Consumer prices since 1775 in the USA. See anything strange? (Chart)

price index cc

Chris Tew
Chris Tew 5pts

Yup, $20 used to buy an ounce of gold. Now it takes over $1,300 Federal Reserve Notes to buy an ounce of gold. The dollar is still a trade item, but it is not a reliable store of value.

Tim Nason
Tim Nason 5pts

and I'm sure that overall product quality would look inversely.

Rich Reskovac
Rich Reskovac 5pts

things do start to head north after FDR removed the gold standard and then it really takes off after the "Great Society" junk brought in by Johnson.........

Scott Alan Green
Scott Alan Green 5pts

Would be interesting to see this overlayed with a graph of population and workers wages adjusted to inflation.

Luke Matthew Sentnl
Luke Matthew Sentnl 5pts

What do you expect to happen when currency is produced out of thin air? Inflation. This is like 6th grade economics.

Shannon Tate-Graham
Shannon Tate-Graham 5pts

The Creature From Jekyll Island.... And removal from the gold standard... Two BIGGEST screw-ups....ever!!!!

Steven Lachetti
Steven Lachetti 5pts

when i was 13 i read in playboy(yes..i read playboy & looked at the girls!!! wasn't i supposed to!!) about the bankers & politians doing away with the gold standard!!! instead of going to the bank w a gold or silver note & getting an ounce of gold for a $20note the feds would "hold it for us"!!!! hey Obama & the rest of ya asholes... how's that working out for ya????

Jeannie Fritz
Jeannie Fritz 5pts

Matt 6:24 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God ... and money.

Robert Allison
Robert Allison 5pts

yes, it's called means the elites found a new method to siphon off wealth from the underclasses. In theory, which is really false propaganda, it's just the nature of the economic model that prices will rise and everyone will have to pay more. The reality: wealth is removed from the poor and the wealthiest receive that, which more than pays for any increases they see plus far more, as the owners of the corporations that rake in the profits.

Randy Riddle
Randy Riddle 5pts

Dropping the gold standard and embracing the federal reserve, two biggest kicks in the nuts to working people ever.

Edward Brewer
Edward Brewer 5pts

Stronger evidence exists that removing the gold standard causes inflation than exists to support climate change Guess which one the govt wants to fix

Dale B. Halling
Dale B. Halling 5pts

A real hockey stick, showing the wealth that has been stolen by the political class

Barbara Mealer
Barbara Mealer 5pts

I see happened when the fed reserve was instituted.. time to get rid of the feds.

Etta Talbert-Eakin
Etta Talbert-Eakin 5pts

The Federal Reserve is quite simply a bank. They thought about calling it The Bank of the United States of America and then thought better of it disguising it with the name of The Federal Reserve.

Robert Dillard
Robert Dillard 5pts

Living on credit to finance killing in the newest round of war.

James T. Wood
James T. Wood 5pts

The result of moving off the gold/silver standards!

Kjell Erlandsson
Kjell Erlandsson 5pts

CPI driven by consumers and consumption. Big consumption not really in the picture until after Great Depression and WW II.

Eric Newsom
Eric Newsom 5pts

Invention of the baby bottle. Two income household. MO MONEY, MO MONEY, MO MONEY! Need I say more?

Mason Cutner
Mason Cutner 5pts

Nixon took us off the gold standard in 1970s That let the FED turn the printing presses into overdrive.

Bruce Guthrie
Bruce Guthrie 5pts

I can see the the exponential growth starts way back in 1913, but the graph doesn't really start to take off until about 1970. I wonder if it is really Nixon's fault for closing the gold window in 1971?

Bart Caruso
Bart Caruso 5pts

August 13, 1971 : FED closes Gold Window

Alan Wacholtz
Alan Wacholtz 5pts

yep the year the fed started right along with income tax

EveaFranks 5pts

This is a shame they steal and steal and cant get enough money no matter how much the taxpayers give them!

Joseph Monack
Joseph Monack 5pts

That's exactly what it looks like. Look at how much it spiked during the 70's which is when the last remaining ties to the gold standard were cut.

Terence McBride
Terence McBride 5pts

the dollar was on the GOLD STANDARD from about the 1820s till 1920 and that's when this mess began... >:( >:O

Richard Landry
Richard Landry 5pts

There have been MORE and DEEPER "corrections" since the Fed came into existence than before. The Fed was supposed to "smooth" out the economy so there wouldn't be downturns. ANother government program that has worked so well.

John D'oh
John D'oh 5pts

Paul you are comparing monkeys and hand grenades. Anything built for war is built for the express purpose of destruction, electronics (not just VCR's) are designed for another purpose then the destruction of other peoples property...

Troy D Taylor
Troy D Taylor 5pts

I used to tech on military avionics at a manufacturing plant. That stuff is designed not to be fixed or reverse engineered. Not a single component has part a number or value on it. If you miss-placed any component while repairing it becomes scrap because you don't know what it is.

Troy D Taylor
Troy D Taylor 5pts

I still fix some stuff. Now days you gotta use tweezers and a magnifying glass to handle those surface mount components.

Troy D Taylor
Troy D Taylor 5pts

OMG I'm shocked. Devalued dollar. What happened? LOL

Peter Namtvedt
Peter Namtvedt 5pts

This chart actually shows the dramatically falling value of the dollar, not the cost of goods in real value.

Steve Collier
Steve Collier 5pts

Well, Jackie Gleason did say "Too the moon Alice" maybe this was what he was talking about.

Derek Johnson
Derek Johnson 5pts

It's not only Tax Payers, but all users of a nation's currency, that are being robbed by a nations deficit spending. The paying of Taxes is evidence, of earning without equal extraction of subsidies; evidence of producing MORE than what is needed for himself alone. How has this become a negative? When one produces more than he can or desires to consume, that which is left over, is added to the true social wealth. It is this surplus that creates wealth, increasing the standard of living for all. It is the poorest, who's only asset is the currency in their bank account; those who's future is singly reliant upon their contracted wage and the false security of social security, that feels the greatest pain from the inflation of the monetary supply. Yet I see these people advocating for more and more pain. It is beyond reason.

John Pinches
John Pinches 5pts

Direct correlation to the establishment of Central Banking and fiat money.

Michael Towns
Michael Towns 5pts

The Fed is the single biggest source of poverty in America.

David Bornick
David Bornick 5pts

The federal reserve was formed solely to steal the wealth of this country.

Sgt Zim
Sgt Zim 5pts

Hmmm.  You've not given this issue very much critical thought.  If the supply of currency were static, how might it be possible for the prices on all goods and services to rise simultaneously, and continuously, for the last 70 years?  The only way this is possible is with increases in the supply of money.