Rand Paul asks Americans to join him in a class action lawsuit targeting the NSA (Video)

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This is a Constitutional issue. This is a general privacy issue. But it’s also a crony capitalism issue. How many tech companies have been compelled to partner with, or have partnered willingly with the NSA in its domestic spying efforts? At this moment it looks like a good part of Silicon Valley falls into one or both of these categories.

Ton Davis
Ton Davis 5pts

I wish people like Paul would tell the truth, the truth is he should be suing George W Bush the creator and architect of all these intrusions on everyone's personal privacy. I wish people would get from behind ignorance and racism and stop allowing people like Rand Paul to lie and trick you to believing everything is President Obama's creation when in fact it's all Republican's creation

Charles E Stewart
Charles E Stewart 5pts

Terroist have hit at lest 2 times sense Obama has taken office. Ft. hood and Boston. How did NSA stop them. When the shooter at Ft. Hood was commicating openly with Al queda

ug30 5pts

America was waiting for a new leader to retake OUR WHITE HOUSE and kick obama out of the oval office and his 24 "czars". now we have one, RET MG PAUL VALLELY,US ARMY.GO TO WW.STANDUPAMERICAUS.ORG and PATRIOTSFORAMERICA. A COUP D ETAT IS taking place in our govt and WE MUST STOP IT.THE PROTEST RALLY set for may 16th, 2014 in WASH DC.WE NEED EVERY CITIZEN TO ATTEND

Mike Catron
Mike Catron 5pts

I'll go for a class action against the entire gov't!

James Wilson
James Wilson 5pts

They voted for it and now want to sue the very people they told to spy on us ?

Jason Cabana
Jason Cabana 5pts

And the rebates these corperations get while a&e ding jobs overseas paying in zero. Lets exposé those cronies not try and demonize the United States governme t

Jason Cabana
Jason Cabana 5pts

Paul is a crony capitalist. And a traitor. To deliberately sabotage our government... This site seems to be steering people away from actual cronies . Seems not to care about the 4000 a year tax payers spend on corporate welfare.

Matt Scott
Matt Scott 5pts

Rich Dooley Jr., you just went full retard man.

Rich Dooley Jr.
Rich Dooley Jr. 5pts

the only people against the NSA trying to keep another 9-11 from happening are those that want another 9-11 to happen on Obama's watch.... then they can say, Dems can't keep US safe.... Period.... (everyone else just bought the propaganda against it and jumped on the bandwagon blindly)..... They Can't look at Anything they obtained without "Probable cause and a search warrant"... Period!!!.... (Obama made it that way, Bush didn't even have that).... it's Legal.... if you don't want them storing your data, get rid of your phone and computers.... Nobody screams about the companies that already have all that data on you and are making $Billion$ from it without giving you a dime.... I don't get it... People are Plotting to Kill Americans.... Let them do their jobs..... (the government's first job is to protect it's citizens)....

Frank Gibriano
Frank Gibriano 5pts

with freedom comes responsibility.Some people think that freedom gives them rights to do whatever they like. freedom to speak as they wish regardless of other people's rights, free this symbol stand and other peoples way, freedom to bear arms and use them as they wish,. I believe that one persons freedom ends where another person's freedom begins. For.our country to remain free we sometimes have to sacrifice in order to remain secure. If that means that I have to be searched on traveling or sometimes be inconvenience in order for the rest of us to be safe then so be it. If you love your freedom embrace it, but remember you have a responsibility to others, it's not all about you.

Steve Buell
Steve Buell 5pts

Right after you unfuc$ the military and veteran pay cut!!! YOU (Rand Paul) made happen

Sal Bradley Taylor
Sal Bradley Taylor 5pts

Seems like these brown-shirts learned nothing from WWII. Gonna take a civil war to get things sorted out and reclaim our freedom. Too many uneducated and brainwashed cows in our way.

Occupy YOUR Voice
Occupy YOUR Voice 5pts

Perhaps a class action lawsuit against the Feds, the administration, the leaders of the "defense" of this country, and any other malevolent entity that has sought fit to continue profiting at the expense of the human race and, perhaps even the solar system. Take care to discern that which is a distraction from that which is a solution.

Occupy YOUR Voice
Occupy YOUR Voice 5pts

Why hate? Love them and communicate non-violently (peacefully) with those whom we desperately need to be aware. Hating them and using cliche's, I have observed, has a tendency to insult and strengthen their foothold in the illusion.

George E. Hayden
George E. Hayden 5pts

PLEASE, PLEASE watch this. American FREEDOM depends on it!

Mike Lemen
Mike Lemen 5pts

This country is rotting from the inside out all for political gain....

Matt Scott
Matt Scott 5pts

I hate statists - therefore I will not be giving any money to Rand Paul.

