NY Times goes after supplement companies, Big Pharma avoids scrutiny.

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There have long been efforts to pull the supplement industry more under the control of the FDA. (And in all likelihood crush it.)

Pharma doesn’t like supplements. (The supplement industry challenges the massive drug industry fundamentally.) As such many politicians don’t like supplements.

Some believe that the media is also biased against supplements, as much of the advertising dollars media outlets get come from drug companies.

Alliance for Natural Health highlights what it believes may be an example of this bias.

(From ANH-USA.org)

What’s going on here? With drugs causing the most liver damage (and let’s not forget that prescription drugs in general are the fourth leading cause of death in America, based on hospital data alone), why is the New York Times attacking dietary supplements? After all, at the very same conference where the cited study was presented, there were eighteen sessions on liver damage due to acetaminophen—and only two presentations on dietary supplements and liver damage.

We are sorry to say that it may be linked to the pharmaceutical industry’s advertising clout, which the NYT depends upon. In its 2012 annual report, the NYT stated the obvious fact that it depends for its survival on advertising revenue. In 2012, Big Pharma spent $90 million on print advertising. The dietary supplement industry spends far less: $20 million on print advertising in 2010. Due to the FDA and FTC’s overzealous regulation of health claims and gag orders on dietary supplement advertising, there’s little incentive for supplement companies to advertise their products and anyway they have far less money with which to do so.

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Ken Culp
Ken Culp 5pts

of course! they have too much money wrapped up in it! they don't want anyone getting better, or being healthy

Byron Shutt
Byron Shutt 5pts

OK people where does the central control stop? Man we are slipping down a rabbit hole.

Tony B. Rich
Tony B. Rich 5pts

It was very sad to see the NY Times run such ridiculously skewed and inaccurate stories. The good thing is that more people are simply turning away from Big Media and finding Truth in/on many other channels!

Nathan Paul Davis
Nathan Paul Davis 5pts

I thought they were. I noticed iron was taken out of both my multivitamins and Nesquik... I am still angry.

Willard Anderson
Willard Anderson 5pts

You morons don't know it, but home remedies are still around. You are hungering and thirsting for money.o!! How you love it. You can write it into law with the kings pen, you will have battle. You thik you have the bull by the horns.they will get you.who wants side effects, when the real thing is here with no side effects

Sue Smith
Sue Smith 5pts

They tried this before. Not all supplements are created equal and yes, some are not worth the money, but then again, neither is GMO food.

Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 5pts

I think they should be regulated the same as anything else we consume. But I love my supplements and would hate to see it go away. The war on drugs should be on prescription medicine

Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown 5pts

The drug pushers are just that drug pushers...they don't want anything to get in their way...money making scam.

Jerry Vogt
Jerry Vogt 5pts

It is all about the money not about heath, every time the drug companies come up with a new compound they create a new disease

David McDowell
David McDowell 5pts

What they are telling you is that it is time to stop talking to them about it.

John Conarpe
John Conarpe 5pts

Dave jones, what supplement do you take?

Sean Eoghan Hughes
Sean Eoghan Hughes 5pts

It's what the big contractors are doing to the little guys. With the help of government.

Dave Jones
Dave Jones 5pts

My urologist, my internist and my pharmacist told me that the prostate supplements wouldn't work. I asked them all if there was harm in trying, and they all agreed there was no harm. Guess what? They work, the urgency to urinate, the waking at night to go have left. Instead of taking pills that cost $15 each, I use a supplement that costs $20/month. And there are no potential side-effects.

Ken Brown
Ken Brown 5pts

solving what problem, exactly?

Lyndel Fryman
Lyndel Fryman 5pts

Fraud and Death Administration is a joke.........Selective enforcement of regulations, CEO's of BIG PHARMA Corps. on their board of directors, trusts BIG PHARMA to determine the safeness of their own product without any further testing, etc.

Fred Man
Fred Man 5pts

Shows FDA in bed with Big Pharma. RACKET

Susan Highley
Susan Highley 5pts

Today it is safe and good for you, next month people are dropping dead, oops, we meant it's not that safe after all, a worthless people letting others die for a $$$.

