Farm Bill Rewards Rich Farmers, And The Rest Of Us Pay

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Some thoughts below on the Farm Bill from the always interesting Stephen Moore.

It’s a bumper crop this year for farmers, lobbyists, and members of Congress in rural districts. But we are the ones being reaped like so much wheat.

The bill is good for the farmers, you know, the salt of the earth, who on average are far wealthier than the average taxpayer so we can feel good about that.

Sorry Mr. Cubicle Worker, you don’t have a lobbyist so no big government check for you.

And for the record, this particular pile of crony capitalism was driven for the most part by the Republicans. The people who say they are for “reining in spending.”


With all this talk in Washington about income inequality, why isn’t Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi — or anyone in the greed-and-envy lobby — going after the grotesquely unfair farm bill?

This near-$200 billion bill is one of the biggest giveaways to the rich and politically powerful in recent history.

Usually, in Washington Congress doles out taxpayer subsidies to industries that are in severe financial trouble — think of bailouts to autos, banks and steel. That’s bad enough.

But the farm economy isn’t in distress. It’s booming, and agribusiness still walked away with $20 billion a year in direct payments, income support and crop insurance.

We should call it the farming taxpayers bill.

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Thomas Scotto
Thomas Scotto 5pts

So the two horse farm with the decaying Barns and broken grain silo is too much the good life. Where is the BMW where is the mic Mansion. Maybe the author was thinking of a corporate Farm. Where Ceos and nvestors work in high-rise buildings and live in large cities.

Thomas Scotto
Thomas Scotto 5pts

Well it's not as if Boeing never got a tax break never got a government contract does not export jobs abroad. Think about that my fellow cubicle workers. Microsoft Facebook.

Margaret Buckels
Margaret Buckels 5pts

Its not that I don't want the farmers to have help, its the add ons that really make me sick ?????????

Butch Smith
Butch Smith 5pts

I've read a lot of comments here about corporate farmers and that is a problem but there's also a simple solution that involves "we the people" by connecting to their local farming community and reconnecting directly to their food supply. As long as people support the "corporate farmers"by buying the processed food and fancy looking prooduce that the supermarkets sell the corporate farms will flourish.

Bernard Libby
Bernard Libby 5pts

No one is mad at the family farmers, they are upset at the corporate farms that exploit cheap immigrant workers, and congress to grow GMO food that the American public gets left in the dark about.

Daryl Suzukawa
Daryl Suzukawa 5pts

Inevitable consequence of having The Best Government That Money Can Buy.

Jonathan Hensley
Jonathan Hensley 5pts

No shock at all and only way to change it is to reform our money system.

Mathew Clark
Mathew Clark 5pts

Welfare for the rich. Most small farms never see a dime of this. It goes to the big farms owed by Congress and their other piece of shit friends. Those asshole pay kick backs. WIN WIN for the thieves in government at the Federal, State, county and city levels....Time to wake up mushrooms.

Pony Thompson
Pony Thompson 5pts

Only TRUE farmers should get the subsidies. NOT Congress persons who buy a 'farm' just to get the subsidies

Fred W Saunders
Fred W Saunders 5pts

There was enormous pork in this farm be ill. Our elected reps sure did a number on the tax payer.

Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 5pts

Most "farmers" as I have known most of my life are very hard working individuals with a real love for thier land and the crops they produce. It's like having children every year. Some years are good and some are bad the dissapointments and the successes all make it worth while. It isn't a get rich deal.

Thomas McAfee
Thomas McAfee 5pts

Butch, I think people object to the Billionares who get the largest share of Turner

Esther Moore
Esther Moore 5pts

Control and they need to get out of free market. They don't mix well.

Esther Moore
Esther Moore 5pts

Susan, the gov can't afford for farmers to have a bad year. Not and feed all those poor people.

Stan Dahl
Stan Dahl 5pts

...unless there's a stream with guppies in it near by.

Diane Carl
Diane Carl 5pts

I am so tired of the insanity. Is it because of social media that we know more? Have politicians always been so crooked with our hard earned dollars?

David Casson
David Casson 5pts

More asinine comments from Republicans who still have their heads up their butts.

