold in the next decade? Hint- it’s not in the US.

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Greg Alan Zimmerman
Greg Alan Zimmerman 5pts

Edward Snowden is a hero, not a zero. Who here amongst us would have known about all this IF Snowden had not come foreward and blown the whistle on the government? NO ONE. And that's why he's a hero. He and he alone took ALL the risk and he did so on something great enough that seriously could jeopardize his life (now and probably forever).

Tom Sims
Tom Sims 5pts

Good! Couldn't happen to a nicer group of pricks!!!

Steve Buell
Steve Buell 5pts

how many terrorist plots uncovered? none

Herman De
Herman De 5pts

Well that's food for thought. Wait that ain't food, that's crow.

Sandy Graham
Sandy Graham 5pts

GOOD Cause congress ain't telling the truth too anybody.....

Warren Parsons
Warren Parsons 5pts

Maybe if they actually governed their businesses with integrity they wouldn't be having this problem. It's interesting how they keep making claims to whether or not it is legal. Who gives a shit? How about whether or not it's okay to spy on innocent people.

Nathan Paul Davis
Nathan Paul Davis 5pts

It's also about the law, many are required to report their encryption techniques to the NSA. Sadly I am acquainted with someone on Facebook who did work for the NSA and even he verified that fact.

Karl Haynes
Karl Haynes 5pts

This reminds me about the story I heard last week: China is now refusing some of our wheat imports. THEY say our food is too dangerous!?!?!?!?! LMAO. They don't want the GMO wheat we were sending, apparently.

Karl Haynes
Karl Haynes 5pts

So the oligarchs that get their welfare...errr...federal contracts from the NSA. They do stuff they know no one will like. Once they are caught...they blame SNOWDEN!!!!!!

Jon Small
Jon Small 5pts

I wonder how much they profited from their illicit behavior. Losing business over ill-gotten profits is not what I term "loss". More like karma.

Robert Jackson
Robert Jackson 5pts

It is their fault so screw them, a little too late to be like, oh we are sorry.

George Mcfarlin
George Mcfarlin 5pts

It's just the beginning of the Snowden NSA disclosures......