How did Harry Reid get so rich?

See, this is how I carry my piles of cash.
See, this is how I carry my piles of cash.

This is a question we’ve asked a number of times. How does one become a multi-millionare having spent one’s entire life in “public service”? Reid says he’s just a good investor.

(From Real Clear Politics)

In 1998, Reid invested $400,000 in an undeveloped residential property located on the outskirts of Las Vegas. Reid’s partner in the deal was attorney Jay Brown, whom Ralston describes as a “master manipulator.” Reid transferred his share of the property to a company Brown controlled in 2001. By transferring the land to Brown’s firm, Reid avoided legal liability and some taxes. But Reid didn’t note the transfer — or that he had any stake in the company — in his financial disclosure forms, despite rules requiring such transfers to be reported. By 2004, Brown’s company sold the land, which had been rezoned for a shopping center, and Reid received $1.1 million. He reported the sale as if he had always had control of the property.

When the Associated Press asked Reid about the deal during a 2006 interview, he hung up on the reporter. A spokesman later said that “there were several legal steps associated with the investment during those years that did not alter Senator Reid’s actual ownership interest in the land.” However, there was no physical proof that Reid had any stake in Brown’s company. The story may have caused Reid public embarrassment — he amended his ethics reports to include the full history of the property — but he walked away from the deal some $700,000 richer.

That isn’t the only problematic land deal Reid was involved with at the time.

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EveaFranks 5pts

This harry reid and IRS are thieves so is this corrupt administration .

EveaFranks 5pts

We are not all thieves like  harry reid and the IRS and this administration.

Gloria Curnutt
Gloria Curnutt 5pts

Almost all of them leave much wealthier when they leave than when they came. Not the rule, but it sure seems to happen more than not.

Lelia Gainer
Lelia Gainer 5pts

Go get 'em, guys. I wish to he!! someone would DO something.

John A. Schneiter
John A. Schneiter 5pts

50 Years of corruption. He is rich and 15% of the people in Nevada are unemployed.

Michael LeMaster
Michael LeMaster 5pts

you can bet your bottom dollar he never gave any of it to his church either or followed his teachings or followed church doctrines or was any of the things our church says we should be or do, i am truly ashamed of what he has done and even more so of what he has said he is a very NON-Christian which is sad,,, if i were a member of our churches leaders i would ask the others to excommunicate him, what a sad excuse of a man, I do hope he understands when he gets to the gates , St Peter will tell him the down elevator is over in the corner next to the toilet please step lively as that is your only direction of travel for eternity.

Robert Sherwood
Robert Sherwood 5pts

Harry "Greed" is a dishonest THUG who used his elected position to buy union support with taxpayer money, which is not his!!!!!!!!

Archie Shaffner
Archie Shaffner 5pts

Harry Crack Head Reid got rich by being a Corrupt Power Broker like most Democraps.

Marge Jones
Marge Jones 5pts

One day mr reid will gave an account for his life to an Almighty God.

Eileen Yano
Eileen Yano 5pts

He is a crook, weasel, hypocrite, liar - etc etc

Brian Bean
Brian Bean 5pts

He is a low life who will step on any one who gets in his way. They want the American people to rise up so they can use the bullets they have stock piled with Oslamas marshal law. Watch your back.

Kenneth Laster
Kenneth Laster 5pts

Absolute nepotism from birth. They know no hardships. This pig is without conscience.

GH Burgess
GH Burgess 5pts

Anyone remember what Payola was?? That's Socialist Harry's middle name

Michael Castillo
Michael Castillo 5pts

How did Obama's worth go from $1.5 million to $12 in five years?

Henry Szymczyk
Henry Szymczyk 5pts

of nearlyt all of the crooks in the dem, party harry reid should be in prison

Larry Garner
Larry Garner 5pts

he made it the old fashioned way, he stole it.

Daniel Deering
Daniel Deering 5pts

being a corrupt politician on the take and lining his pockets with bribes and dirty deal and money

James Wells
James Wells 5pts

He sells votes like all of them do. This has been going on for more years than people have been on this planet.

Matt Haag
Matt Haag 5pts

As C.W.Lewis said:its better to lige under the Robber Baron than the omnipresent busybody.

Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor 5pts

yea right. with a little insider info on the side.

Pamela Stevens
Pamela Stevens 5pts

Corruption,fraud and insider trading just like the rest of them

Gary Heidt
Gary Heidt 5pts

He is a pppolo Harry Reid the crook

Maylene Woodworth
Maylene Woodworth 5pts

audit him and find out!!! don't forget the hidden swiss accounts