“Crony Birds” Karl Rove and the establishment GOP take aim at a principled liberty minded Republican

Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don’t stand in the doorway
Don’t block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There’s a battle outside
And it is ragin’
It’ll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin’.

-Bob Dylan (Times are changing again)


I’m talking about Representative Justin Amash from Michigan. The guy is a force for the Constitution. Is uncompromising in his defense of the document. Is a champion of liberty. Has called the NSA to the floor. He can be counted on to fight crony capitalism. He seeks to reduce the tax burden on the average American. He even explains each vote he takes on Facebook. In my opinion, he is absolutely one of the good guys in Congress, and there aren’t that many good guys in Congress.

But the crony wing of the GOP hates Amash. Boehner loathes the guy especially. The Michigander does what he thinks is right, and often bucks leadership. He’s only been in Congress for 3 years and he has become one of the most influential members in the House even though leadership dismissed him from the “official” leadership track. Boehner did this he explained, because Amash has a “high asshole factor.”

Think about that. Probably the most principled small government member in the House of Representatives was frozen out by the leader of the supposedly “conservative” GOP.

Karl Rove, Speaker Boehner, Senator McCain and the other “crony birds” are mad that the real small government people showed up in Washington. For years the crony crowd could talk about how “conservative” they were without anyone holding them accountable. Now there are people like Amash who are exposing the hypocrisy of a party which once touted itself as “the party of small government” but which has never been the party of small government. Rove and company are furious and they are embarrassed. They have been exposed. The GOP is their party, they think, not the “people’s.” Those dirty small government Tea Partiers aren’t going come into Washington and mess things up. Not only is the GOP THEIR party, it’s THEIR congress too. Who invited these small government punks to DC anyway?

The American people did guys. And there are more coming. Get used to it. Better yet, get out of the way.

(From The National Interest)

The Tea Party, for all its faults, came into existence because many Republicans ceased to govern according to the conservative principles on which they campaigned. George W. Bush and a Republican-controlled Congress outspent Bill Clinton. Even conservatives succumbed to situational constitutionalism at best — or crony capitalism at worst.

Enter lawmakers like Amash, who are sticklers for constitutional detail and who use social media to explain their votes to the public. However uncomfortable some Republicans might be with this new way of doing business, there doesn’t seem to be a very good argument for returning to the bad old days.

“I don’t think Justin Amash cares if Bank of America gives to him or not,” a bewildered lobbyist was quoted as saying in article about Wall Street’s distaste for the Tea Party. What would you rather your congressman care about: Bank of America or the Constitution?

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RichGrise 5pts

"who do you admire and respect in congress?"

Almost nobody.

" Are your aspirations to have pure capitalism with no government protected copyrights and patents, no entities paid for collectively such as: public education, infrastructure, the military, fire and police protection?"

Of course. There is nothing, other than (possibly) the courts, that the Free Market can't do better and for less money.

"Should everything become privatized?"

Yes, except for what's specifically, explicitly, ordered in the Constitution, which isn't very much.


"Are you influenced economically by: Hayek, von Mises and Friedman? Or are there others?"

Not so much influenced as informed.

Brian Schatz
Brian Schatz 5pts

Robert Jsomebody, who do you admire and respect in congress? Are your aspirations to have pure capitalism with no government protected copyrights and patents, no entities paid for collectively such as: public education, infrastructure, the military, fire and police protection? Should everything become privatized? Are you influenced economically by: Hayek, von Mises and Friedman? Or are there others?

Blind Al
Blind Al 5pts

It's a kind of compliment in a way. He represents the Constitution, and that's a threat to the status quo. Doing his job and doing it damn well I'd say.

Glen Johnson
Glen Johnson 5pts

Of course the mass corruption is not confined to any one party Kevin.

Scott Worley
Scott Worley 5pts

I guess the assclowns that make up the "establishment" of the GOP don't like their jobs. We ALL need to remember this in the next election.

Paul Hansrote
Paul Hansrote 5pts

Karl Rove is a piece of poo. No, that's not right. That would be foul insult to poo everywhere.

