Rand Paul to lead class action lawsuit against the NSA

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He will file the lawsuit as a citizen, not as a US Senator. 300,000 people have already indicated that they will join the lawsuit.

In other news 300,000 new files have been opened at NSA headquarters.

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Jeffrey Ward
Jeffrey Ward 5pts

And BIG corporate LEFTY GEORGE SOROS who has ODUMAZZ under his thumbs . You VERY IGNORANT LIBTURD'S !!

Jeff Hodder
Jeff Hodder 5pts

Rand Paul is the king of crony capitalism

Jason Kritikos
Jason Kritikos 5pts

Shouldn't the libs, who were screaming about the Patriot Act, be standing with Rand?

Karen Grimes Holloway
Karen Grimes Holloway 5pts

I thank Rand Paul for spearheading this suit. I am concerned about what will happen when it eventually reaches the Supreme Court. Can we be sure they will adhere to the Constitution, or will they blatenly disregard it as they did with Obamacare?

Mark Stefan Reinoso
Mark Stefan Reinoso 5pts

hmmmmm not sure this will do anything...political "solutions" always become mired down in politics

Allen Diffee
Allen Diffee 5pts

Do you even know what a neo-con is? Besides, wether he wins, or loses his case, or as you put it "a PR stunt", the idea is to get people questioning the government, and the power they hold over us. The people that vote are the most un informed, apathetic, willfully ignorant bunch of lazy slogs, I've ever seen. All of which is the goal set by the progressives over a hundred years ago. Well, the harvest is in, and it's bumper crop!

Shelly McFarland
Shelly McFarland 5pts

Yeah let's just let all those terrorist in no problem and we can train them how to fly our planes and destroy us...Let Freedom Ring!

George Hedgecoth
George Hedgecoth 5pts

"They who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Algie House
Algie House 5pts

Thank God,the more they say they want to protect us the more freedoms we lose. The nsa is like the SS.

Alan Paris
Alan Paris 5pts

riding his idiot father's coattails... even he is not that stupid...

Richard Fast
Richard Fast 5pts

Rand is not a L/libertarian. But this suit should be applauded, by people of ALL stripes.

Gene Atwood
Gene Atwood 5pts

he speaks the truth .....that is why most people don't like him lol

Psykho Ma Yang
Psykho Ma Yang 5pts

So.... your okay with the NSA spying on your children taking off their clothes infront of a webcam?....

Psykho Ma Yang
Psykho Ma Yang 5pts

The wings of the NSA needs to be clipped and their eyes needs to be taken out. Spying on everyone but does nothing to benifit anything other than violating our rights. Next Obama needs to go as well.

Amy Stevens
Amy Stevens 5pts

That's what Rand Paul is all about : getting some attention for himself. His motivations are always so transparent.

Linda McNamara
Linda McNamara 5pts

I'm in no way will support this rand guy. he's totally inauthentic. with that I mean with racial issues, social security, the Affordable Care Act, etc. He said he would quit the race and become a full-time practitioner because of the allegations of plagiarism. How come he is not doing it? Go your own way rand.

Lori A Peterman
Lori A Peterman 5pts

Hmmm... big corp depends on big government. As such anyone wanting to cut the size of government is an enemy in the eyes of corp. Look up the commerce department supporting "moderates" and immigration. Or even the secret TPP trade agreement if you want to see corporatism. That takes BIG government to accomplish.

Matt Haag
Matt Haag 5pts

Thank you Ben and Mike for proving my point.

Benjamin Stockton
Benjamin Stockton 5pts

But if it were Wal-Mart, Goldman Sachs, Monsanto or Exxon doing this, Rand Paul would call anyone who objected a lazy mooching socialist. Rand Paul doesn't support us. He supports corporations. He wants to weaken government to pave the way for corporate rule.

Benjamin Stockton
Benjamin Stockton 5pts

The problem is that if it were Wal-Mart, or Exxon, or Goldman-Sachs doing the surveillance, Rand Paul would be defending their God-give right under Truth, Capitalism and the American Way to anally probe us at will. Rand Paul doesn't support people. He supports corporations. He wants to downsize government so we can be put under corporate rule.

Shelly McFarland
Shelly McFarland 5pts

I'll give up my privacy because my life would not interest anyone and I have nothing to hide. I don't want to see anymore 911's that's all-!

Matt Haag
Matt Haag 5pts

Thank you Mike for making my point.

Glen Johnson
Glen Johnson 5pts

The patriot act is an unconstitutional piece of fascist legislation that would be far more fitting for Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union then 'the land of the free'. If you're so eager to surrender your freedoms to the government so that you can feel safer then perhaps you would feel more secure living in such a regime, but I'll take my chances with freedom.

Glen Johnson
Glen Johnson 5pts

Well Yvonne, I agree there is no shortage of hypocrisy on this in both major parties. As I have stated on FB before, when the patriot act was passed under Bush and I spoke out against it I had a good many conservatives suggest that anyone who had a problem with the patriot act must have something to hide. They are most certainly singing an entirely different tune on that now with it coming from a president with a D in front of his name, but the flip side is the good many Democrats who agreed with me on this when Bush was president but now that it's 'their guy' using the constitution as toilet paper in the name of 'protecting' us they see nothing wrong with this.

Victoria R Daley
Victoria R Daley 5pts

Some people are so negative. Would whine and complain if you hung them with a NEW ROPE. NEGATIVE NO-IT ALLS, WITH NO EVIDENCE TO BACK UP THEIR RAMBLINGS.

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith 5pts

The establishment depends on views like that, Mike. (FWIW, I'm not a Republican.)

Dean Petree
Dean Petree 5pts

Yes, it needs to be done. Restore the constitution and the nation under God so our children can prosper and enjoy liberty and freedom

Matt Rubinoff
Matt Rubinoff 5pts

He may be a religious zealot be a neocon he certainly is not

Mike McCartney
Mike McCartney 5pts

Lol, I'd be surprised if you could define communist OR communism.

Mike McCartney
Mike McCartney 5pts

Because like I said in my own comment, he's just another establishment Republican trying to get that many more voters by pandering to his father's Libertarian base on this one issue. Other than this and his isolationist foreign policy, he's just another cookie cutter Republican.

Ann Taylor-Minch
Ann Taylor-Minch 5pts

IDK what his motives are - If he gets the NSA out from up my ass I'll be grateful! Definitely better than the criminal commie Democrats!

Denny Axon
Denny Axon 5pts

Hahahahahahaha this fool couldn't run a round of tiddlywinks !!!!

Robert Akers
Robert Akers 5pts

Shelly McFarland you can give up your rights if you want just don't demand that I do. As far as this suit I still am not sure what to think of Rand Paul. He sure as hell isn't his father.

Marti Rundus
Marti Rundus 5pts

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren? You've got to be kidding!

ThomasDomenz 5pts

They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Benjamin Franklin

Niki Lynn
Niki Lynn 5pts

I am sad as a human being that there are probably many others with this very same view.