Spin begins in earnest for Jeb Bush presidential run


Basically the same party.
Basically the same party.


As we’ve said before, the last thing this country needs is another Clinton or Bush in the White House.

With Chris Christie hobbled (for the time being) the establishment GOP has turned its gaze toward Jeb – “I never thought people would actually let my brother be president” – Bush. Chris Christie would be a good nominee in their eyes, but how much better to have a governor who already knows (and can hire) all the people who worked in the prior Bush presidencies?

Jeb is the way the establishment gives the finger to the new breed of small government people coming up in the GOP. If the establishment can nominate their guy the Tea Party and libertarians will have no choice but to fall in line behind the big government Bush.

Seriously, how is it that in a country with 315 million people 2 families have been allowed to dominate the most important office in the land for potentially a collective quarter century.?

And now the laudatory articles start.

(From The Washington Times)

“If you look at the Republican field minus Jeb Bush, you have some potential stars out there, but nobody knows whether they can put together the grand effort needed to win the nomination and go on to win the White House,” he said. “With Jeb, people are immediately struck by his intellectual heft. He is a serious policymaker and you get the sense that he could go all the way.”

For the sake of the country let’s hope not.

Oh, and Jeb is a key guy behind Common Core.

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Joseph W. Martin
Joseph W. Martin 5pts

What? Another Bush-Clinton race? Are we down to only two families? I swear, we're beginning to look like India!

Chris Heck
Chris Heck 5pts

No way. I would vote for Clinton before voting for a betraying the country rino

Frank Flores
Frank Flores 5pts

If won't vote for another Bush and I Damn sure wouldn't bout democrat,I hate killary Clinton

Marvin Robinson
Marvin Robinson 5pts

NO! NO! NO! No more of the 'Political 'Dynasties' in this Country. And no more of the LIARS-CLUB either.

Dave Chapdelaine
Dave Chapdelaine 5pts

Sorry, but we don't want another Bush on the ballot or as the nominee. They may be honorable, HW and W were not bad men, but just the name alone will guarantee a republican defeat. Wake up you clowns in the gop.

Bubba Smith
Bubba Smith 5pts

This is a reason to get MOST involved in politics during the primaries. We need to keep the RINO POS's out like Jebby and help folks opposing the existing fools like Matt Bevin in Kentucky who is working to take out McConnell. Support the GOOD ONES NOW!!!

Ethan Gill
Ethan Gill 5pts

can't we be rid of these parasites?

Libby Wilson
Libby Wilson 5pts

I dont like Green Eggs & Ham.II dont like Jeb Bush. Ted Cruz is my man.

Dennis Jones
Dennis Jones 5pts

I will not vote for him if he wants Common Core curriculum in schools and wants Amnesty for ILLEGAL ALIENS. Seems he wants to ride the line on those 2 issues and leans to the right a bit to DAMN much.

Erma Suckow
Erma Suckow 5pts

no we need new blood not old buddies

Bev Clay
Bev Clay 5pts

No more Bush's or Clintons in politics!

Glenn Palmer
Glenn Palmer 5pts

His mommy said that he shouldn't run,,, but then, ANYTHING but Hillary.

James Hartley
James Hartley 5pts

As I was saying bush repubs are fascist dems are communist we do not want either one

James Hartley
James Hartley 5pts

No more bush crap in office. Republicans of this ilk are

Michael Daly
Michael Daly 5pts

Bush was more conservative than people give him credit for.

Jb Bristley
Jb Bristley 5pts

Remember BENGHAZI. Killery the butcher of BENGHAZI. Jeb gave her an award for that.

Sterling McVay
Sterling McVay 5pts

Oh, Boy, just want AMERICA 'needs', yet Another FASCIST PUPPET 'BUSH' NAZI, in the President's Office. Are the AMERICA PEOPLE, 'really' this Stupid & Blind? God Help 'us', if they are, but I 'Believe' they are NOT. Wake-up, and Hilary is the same, as well. They all answer to and carry the Orders of their 'Skull & Bones' Jesuit General, 'Overlords'. We 'should' ARREST ALL OF THEM, and THE BANKERS, TOO!!!!!!

Patrick McCarthy
Patrick McCarthy 5pts

the establishment wants anyone no true conservative wants

Mike Doyle
Mike Doyle 5pts

No Bush,no Clinton. We have had enough of bothh.

Blair Stevens
Blair Stevens 5pts

Won't happen he's another moderate Repub that would lose in an election. Vote Conservative for the President to get out of this crap hole Democrats and like Republicans who have put this nation in danger.

Tim Biddle
Tim Biddle 5pts

Remember what happened on 9/11 ? J. Bush should be in jail !

Dan Jones
Dan Jones 5pts

BUSH family of treasonous crooks!!!! Prescott sold goods to Hitler, his son was in the CIA in Dallas when Kennedy was assassinated and then became President only to use his power to expand his Oil Cartel with his Texas buddies! Then his son steals the POTUS election with the collusion of little brother Jeb, only to pull off the 2 worst crimes in American history... The war on Iraq and the false flag 9-11-01 operation! You got to be kidding me!!!!!

Doug Cockrell
Doug Cockrell 5pts

The mainstream media and the political establishment roll out the faces of true evil for us to choose from. Don't you appreciate being force fed this crap? Republicans and democrats are the two branches of the unified authoritarian kleptocrat party.

Robert Terry
Robert Terry 5pts

If they plan on nominating bush they may as well hand the presidency over to Hillary

Rick Kummer
Rick Kummer 5pts

No thank you! But if he was the only opposition to Hillary, I'll take him!

Steele Ranch
Steele Ranch 5pts

Myself and many others will not vote for Jeb....better pick another person...

Hester Regan
Hester Regan 5pts

no to Jeb Bush, He is nothing like his father or brother.

Holly Stowe
Holly Stowe 5pts

And Peter, it's not that the GOP doesn't WANT to repeal ObamaCare, it's that they recognize that we NEED some aspects of the legislation. It's as simple as that.

Holly Stowe
Holly Stowe 5pts

How now that "stupid", Peter? It's smart. There indeed are some good things in the ACA but a lot, more in fact of the bad. Let's fix it, or repeal it fully with a functioning and well thought out plan to replace it. Oh wait, there is a plan, two of them in fact. Let's get to work now, before it's too late. Oh, and if it didn't need "fixing" then why the 24 executive decisions to "fix" ObamaCare alone?

Holly Stowe
Holly Stowe 5pts

I agree with Barbara Bush...no more Bush presidents, even though Jeb is a fine man. And we don't need another Clinton, either. Fresh faces, please! Susanna Martinez?!

John Whittington
John Whittington 5pts

I will pass on a Bush type Presidency even if it takes Hillary winning for those nitwits to get the message

Peter DiGaudio
Peter DiGaudio 5pts

And they do have Moochelle waiting in the wings eventually too.

Wesley Weinstein
Wesley Weinstein 5pts

It's not the fact that he's a Bush. It's the fact that he's from the sdrawkcab ssa state of Florida.