Robert Jsomebody
Robert Jsomebody 5pts

Brian Schatz, that was a verbose explanation that read more like a wishful religious tract than a sound economic model. A- for effort. Spain is a poor example of economic health from any perspective. Good job. The US hasn't been free market (capitalist) for a long time. Hence the fact our economic standing has been tumbling ever since socialist peddling cronyism took over. All you need to do is explain how "democratizing the workforce" enhances the economy by lowering cost and incentivizing competition. How does it work to eliminate regulatory and tax burdens? These are functions of free markets, that encourage voluntary exchange, mutual benefit, and the efficient supply of goods and services, like the free will agreement between worker and employer.

Robert Jsomebody
Robert Jsomebody 5pts

Louis C Carl, propaganda from NYT, how refreshing and cutting edge...

Robert Jsomebody
Robert Jsomebody 5pts

Kevin Hannaford, there's a list of RINOs in the senate that just voted to fund Obamacare. Look it up on the senate website, they voted to fund it, which is just as bad as voting for the law itself.

Neurotoxin Pridebreaker
Neurotoxin Pridebreaker 5pts

Yea. And the real kicker is, she was trying to play the "I'm the conservative" card. Not many people outside WY have heard of Enzi but he's probably THE most stalwart conservative in Senate - both socially and economically. These RINO exiles REALIZE that Republican voters want RINOs out, so they try to paint the real Republicans as the RINOs - Rove once called Amash "Congress's most liberal Republican". It insults my intelligence and makes me SO much happier to watch the RINOs burn.

Louis C Carl
Louis C Carl 5pts

"Many frustrated liberals, and not a few pundits, think that people who share these beliefs must be downscale and poorly educated. The New York Times survey found the opposite. Only 26% of tea-party supporters regard themselves as working class, versus 34% of the general population; 50% identify as middle class (versus 40% nationally); and 15% consider themselves upper-middle class (versus 10% nationally). Twenty-three percent are college graduates, and an additional 14% have postgraduate training, versus 15% and 10%, respectively, for the overall population. Conversely, only 29% of tea-party supporters have just a high-school education or less, versus 47% for all adults."

Tammy Lainhart
Tammy Lainhart 5pts

even if we are not in his state, we can always chip in $ for his campaign

Tammy Lainhart
Tammy Lainhart 5pts

Liz Cheney is challenging someone on the Republican ticket? WTH??

Brian Schatz
Brian Schatz 5pts

Hi Robert Jsomebody, It’s good to see your response. Actually, the idea was not from Lenin, but it was from Karl Marx. Although, Marx got it wrong by expressing the need to have the state bureaucrats do all the central planning for the workplaces and throughout all sectors. Allowing the few at the top to do the central planning for the whole is a horrible and tragic mistake. It’s anti-democratic and is so similar to the Capitalistic workplace model that it is remarkable that others do not see this similarity. Robert, it is simple. In Capitalism, the few at the top make all of the workplace decisions. In State Socialism (Communism), the few at the top make all of the workplace decisions. In one group, they are the business owner(s), or the C-Class Execs and the Board of Directors. In the other group, they are the government bureaucrats. Both are tiny groups telling the whole rest of the workplace workers what to produce, when to produce, how to produce and where to produce and for what determined pay. Both sets of workers have no say. In this hierarchical, top-down way they are identical. Worker Cooperatives are here already. Their presence is worldwide. They’ve worked out many methods, many mistakes and bumps as did Capitalism did when it found its origins in England in the 1600s and slowly made its way into Europe in the 1700s. Feudal Lords used to laugh at the Capitalists and say silly things very similar to what some say regarding Worker Cooperatives. The Lords would say things like, “These Capitalists don’t know how to prepare and plan, acquire the wealth to establish a foothold, or do any of the things we Lords have as knowledge about the world and the needs of the people. A few of these Lords carped on and on until the day that the masses of people organized groups, broke into the palaces and separated the Lords’ bodies from their heads. Mondragon Cooperative Corporation in Spain is the largest and oldest Worker Coop. They even have universities that teach the cooperative methods besides their Federation of Worker Coops producing all sorts of things and services. Democratically organized workplaces are foreign to most Americans, and because of the McCarthy Era, Capitalism is kind-of-a taboo subject to be discussed and debated. Capitalism is considered sacrosanct: not to be touched; not to be messed with … or … someone will call you a Communist. Well, State Socialism does not work; however, all countries using Capitalism as their economic system are using the hybrid system. All Capitalist countries have a mixture of socialistic entities with market-based Capitalism as their economic engine. Some countries have more socialistic entities mixed in while others have less. From my understanding, many Libertarians would rather have only one, two or three socialistic entities and would rather everything else be privatized, sans the military, police and fire departments. When it comes to earning your position within the workplace, if your job is very difficult and from studies that were long and laborious, within the Worker Coop, you make your case. You make your case and sell your reason why you should be paid more of the profits. At Mondragon, the workers decided to pay most CEOs six times the lowest paid worker. A few Mondragon leaders get paid 9 to 12 times the lowest paid worker because those engineering leaders made the case and workers within that workplace agreed to pay them more. It is not up to a board of directors to decide at Work Coops. No. There are no boards of directors who are detached, aloof and exploitative. The workers are their own boards of directors. He who works gets paid; has one voice, one share of the business and one vote for all workplace decisions. If I start a company, and I did, I should be compensated for the start-up toil and ingenuity … and I was when I made the case when we became a Worker Cooperative. The differences between a Worker Cooperative and a Capitalistic enterprise are: the workplaces are democratic within a Worker Coop; the board of directors are displaced by all the workers; investors invest to a Federation of Coops or individually, the stock market is avoided. Almost all other things are similar to Capitalistic enterprises. There are places for Capitalistic enterprises and there are places for Worker Coops; however, Worker Coops are gathering interest and steam because the workers working there are not exploited and they really like that … and love their jobs. Regarding the Neoliberals in both parties, I am regretful and very unhappy about their popularity. They run the show, and I like you want honest people in government that work for the people and not for their corporate cronies. You brought up some really good points Robert, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Lynn Childs
Lynn Childs 5pts

