New poll shows Obamacare support at 26%

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Given that about 30% of the American population will support President Obama no matter what he does this is a very interesting number. Obamacare support is eroding at its core now. 26% is an ugly, ugly polling number.

Wow. Those backward “teabaggers” were right.

This is an amazing time in politics.

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The Woz
The Woz 5pts

For those of you ripping on Obama and the left just remember that Bush and the right gave us the Patriot Act and they started they bailouts for millionaires and billionaries that are "too big to fail".

Both parties are shills for the establishment.  To try to claim that one party sucks less than the other is pointless.

Mary Kramer Peterson
Mary Kramer Peterson 5pts

They couldn't even get it RIGHT on the roll out, surely you seriously cannot think the implementation will go RIGHT!

Rick Kummer
Rick Kummer 5pts

Moerland, you are a fucking idiot! No matter what pole you look at, it is obvious the majority don't want anything to do with it. If you do, you are a treasonous communist that embraces. Agenda 21, One world Govt. govt. controlled & run health care & the economic & political subjugation of America in your commie Nirvana. As such your opinion doesn't mean shit so go to hell & shut up!

Rick Kummer
Rick Kummer 5pts

If it is so obvious why are even semi intelligent people still putting up with morons & imbeciles like Obama, Reid, Pelosi & democrats as a whole. Stupid is as stupid does!

Ray Guest
Ray Guest 5pts

Jay you demonrats voted it in and rammed it on us! Suck it up! Payback is comming in November!

Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith 5pts

people wanna bitch about healthcare not being fair is not fair....if it were we'd all be doctors and lawyers and no one would build houses or grill your fast food.....its not fair that a lion kills and eats a gazelle....but it is the pecking order....and if aca is so great then why does "king obama" and his crew of idiots not have to have it? lets face it for the libtards on'd cut your own arm off to try and heal your finger. long term effects are: obamacare will collapse under the weight of its own debt.

Charm Bethel Trotter
Charm Bethel Trotter 5pts

26% what a success story. It was really worth all the problems it caused.

Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith 5pts

wow that many stupid people left? probably politicians yet to sign up for it....they support it cuz they're invested in it

Michael Moerland
Michael Moerland 5pts

You can always count on teabaggers posting stupid stories like this any time a poll comes in low. The average approval for ACA is 38.6%. The single poll that was at 26% had an inordinately large number of non-respondents, the total respondents that support and don't support is only at 69%. Similar polls show support at 40 and 42% with a total of 96% of responses for or against. The same poll shows that only 43% do not support it.

Elinor Dandrea
Elinor Dandrea 5pts

of all they will tell us signed on, how many already had insurance..and what happened to the 30 million we were told needed it?

Jimmy Barber
Jimmy Barber 5pts

Hi Shaughn Beck, so my premium went up 30% and my deductible doubled on my plan from my job. Is that an acceptable part of the ACA? I have had the same plan for six years and never had such an increase. In fact, this years increase is larger that all of the prior increases in total. We were promised up to a $2500 savings.

Jim Reed
Jim Reed 5pts

26%? That seems high.....

Patty Barton
Patty Barton 5pts

He IS part of the problem. Eugenicist! He wants many people to DIE. Agenda 21

Shaughn Beck
Shaughn Beck 5pts

lower premiums are on the exchange and the companies get their money from the premiums , insurance rates always go up yearly but they are now lower than they would have been without the law, if you don't like the plan you chose then choose another plan

Sev Onyshkevych
Sev Onyshkevych 5pts

26% apparently support incompetence, parasitism and out of control government.

Benjamin Stockton
Benjamin Stockton 5pts

Sally, most of the Libertarian crowd would gladly send this friend of yours to a euthanasia center, because taking care of him might result in some corporate CEO having to wait an extra hour to buy his third private jet.

Benjamin Stockton
Benjamin Stockton 5pts

Sure Christopher, let's deregulate the medical sector. What's the worst that could happen? Oh, that's right, this. But hey, these people weren't corporate CEOs and they had no country club membership, so you libertarians don't give two whoops about them. They should have worked harder, right?

Jim Fiorentino
Jim Fiorentino 5pts

Plus your Crony friend skews the actual data, as usual

John Collins
John Collins 5pts

I bet he did not read it either, but voted for it!

Rich Dooley Jr.
Rich Dooley Jr. 5pts

They pay for their own vacations.... Bush was on vacation 80% of the time he was in office....

Rich Dooley Jr.
Rich Dooley Jr. 5pts

I still can't even find the republican healthcare website...

Rich Dooley Jr.
Rich Dooley Jr. 5pts

Umm, 50 Million Americans were forced to file for bankruptcy under that "awesome system we had" because insurance companies Canceled their policies WHEN THEY GOT SICK!!!.... People that paid premiums for Decades were DROPPED!!!.... You're f'in delusional dude.... Or a paid liar...

Rich Dooley Jr.
Rich Dooley Jr. 5pts

AP was reliable until corporate fascists took it over... and if you can't see that most Americans support the ACA, you're blinded by Fox lies...

Constance McQuoid
Constance McQuoid 5pts

we should have universal care since health care is a humanitarian service and not a business, get that straight. We already have medicare which we pay for, by the way, and it would be well put to use to expand it. Obviouosly you listen to propaganda by the right wingers who serve their paymasters, the insurance companies, medical association, big pharma. Obamacare is an attempt at least to bring care to those who have not been able to afford it or shut out because they were already ill. You believe in the sayingL Your money or your life. And please don't get all snarky defensive.

Constance McQuoid
Constance McQuoid 5pts

propaganda works in a country full of sheep non thinkers, NJ voted in the pie pig bacon butt while turning down a perfectly good woman candidate.

Dean Petree
Dean Petree 5pts

It's past time for impeachment. Nixon was a saint compared to the crrent regime we have in power.

Lou Bianco
Lou Bianco 5pts

But he's a bilderberger...he wants this, "wasn't done right" because the bill didn't "take total control" over your healthcare.....

Franklin Kramer
Franklin Kramer 5pts

Twain said there were 3 kind of lies. One was statistics. In red states this stat would not surprise. In blue states where the ACA is treated and handled and perceived differently, this is pure bulshit. And so are the folk who bankroll this "newsfeed"

Liam Logan
Liam Logan 5pts

"against crony capitalism" pushing a rockefeller quote? fucking laughable.

Papalucas Robbin
Papalucas Robbin 5pts

rockefeller another psychopathic family to research these are evil men amongst us and the ignorant trust them.

Harry Curley Jr.
Harry Curley Jr. 5pts

in this it crony capitalism or right wing propaganda?

Harry Curley Jr.
Harry Curley Jr. 5pts

keep on hating haters....1st off....Obama made the mistake of putting a few haters on the team....who went back to their states and said no one is going to pulll the plug on my grandmother...keep on paying those giant premiums....and when you need those benefits, they will discard you like a piece of trash as soon as they can and you will be crying more than you are now......

Bennie Taylor
Bennie Taylor 5pts

I don't support it and never will!! it's just a Obama power trip!! it would be great if he took his family and went back to Kenya!!!