Bobby James
Bobby James 5pts

thought it said in the paper , that they closed the loop hold

Ray Lorenzo
Ray Lorenzo 5pts

True Frank, and most of the 960 billion 94% of that total, is being used for the Food Stamp Program.

Baywaters Inn
Baywaters Inn 5pts

the govt MUST Be Gotten OUT of the FREE Market

Patricia Bertel
Patricia Bertel 5pts

You speak the truth Rasta. So, does Carl, and I wish I could make things better for the poor, who are being blamed for all the ails in America. It's not the poor, you stupid morons. The rich are robbing us blind!

Patricia Bertel
Patricia Bertel 5pts

Here, in this area, all you have to do is take a look and see who is benefiting the most from the Farm Bill. It's as plain as the nose on your face!

Esther Moore
Esther Moore 5pts

Rasta, glad to hear u say something kind about corporate farming.

Mark Brewer
Mark Brewer 5pts

not so many "rich" farmers as there are greedy crony capitalist corporations in the agricultural business getting subsidized to plant Monsanto's bullshit GMOs

Les Jones
Les Jones 5pts

time to re think this foul up

Michael Ring
Michael Ring 5pts

The bill is setup to get lots of ground support from the GOP side. The Hunting/Shooting/Firearms groups were pushing hard for this bill. By tossing in a few bucks for conservation, these groups are willing to over look anything else in the bill.

Milo Kyllo
Milo Kyllo 5pts

Unfortunately this article doesn't tell me what's in the Farm Bill, it mostly suggests that growers are making too much money. Let's get out the bill, and our pencils..... I bet we could slash some money that has nothing to do with farming.

John Thompson
John Thompson 5pts

actually its corporate farmers ...but over 80% is food stamps you idiots ..

Rasta Pasta
Rasta Pasta 5pts

Food stamps FEED AMERICANS Who are hungry.. if you are opposed to FEEDING HUNGRY AMERICANS, you need a long session with a mirror in a room with no distractions.. because you are a very ugly human being.

Thea Price
Thea Price 5pts

Any time the government takes over anything, you can guarantee that it will get messed up. The government has never, ever, run or produced anything of worth. It all goes to D.C., gets submerged in crony capitalism, and BANG, it's a total failure. And, yes, it is all about food stamps. More people are on food stamps than the total population of some countries!!!!!!

Susan Highley
Susan Highley 5pts


Susan Highley
Susan Highley 5pts

Yes, ONLY IN AMERICA do we pay our farmers to NOT GROW FOOD, that way the government can force us to buy contaminated food products from other country's. And nobody subsidises anyone elses job when they have a bad year. FARMERS DO YOUR JOB AND GET OFF THE GOVERNMENT TIT !!!!

Carl Smith
Carl Smith 5pts

Just so you know, being a senior who is on disability and trying everything to find something to stabilize colitis so I could at least work part time since I do love to do so, and receive just over 1k a month when my food stamps were cut from $200 a month down to $16 a month then up to $50 a month and now down to $38 and have no 401k or any other monies having lost it all during the bank induced recession and I am the only one in my household you can take a flying leap in a rolling doughnut and with luck you'll make it to the highway. This has kept me out of work for the past three years and as for ignorant, I hold 3 degrees honey all of which are probably ranked higher than yours if you even have one! I doubt that you have even done the research for what you are talking off the top of your head about. I know someone that has been with the Dept. of Agriculture for 34 years and there are so many, and mostly Republicans that collect huge amounts of funds behind their so called farms where they spend maybe a couple of weeks a year. Stay in your bubble and leave the real people alone.

Esther Moore
Esther Moore 5pts

End ALL gov subs and rebuild country without big gov

Jason Luther
Jason Luther 5pts

If you want to know where the rich farmers are I suggest you come to central Ohio. I hear them complaining about government (even though 1/3 or more of their money is subsidies, paid for not farming portions of their land, or government guaranteed minimum pricing)handouts at their daily breakfast that they pay for and never tip. Complain about not having money then jump in their brand new $40000 trucks. I don't dispute farmers work for their money but if we are giving handouts and guarantees where's the guarantees for the 60% of American's who's only real job choice is Wal-Mart and McDonalds. You see hand outs are hand outs and when you give out one, more people expect them.