Crony Birds that is a perfect tag for them!

C.h. Burnopp
C.h. Burnopp 5pts

If I was in his state I would support him

Kevin Hannaford
Kevin Hannaford 5pts

Ross Willson and Peter Cox you are both going to help Democrats get elected

Kevin Hannaford
Kevin Hannaford 5pts

name on establishment Republican that voted for Obamacare.... name one currently in office that voted for the stimulus.. I'm not saying they should stay forever.. what I'm saying is that while we're the minority party we can't be as picky.. even a bad Republican is better than any Democrat currently in office

Jeff Hodder
Jeff Hodder 5pts

The T party are right- wing extremist

JonPOgden 5pts

Well said, Nick! The whigs are fighting hard to hold on, and guys like you are shining a light on them.

Linda Bullard
Linda Bullard 5pts

We must continue to get people like him elected. There are a few in Washington and we must not let the GOP and the Chamber of Commerce decide what kind of people we need in Washington.

Todd Shoenfelt
Todd Shoenfelt 5pts

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." - Gandhi This is actually a good sign. We're at step 3.

John Keene
John Keene 5pts

We The People need to retire those like rove, mc cain, mc connell, graham, and replace them with fresher people who haven't been there so long that they have been bought.

John Legget
John Legget 5pts

Pretty much my feelings about the GOP.

Glen Johnson
Glen Johnson 5pts

I've been saying for a long time now that the GOP pays lip service to individual liberty and upholding the constitution but are in fact every bit as much in love with big intrusive government as the Democrats and very quickly forget all about upholding the constitution as soon as it interfears with their agenda. I have also noted that tend to quickly forget all about states rights as soon as they see states passing laws they disagree with, like Colorado legalizing pot and the states that have made gay marriage legal. Ironicly enough I have noticed that they tend to support states rights in cases where states are looking to further restrict people's freedoms but opposed in cases where states are looking to expand people's freedoms. So yeah no doubt they are not pleased with the Libertarian leaning folks who are now turning up in the GOP and showing them to be the lying hypocrites they really are as far as upholding the constitution is concerned.

