From our friends at the Independent Institute – Dr. Ron Paul “Liberty Defined: The Future of Freedom” (Video)

ron paul cc cc This is a long video, much longer than we typically post, so be warned. A big bag of popcorn might be a good idea.

The speech comes to us from the Independent Institute an organization for which we have great respect, and the featured speaker is Ron Paul, so how could we not post it? Very soon we will have a video section at ACC where these types of videos will be archived.

Cynthia Wooten
Cynthia Wooten 5pts

Ron Paul was never a libertarian. Saying he was made him a hypocrite.

Cary Ray
Cary Ray 5pts

Republicans are, tea partiers, libertarians, conservatives. Wtf, they cant be everything to all the nuts out there.

Cary Ray
Cary Ray 5pts

Why are libertarians republicans?

John Zimmermann
John Zimmermann 5pts

A flat tax on all moneys made,inheritance,capital gains,etc.Since corporations are now conceded persons they pay the same tax.No subsidies no loop holes,etc.The wealthy and corporate America will never agree and since they write the rules at the present time,WE the People are screwed,if we ever wake up and realize that fact ,then there will be the rebirth of our Republic.

Susan Jones
Susan Jones 5pts

run again ron paul, you will be our savior

Doug Gardner
Doug Gardner 5pts

Louis' idea is equitable. Each, according to how much they spend, pays into the system that supports them and the country. Thus everyone has a dog in the fight. Each according to his means.

Doug Gardner
Doug Gardner 5pts

Hillary Hienton you might consider using this in class or as a homework assignment. What direction do your students want to take and where to they want the country to go?

Brian Schatz
Brian Schatz 5pts

He's a medical doctor. You can look it up. He's a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology. He should have stuck to that.

Kip Martin
Kip Martin 5pts

Did he include his needed disclaimer: Does not apply to the entire female gender ???

John Zimmermann
John Zimmermann 5pts

Same old song,abolish tax's,tax's were started because others were envious of those that had ,blah, blah, blah.This is 2014 not 1798.There is infrastructure to maintain,an environment to protect,etc,etc.What is needed is a fair tax system.

Chad Bobo
Chad Bobo 5pts

On many things, he was well before his time.

The Woz
The Woz 5pts

Ron Paul is considered an extremist because he believes in restoring rights, freedoms and liberties to the American people.

Those who believe that we the people exist for the benefit of the state are in the mainstream these days. 

Hitler and Stalin would be in the mainstream in America today.