Fantastic and simple: Teenager builds browser plugin to show you where politicians get their funding

Pelosi c c greenhouse

I just downloaded the GREENHOUSE app for Chrome and it is great. Talk about easy access to highly illuminating data. Well done! I’d encourage everyone to take a look at the app. It is very light and couldn’t be easier to use.

As the creator Nick Rubin says, – Some are Red. Some are Blue. All are GREEN. That couldn’t be more true.

Nick Rubin

This is what we mean when we say technology can beat the bureaucracy. Let that sunshine in.

Click here for the article.

Click here for the application.

Susan Bockman
Susan Bockman 5pts

It should be unlawful to take these contributions. It is like a bribe. They want something in return. No contributions for someone on a Government payroll.

Thomas Fitzpatrick
Thomas Fitzpatrick 5pts

Just saying, If you read about the Men That brought This article out, They are about deregulating, which like my govenor pat mccory nc is all about. Hence coal ash spill. Seeing If these were wolfes in sheeps clothing

Michael Boudreau
Michael Boudreau 5pts

Do you think at all sir, or are you concerns founded in free stuff?

Thomas Fitzpatrick
Thomas Fitzpatrick 5pts

looks like a republican ad, does this exist or created by republicans against pelosi

Robert Thibodeaux
Robert Thibodeaux 5pts

Until government decides to stop regulating and taxing corporations, I have no issue with them donating to politicians. The right to assemble and the petition our government is a fundamental right.

Jason Ramsey
Jason Ramsey 5pts

PRECISELY WHY governments globally have a strangle hold on the Internet!

Jon P Ogden
Jon P Ogden 5pts

His parents can expect to be audited by the IRS.

Pam Mercier
Pam Mercier 5pts

I use OpenCongress. org and just follow the money trail. It's pretty disgusting that we vote these jokers in, and then they line their pockets with some corporation's, or union's they can pass bills to raise our taxes to give their buddies a tax break, if not worse.

Frank Bacon
Frank Bacon 5pts

Maybe now liberals can stop pretending that their politicians are clean and pure.

Rafael Weber
Rafael Weber 5pts

How someone pro-Israel would fund Pelosi?

Jaybo 5pts

Todd and Peter are ignorant tools. Keep up the good work, Nicholas!

James Villapudua
James Villapudua 5pts

Great job, now if the public would just see this, open their eyes and do something about this corruption we could straighten things out in DC and every state.

ToddClemmer 5pts

Google runs the Democrat internet campaigns.  This app will be gone soon.

Peter Fithian
Peter Fithian 5pts

Oh, no - don't kid yourself, kid. "You didn't build that.." Those government roads made that happen...

James Slater
James Slater 5pts

Didn't know opensecrets even had an api, good man.

KyleSexton 5pts

I don't see a news article about you dork.