Alison Francis
Alison Francis 5pts

I wont give one penny to r.n.c,done,I will give to teaparty,ppl in senate and house

Robert Jsomebody
Robert Jsomebody 5pts

The Worker Cooperative Movement? Bwa ha ha Democratize the workplace? Stealing Leninist ideas and repackaging them is an old trick. The fact you had the audacity to equivocate capitalism with communism, despite the fact that the communists have been trying to exterminate capitalists since the days of Mao and Stalin, makes you look like a stooge. Capitalism is diametrically opposed in function design and result to communism and mercantilism found in cronyism. Workers cannot be "given" others' position, such things must be earned. Owners, inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors are in their respective positions for a reason, and that reason isn't because someone designed an artificial system (that looks good on paper) but has no basis other than to satisfy egalitarian goals of some central planner. If I start a company, I hire each to his position based on ability and effort, pay is determined by value to the business. I give benefits to keep valuable employees. Any worker in satisfied is free to leave. There is no vote, there never should be. No employee should put up the success of my company that I'm invested in to a vote over his interests.

Robert Jsomebody
Robert Jsomebody 5pts

Brian Schatz, your list of things libtards are for/ against, is ridiculous. You better take a good look at how you progressive libtards LOVE mercantilism and use capitalism as a scapegoat. Not one of your progressive neoliberal friends has clean hands in cronyism and putting government waste and growth on steroids. You people are the antithesis of economic growth and individual freedom. You are nothing like the libertarian ideals of nonaggression and freedom. You complain about drones and war and your party has been the author of it. Democrats and republicans hold each other's hands and create a fictional sideshow to distract and confuse the populace, to create the illusion of division, while behind the scenes they collude to hold and reserve power for themselves. Keep drinking your kook aid moron.

Byron Shutt
Byron Shutt 5pts

Suport individual Conservative candidates who pass the fiscal Conservative test. Do not donate to the RNC until they comply with their bases wishes.

Bruce Wagner
Bruce Wagner 5pts

Let vote out all the Rinos and socialists with one stroke of the pen

Kevin Thornton
Kevin Thornton 5pts

Democrat's are just as corrupt.............. Think they are not? This is the problem.... In America...

David Mair
David Mair 5pts

I pray that there will be a swelling up of consciousness in the American people that bring the country back to worship of God. It is God who said "If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land. " 2 Chronicles 7:14

Brian Schatz
Brian Schatz 5pts

Libertarians and very liberal, liberals like me have quite a bit in common. For this, I am thankful. Amash's bill with John Conyers to reign in the NSA almost passed. Together, the very liberal liberals - populists and progressives - want to: reign in the military industrial complex; surveillance spying; indefinite detentions; wars; torturing prisoners; drone assassinations; building weapons that the military doesn't want, need or ask for; fast track status for trade deals; government subsidies to wealthy corporations; drug laws and the prison industrial complex; propping up nuclear power generation; presidential war declarations without congress; marriage discrimination; funding for any type of energy with subsidies because wind, solar and other green technologies would win; the Federal Reserve; and some others. Where we are very close but off and peculiarly seeing past one another is with Capitalism. Many Libertarians see Capitalism as pure and good and as a natural thing. They see the freedom and liberty to have an idea and to hire others to make a business and take the risk to make a go of it. Progressive and Populists Liberals like me, and we are in the minority, see Capitalism as the problem. It's not because getting an idea and a group together and having a go of it is wrong. No, that's the natural part and the totally fine part. The systemic flaw with Capitalism is very similar to what is wrong with State Socialism (communism). They both place all the workplace decisions in the hands of the bureaucrats or the business owners, the board of directors, the originators or the buyers of the business. Liberals like me sees that the "new economy movement" with Capitalism Reform as a wonderful solution to cronyism. The simple yet dramatic solution is to democratize the workplace - the individual workplace. How? Do this precisely as the Worker Cooperative has done this. Allow all workers a voice, one share of the business (workers have to pay a fee to join or have to have pay deductions to become a member), and one vote for all key workplace decisions. There are no boards of directors because each worker is the owner and the worker at the same time. Investors and business originators are paid back similar to Capitalistic workplaces, with the difference being that the workers vote for the terms. Federations of Worker Cooperative businesses cooperate with one another to foster more and more democratically organized Worker Coops. Instead of competing and eating each other's lunch and merging with leveraged buyouts, Worker Coops thread needs by cooperating. The desire to do well is through the freedom and liberty to have a voice within the workplace and to voice your workplace opinion through the workplace vote. Government has nothing to do with this. This is why this becomes so attractive to Libertarians. However, what is the most attractive to Libertarians are the attributes that deliver outcomes of less government assistance programs. With democracy in the workplace, all the workers know the profit and loss status like it is a part of their bloodstream. They also have the team spirit regard for one another like no Capitalistic enterprise could even conger. Their workplace is real to them and costs and expenditures are honed like a finely sharpened tool. Everything they do together sharpens their relevance and their profitability. They are a group. They are a team. They make sure that they have each other's back. They all pay themselves well and not with gargantuan wage discrepancies. They share the workplace profits and can afford a handsome lifestyle. They have egalitarian pay spreads and no one is on government assistance programs. Yes, many Libertarians love this and get this fully and completely. Instead of fettering Capitalism through the government, the Worker Cooperative fetters the workplace through their own democratic votes ... and government has nothing to do with it. Very liberal liberals and Libertarians have more in common than do Republicans and Libertarians. And that's a good thing. There are things we can agree to. Yes!