Bart Smith
Bart Smith 5pts

they dont want you to be poisoned unless its ny them

Joseph M A Quinn
Joseph M A Quinn 5pts

the ass-wipes are the ones responsible for telling us, recently, to stop taking our multivitamins. Eff them and that propaganda... discredit to gain, sounds like a popular modus operandi

Wayne Wilbur
Wayne Wilbur 5pts

They are already going after the small, Generic Medication Manufacturers, allowing big Pharmaceutical Companies to buy/force them out! Some forms of Generic Antibiotics have gone from 20 dollars a bottle to One Thousand dollars per bottle, Pharmacist's cost! The Government is standing, Idly by watching and allowing this to happen. Anything to get money out of the pockets of the Public!

Leonard Rusciani Jr
Leonard Rusciani Jr 5pts

Big Pharma are the only ones with the money for research to bring a new medicine to market. Many people in my family depend on pharmaceuticals to stay alive and no supplement will do so. I don't want big pharma to "go to hell", I just want them to stay out of Washington.

Leonard Rusciani Jr
Leonard Rusciani Jr 5pts

Sorry, you jumped the shark on this one. Although the big pharma lobby has too much influence, it also pays a HUGE price to get a drug to market throughthe FDA. This makes US drugs way more expensive than those around the world. This post also makes the logical fallacy that prescription drugs are all bad and supplements are all good. This is far from the case. Also by saying that prescription drugs are the 4th leading cause of death is dishonest. Prescription drugs by far benefit way more than they hurt...AND the hurt caused is through misuse or abuse generally. What really should happen is that prescription drugs should be more deregulated and Big Pharma shut out from it's lobbying interest. Of course the supplement industry should remain deregulated as it is but should be held accountable for ineffective or dangerous products. Bad post.

Tyler Morrison
Tyler Morrison 5pts

I know there is a serious debate going on, but I am going to combo break here by saying that the Art major in me loves this post's image. Seriously, that is some sick sculpting.

Rose Donaldson
Rose Donaldson 5pts

Big Pharma cannot patent any product that is natural. Such as aspirin. So they hate natural products In the first book of the Bible, God created a garden. and in it was everything a man would need to live. It has been announced the acetaminophen is killing people, livers and kidneys being damaged by them. Statin drugs being exposed. You call this good?

Rose Donaldson
Rose Donaldson 5pts

The link you speak of is David Rockefeller Foundation. Same with Hospitals and insurance companies.

Nedra Clark
Nedra Clark 5pts

Didn't they just "announce" on the "news" that OTC vitamins are useless ? I wonder why? The claim if you ate healthy you wouldn't need them might be true if the soil was healthy,and there were no pesticides and herbicides, and fast food. And you ate at home! But we don't. And the fact that some herbs and Vits help our bodies,can't be advertised ,due to fact it takes a billion $! No one but big pharmacy has that! And they need to turn a profit to pay back Wall Street , and NYT, for advertising in that paper. Kinda like cronyism huh??

Threasa Ferrin
Threasa Ferrin 5pts

Well you really don't need many supplements if you eat properly.

William Wagner
William Wagner 5pts

I think they are woryied that if weed becomes legal it will be clasified as an herb and they want in on the action ,Keep them out of all herbal products..

Randolph Hedgebeth
Randolph Hedgebeth 5pts

I take no big pharma drugs but I do take "supplements". I find the quality and performance an acceptable solution to my problems.

Nate Jackson
Nate Jackson 5pts

I would like to regulate the government.

John Legget
John Legget 5pts

Another duopoly in need of a good trashing and dismemberment.

Connie Brumley
Connie Brumley 5pts

the goal is put all businesses out. I can't wait to see America screw them & if they don't God will.

Evelyn L. Morey
Evelyn L. Morey 5pts

They want it to be illegal to buy vitamins over the counter =- takes billions away from them and they seem to feel it is their right to that money - I would rather take anything that is NOT ok'd by the fda than anything that is

Sterling McVay
Sterling McVay 5pts

The FDA is 'another' agency that needs to be 'wiped clean', of present members, and disconnected, from 'Big Pharma'.

Richard N Grenier
Richard N Grenier 5pts

If course, pharma doesn't make money if people are healthy. Assholes.

LytPul 5pts

"FDA approval" of anything is mostly a guarantee of corporate favoritism than the protection of public health (google/bing "Tougher Supplement Regulation: A Necessity Or Politics? by Rolf Hefti").