“…Richard Nixon in a pantsuit.” (?): Politico reports on Hillary’s Hit List

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I think there is a very real case to be made that anyone who has a life-long aspiration for the job of US President has something seriously wrong with them. Who would want the power so much to subject themselves to the crucible of the White House?

Some might say that this is just the nature of politics. Either deal, or get out of the way. And I actually agree with this. As Harry Truman said – to paraphrase – “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”

Politics can be very ugly. It can be mean. It can be arbitrary. It, in many ways, is warfare. (Politics can also be fun, and immensely interesting – which is why I do what I do. It’s not all bad, but a healthy psychological separation from the maniacs on Capitol Hill is a good idea.)

Case in point, this article from Politico on Hilary Clinton’s list of grudges. There is seriously a database of people who have wronged Ms. Clinton (and one assumes also Bill) and that database is actively searched.

This is pretty healthy. I mean it’s one thing to remember who hurt you politically. It’s quite another to have a list in an Excel spreadsheet of people who have slighted you over the past 20 years.

But this I guess that is what it takes for some people to become president. (Or at least get close.) No wonder none of the press want to talk about Benghazi. They’d be frozen out if Hillary gets in the White House.

(From Politico)

It would be political malpractice for the Clintons not to keep track of their friends and enemies. Politicians do that everywhere. The difference is the Clintons, because of their popularity and the positions they’ve held, retain more power to reward and punish than anyone else in modern politics. And while their aides have long and detailed memories, the sheer volume of the political figures they interact with makes a cheat sheet indispensable. “I wouldn’t, of course, call it an enemies list,” said one Clintonworld source when asked about the spreadsheet put together by Balderston and Elrod. “I don’t want to make her sound like Nixon in a pantsuit.”

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Pearline Sanders
Pearline Sanders 5pts

Hillary has blood on her hands, ice in her veins and murder in her heart. We do not need such a person in the white house, the trash in there now is enough, what evil has been done this past few elections has ruined the feel for any politician now in office, and the Americans citizens wanted truth and change from the old regime but all they got was lies, more lies, and a very corrupt government. It needs a complete cleaning from the white house, pentagon, congress and senate, and all other federal government offices that. Need new blood in the white house, new people that are not brain dead, senile,ate up with altimeters disease, and completely corrupt. Need younger men and women with the will to keep their oath of office, abide by our constitution and listen to their constitutes that put them there.

Poeboy 5pts

Anyone remember the 'WhoDB' scandal at the Clinton White House? Taxpayer money was used to create a database of targeted financial contributors so that the Clintons could track and target them. This 'hit list' is just the other side of the same coin. Paul Rodriguez at the Washington Times who just passed away a few months ago at age 61 broke that story in 1996. 

Tell me anyone is surprised by this. There is a lot of scandal in Hillary's past. 

Star Doe
Star Doe 5pts

h, not a job I would want the responsibility for!

Ginger Smith
Ginger Smith 5pts

This woman let four Americans die. I wouldn't vote for her if she was the only person on earth running!!!!

Ron w17
Ron w17 5pts

Who is on her hit list?

Les Campbell
Les Campbell 5pts

Well the snake needs to know there are mongooses on the loose.

Ivan T Willard
Ivan T Willard 5pts

the democRATS never broke into the republiCUNTS headquarters to defeat them. Vote for change. VOTE GREEN.

Dan Roberts
Dan Roberts 5pts

Murdering traitor cannot win the hearts of America, by voter fraud like her boss maybe,.......no I think this islamic invasion has awakened the giant. The American people see what is happening and are uniting as one. She's can die with her list.

Alan Paris
Alan Paris 5pts

never heard of a single person dying around Nixon... Clintons up to over twenty...

Rich Dooley Jr.
Rich Dooley Jr. 5pts

Umm, she has nobody to beat.... she's gonna walk into the Whitehouse.... who's gonna run? Ryan? ...Paul? ...Jeb?....Haaaa!!!!.... Perry? ooh, Trump??? haahaa!!!.... I have a plastic palm tree that would beat any of those Morons....

Chaz Labrock
Chaz Labrock 5pts

"Richard Nixon in a pantsuit." BEST LINE!

Fred Reynolds
Fred Reynolds 5pts

Ed are you kidding? If you searched the scum of this country you couldn't find a more unqualified person to be our president. She belongs in prison! What's wrong with you demolibs?

Dot Ellis
Dot Ellis 5pts

I sure hope NOT - she is no better than Obama!!

Don Steinkamp
Don Steinkamp 5pts

Guess she's got the gopher play-book, huh, lol!

Casey Buckley
Casey Buckley 5pts

That is insulting to Richard Nixon since she tried to take away his right to legal representation.

Mildred Cayton White
Mildred Cayton White 5pts

She isn't fit for any office. Ask the Mothers of the four men that died.

Sohan Calebephratah
Sohan Calebephratah 5pts

Hillary Clinton: Clock ‘turning back’ for women in U.S. http://www.politico.com/story/2014/01/hillary-clinton-women-book-102065.html?hp=l12 Most of the issues surround women with children (interfering with careers and income) or one parent families (interfering with careers and income). These mostly have to do with young girls having children out of wedlock (see "Dan Quayle Was Right" by Barbara Dafoe Whitehead - The Atlantic Monthly, April 1, 1993) There are areas of progress missed in this Clinton press release "report" of an exploited crisis. According to Gallup poll data, the percentage of American women who own a firearm nearly doubled from 2005-2011, rising from 13 percent to 23 percent. In August, the National Shooting Sports Foundation reported that 37 percent of new target shooters are female.

CW Bayer
CW Bayer 5pts

Don't forget to dislike her shoes.

Ed Mauldin
Ed Mauldin 5pts

Hillary is the closest we have today that remotely resembles a STATESMAN. She has my vote and I will work hard to help her get elected.

CW Bayer
CW Bayer 5pts

At last, the Hillary Hate Fest arrives.

Eric Guyton
Eric Guyton 5pts

What about the other 49 bodies in the Clinton wake? The many suicides and unexplained deaths.

Janet Shawgo
Janet Shawgo 5pts

Traitor, liar you should be in jail forever.

Valerie Ploch
Valerie Ploch 5pts

Yep, she'll be vicious, we can expect more murders from her probably than Obama! She and Bill had a head start anyway!

Jimmie H. Protsman
Jimmie H. Protsman 5pts

Lord Acton, "Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Bob Kline
Bob Kline 5pts

She was an attorney on the panel to impeach Richard Nixon. She was FIRED for lying and with holding documents; does this sound familiar ?? Hillary is an amoral pathological LIAR. Reseach her history from 1978 to the present.

Clifford Bohnstedt
Clifford Bohnstedt 5pts

They have killed many times killing to get in the white house wont be a problem for them

Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson 5pts

Let Hillary run and make a fool of herself..