Alice Kemp Dodson
Alice Kemp Dodson 5pts

Same w/democrats David Trujillo. NO party listens to "US"" the People. We have to take BACK OUR country

Carol Rea
Carol Rea 5pts

maybe it is time carl rove shoved his little tattle tale board up his butt....he is fighting for the good old boys club...sometimes the younger members of the party make a lot more sense than the old farts do..

Chuck Reichenbach
Chuck Reichenbach 5pts

The LP is on the side of dems and rinos in the trashing the only people advacing the liberty movement.

Kevin Thornton
Kevin Thornton 5pts

Entrenched GOP, could not do what they do without the DAMN Lawyer party pushing it through......... LIBERTARIAN from here on out........... LEFT/RIGHT are the SAME Party.....

Joseph A. Cummins
Joseph A. Cummins 5pts

Rove and the Wash. Establishment Republican Elite Leadershiip again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. I'm rooting for a "Conservative" takeover of the Republican Party.

DDoSCapitol 5pts

What you're describing as "pure" capitalism is something closer to anarcho-capitalism.  That's closer to Rothbard than Friedman, and it's not what the large majority of free market supporters advocate.  Even Ayn Rand believed government should have a monopoly on use of force other than self-defense, supported intellectual property protection, etc...  The idea of "competing" police departments should give anyone pause.  Public education isn't on the same order as infrastructure and military/police and should whither away, and "infrastructure" should be narrowly defined, but most capitalists don't support privatizing the core functions of government you've mentioned.

vongoh 5pts

I almost 100% subscribe to Austrian free market economics fyi - but I have noted examples of small/medium scale private worker cooperatives where the companies seem very successful and the workers happy.

I believe it is a matter of Scaling.   ie.  limited socialist principles can result in a productive business/happy small community when the participants are limited to a small number.  And when the organization (of any kind) is limited to people who interact on a face to face basis, are emotionally bonded in some fashion and all mutually agree to the arrangements.

However socialist principles fail in any organizational structure larger than that.  ie as soon as the number of participants grows large enough for bureaucratic and/or techonocratic central planning and control become necessary to manage and enforce 'sharing" - this is exactly the point where the humanitarian and economic promises of socialism begin to transform to it's opposite.

There is an direct relationship between the success of socialist endeavors and the size of the organization:   as the organization grows larger,  the corruption and despotism of socialism grow with it.


In Michigan we have our Governor, LT Gov, and the collaborators who voted for Obamacare exchanges and Medicaid expansion:

Bolger (R)Callton (R)Crawford (R)Denby (R)Forlini (R) Foster (R)Glardon (R)Haines (R)Haveman (R)Jacobsen (R) Kesto (R)Kowall (R)LaFontaine (R)Lori (R)Lyons (R) McCready (R)O'Brien (R)Pagel (R)Poleski (R)Price (R) Pscholka (R)Rogers (R)Schmidt (R)Shirkey (R)Stamas (R) Walsh (R)Yonker (R)Zorn (R) Casperson (R)Hansen (R)Kahn (R)Kowall (R)Marleau (R) Richardville (R)Rocca (R)Walker (R)  

Also consider the bill would have been dead and Failed had Arlen Meekhof not re submitted, then voted No to cover his ass. Oh and the MIGOP Chairman? His construction company signed contracts to build the offices for medicaid expansion almost a year prior to the bill passing!