LarryWike 5pts


Robert Allison
Robert Allison 5pts

anyone who still doesn't get that the secret Cabals are the real power behind all "sides" and continues to talk "politics" and parties, . . . is really at a disadvantage in their understanding and debate. Class action lawsuits are beside the point and grandstanding, which Rand is an expert at. That's why he reminds some people of other congressmen they don't like. . . hence the "traitor" moniker. He is acting like so many others. Until we overcome the real causes behind our demise, these types of actions are a waste of time and money and energy, other than the psychological lift it gives people. But it does nothing to end our main problems, which is related to bankers, the Fed, money and it's control and uses, etc. and the really sick people behind it all. The NSA is a tool of these people . . fighting with a tool is not the direct path. The other thing people need to be aware of is that at all levels of government there is a split between the forces of " the Light and the Dark Side", if you will. Its not like it is so straightforward, you know.

Robert Allison
Robert Allison 5pts

There are a lot of traitors on Capitol Hill. Traitor is a strong word for Paul, but "worryisome" works pretty well for him. A lot of intelligent people beside you feel that Rand is not his Dad and has been way too much about playing games with the Darth Vaders in the GOP and senate. He has good intentions but is playing a dangerous game, thinking he is a better chess player. His dad, Ron, was a purist in the sense he knew better than to roll in the mud with pigs. Rand sees nothing wrong with a roll in the mud if in the end, he feels he got some advantage. In the end, he will end up looking foolish. He has been rather inconsistent on his stances and votes; drones comes to mind as an example but it is not the only one. Intelligent people don't really give a damn whether it "embarrasses" Obama or not. He has already embarrassed himself beyond repair. "whether we are a free country or not??" I wish you were kidding. I didn't know it was still up for debate.

Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson 5pts

another MORON speaks to the crowd...why didnt they go after Bush when he started this...Obama already said he is going to downgrade who is listened in on. Any court that lets this action continue is wasting valuable resources that could go towards the things the republicans want to cut.

Michael Smith
Michael Smith 5pts

Dummy , he's holding the purse strings , defund them .

James Winslow
James Winslow 5pts

partisan koolaid drinkin hacks who elect the loser politicians are the real problem, even more then the losers they elect

Frank Gibriano
Frank Gibriano 5pts

Jacquie Lempka why you wanna put up obscure stories. Who supported bin Laden sold weapons to Iran, supplied WMD to Saddam Hussein. Your man Ronnie Reagan , why don't you say something about that? I guess you wouldn't do that because that's the part of your agenda. These are real facts that are irrefutable.

George E. Hayden
George E. Hayden 5pts

Not to me, but don't listen to me, as I could be just as wrong as right! To me, THOSE WHO STAND AGAINST the FREEDOMS GIVEN TO AMERICAN CITIZENS, ARE ANTI-AMERICAN, and THUS DO NOT BELONG in AMERICA! HELP Rand Paul FIGHT AGAINST THOSE ANTI-AMERICAN COMPANIES, be they FEDERAL, STATE, COUNTY, CITY or TOWN! WHEN ANY COMPANY STARTS TO HARM AMERICANS, it is TIME to DISBAND THAT COMPANY! If you feel this is bad advise, please, like anything else I write, ignore it! \\ FIGHT BACK AMERICA //

Dale Passwaters
Dale Passwaters 5pts

im in but just impeach him its simpler and better and he deserves it

Robin Norris
Robin Norris 5pts

Jobs Jobs Jobs Jobs - remember after the election you were the party of JOBS. Well still waiting Rand? But congrats on the food stamp, and unemployment cuts!

Mary Arocha
Mary Arocha 5pts

Rand Paul was sworn into the Senate in January of 2011. So where was he under Bush... Not in Congress!

Jay Booth
Jay Booth 5pts

If there were a way to prevent this; and top men to ensure that process. This pointless.

Nathan Bratsko
Nathan Bratsko 5pts

omg this is nothing new, they have been doing this for 50yrs, and it was very public knowledge that they were moving to the internet with it back in '01

Jim Jackson
Jim Jackson 5pts

Politicians are family of corporations.

PeggyThompson 5pts

You can blame Bush for his part, but what Obama continued and expanded on is if mess. Try to be honest with yourself.

paintinc56 5pts

You leftists are so incredibly MENTALLY ILL it is breathtaking. That is how YOU think so you PROJECT YOUR MENTAL ILLNESS onto others.

Conservatives warned the Bush administration that the Patriot Act could be used for ill intent in the wrong hands. Obama is INSANE, paranoid, manipulative, racist & a self absorbed control freak. He has used federal agencies to target & destroy those that oppose his radical, Socialist agenda. He is EXACTLY the kind of person we were worried about & has confirmed our worst fears.

You want to live under Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Marxism or a dictatorship go anywhere else in the world, you pathetic, mentally ill loser.