Superintendent faces parents after news of his $663,365 salary becomes public. It’s ugly. (Video)

California again.

Gail Dupre
Gail Dupre 5pts

I saw this. It is ridiculous! It is more ridiculous that this board really thought this was reasonable . They all need to get fired.

Charles B. Ball
Charles B. Ball 5pts

Crooks and thugs are running our public schools. At least they are in California.

Jon Aguirre
Jon Aguirre 5pts

I don't advocate violence. But someone needs a serious beating.

Jon Aguirre
Jon Aguirre 5pts

This is not isolated. Our education system is broke. Privatize now and make competition happen. Voucher it up and take the cronies down.

Steven Evans
Steven Evans 5pts

This is a national disgrace that is happening all over this country!

Dennis John Francis Vecchio
Dennis John Francis Vecchio 5pts

: Betraying the Public Trust should be grounds for the death penalty (and I'm not a big death penalty advocate)

Chris Harrell
Chris Harrell 5pts

What was he thinking? He wasn't even coaching football.

Peter Johnston
Peter Johnston 5pts

Corruption and government collaboration again abuses citizens trust.

Barry L. Ickes
Barry L. Ickes 5pts

Sadly, this kind of theft is being played out and payed out throughout the USA.

Bernard Libby
Bernard Libby 5pts

This is what happens when you keep shoveling money into a broken system.

Ralph G. Barkley
Ralph G. Barkley 5pts

He should have been put under citizens arrest for stealing from the public.

Micheal Faulk
Micheal Faulk 5pts

He and the board should all be arrested, stripped of everything they own because its likely linked to their corruption.

Jim Frelich
Jim Frelich 5pts

I'm astounded. This is the City Of Bell all over again. I want this asshole and the people on the board that allowed this to happen, prosecuted. Check the other city officials as well, including the police chief. I'm reminded of Bell's police chief "Randy" who is a piece of shit.

Kathleen Alleman
Kathleen Alleman 5pts

Look at what they pay and think they have to for Fulton county school s in Atlanta. And the results is crap. The mayor argues they have to pay more to get better talent. I believe that kind of money only brings out more corruption and greed. People don't get into public education to get rich. And money should not be the only reward.

Dennis Chance
Dennis Chance 5pts

all school administration are paid 10 times what they are worth

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 5pts

sadly this crime is not only common but often the people who commit such acts are able to settle out of court, admit no wrongdoing but pay a fine, and then move on to another district for another pay off.

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 5pts

more money than the president... yeah it can be fixed in the future but the fact that it happened and was legal is still disturbing.

Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 5pts

That sounds like an unhealthy profit from a fund intended to educate children. Like stealing candy from a baby... ;(

Shawn Loden
Shawn Loden 5pts

The worse part is he only oversees 6,600 students!

Rex Allen Brewer
Rex Allen Brewer 5pts

That's not capitalism, that's government run amok, the opposite.

TimothyIsabell 5pts

Fire that S.O.B. and throw him out of that house !

Todd Capra
Todd Capra 5pts

So he makes 20 times the average

Todd Capra
Todd Capra 5pts

The average income in his district 31,909

Gretchen Price
Gretchen Price 5pts

I liked it until she said, he is "making more money than the president of the United States"....hahahahaha Yeah....OK

Laurie Kelly
Laurie Kelly 5pts

Here's an idea: Perhaps taxpayer funds are being supplemented by a nonprofit behind the scenes-- a nonprofit funded by a corporation. Check it out. Investigate.

JonPOgden 5pts

Or maybe his fairy godmother is paying his salary? Or little green men from Mars?

Robert Gandy
Robert Gandy 5pts

The entire school board should be recalled, and face criminal charges.

Daniel Payne
Daniel Payne 5pts

I think it's a fair salary. There is a two way street here, offer and acceptance. The citizens can run for school board and make these decisions. Instead they ignore it, complain when it gets "bad", then do nothing to fix it. If you don't like it, run for the office.

Stephen Leeds
Stephen Leeds 5pts

Check out Obama's home state - Teachers Union .

John Legget
John Legget 5pts

The picture and faces of real crony capitalism. So have you got a 2% loan after coming out of a bankruptcy? Like the one guy said, this is just criminal.

Casey Stott
Casey Stott 5pts

Sad part was how empty those seats were. There's outrage, but not enough.

Matthew Sailor-Mann
Matthew Sailor-Mann 5pts

You can bet your bottom dollar this is a Democrat. Regardless, schools are a cash cow for administrators THIS is a major expense of school districts nationwide

Tim Holleran
Tim Holleran 5pts

Local School Taxes, the Biggest piece of pie.

Louis C Carl
Louis C Carl 5pts

We can quibble about the maximum but spot on

Craig R. Powers
Craig R. Powers 5pts

Hardly this figure, but as you know he's WAY overpaid.

Ceezz Torres
Ceezz Torres 5pts

I'm glad a lot of these theiving rats are getting exposed keep em coming