“I will fight to end crony capitalist programs that benefit the rich and powerful.” – David Brat


The progressive Nation, offers up an interesting analysis of the Cantor defeat on Tuesday. They rightly recognize that Dave Brat is a different type of small government candidate and that he may be part of a group coming up in politics right now which is legitimately anti-crony capitalist.

We’ll see how Brat does, but at this moment the American political calculus has changed fundamentally for the better.

(From The Nation)

In his new book, Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State (Nation Books), Ralph Nader argues that there are many issues on which an anti-corporate left and an anti-corporate right could achieve “convergence” in opposition to policies advanced by “corporate conservatives and corporate liberals.” Nader’s point is not to suggest that the left and the right will be in specific agreement on issues ranging from fair trade to restricting domestic surveillance to whittling down the military-industrial complex. He suggeststhat “they [can] come at it for different reasons, but they [can] have the same conclusion.”

That’s an intriguing notion, especially after one of the most powerful corporate Republicans in Washington just lost to a guy who decries “large corporations seeking insider deals” and “crony bailouts.”

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"Eric Cantor Defeated by a Conservative Who Rips Crony Capitalism." John Nichols, Thenation.com, 2014-07-11.

Nick Sorrentino

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JohnPalazzo 5pts


Right Hook
Right Hook 5pts

The difference between Obama and Brat is that Brat actually understands free market capitalism and he embraces it. Obama has ALWAYS embraced crony capitalism, provided they are his cronies. 

Rich Power
Rich Power 5pts

Start by standing on a message that you will try to support two things, if elected: one, remove the pork fat that is attached to bills at the last minute; two, term limitations, which would support you anti-elitist cronies stance

Kay Martin
Kay Martin 5pts

Need a whole Senate full of like-minded individuals !!!

Carl Benson
Carl Benson 5pts

We the people will expect nothing less!

Dan Putney
Dan Putney 5pts

I fear it is just another "Tell them what they want to hear".

Sharon Arrington Smith
Sharon Arrington Smith 5pts

Sounds about right. Now let's put other people with the same ideas and goals in office to help him.

Peggy Rush
Peggy Rush 5pts

Watch the 180 when he gets elected.

Stan Budz
Stan Budz 5pts

he is RIGHT WING FANATIC. he may be more dangerous than CANTOR.

Stan Budz
Stan Budz 5pts

he is a RIGHT WINGER. he doesn't care about working people, or poor.

Stan Budz
Stan Budz 5pts

ha. tea party will destroy everything the working class has ought to get the people over the last 100 years. he is wolf in wolf's clothing. be afraid.

Steven Crouch
Steven Crouch 5pts

Fight to destroy Social Security and anything else that is for the common good is more accurate . This guy is just another manifestation of fascism who wants to cut education funding and usher in more of the "every man for himself" mentality of the extremism he is a part of . Another Ted Cruz wannabe .

Charles Nielsen
Charles Nielsen 5pts

This is in part also what the Tea Party is all about.....but to hear the left you would think this is what they want. It's called "propaganda

Kat Smith
Kat Smith 5pts

In our current age of technology, isn't it time "we the people" represented ourselves?

Joan Parker
Joan Parker 5pts

I SURE HOPE YOU stick to your WORDS!!!!!

Doug Hermann
Doug Hermann 5pts

That's what he says today. Remember what dumbama said about him making changes we will never fix what he screwed up

Jerry Barron
Jerry Barron 5pts

Ayn Rand was vehemently opposed to crony-capitalism if you have read any of her writing she makes this very clear. She WAS 100% for free market capitalism.. It's a common mistake for people to confuse the two when they are in fact completely opposite.

Matthew Dunham
Matthew Dunham 5pts

He's a shill for the very corporations he supposedly against. The main function of libertarianism.

Frank Eaton
Frank Eaton 5pts

He also thinks minimum wage has kept up with productivity. Ha.

Judith McNutt
Judith McNutt 5pts

Obama said that. Let's stop saying things that can't ever happen UNTIL we get term limits!!!

Shawn Russell
Shawn Russell 5pts

I seriously hope this guy is for real. Corruption HAS to become the crime it is and the people propagating it in our government NEED to start facing the music, one way or another!

Danny Wheeler
Danny Wheeler 5pts

Yea, untill you get in office, then you will be just like all the others!no need to denie it we all no how it is!!!

Eric Milchak
Eric Milchak 5pts

If he does he wil go against 100% of what the bought and paid for Teabaggers and Republicans stand for..... very confusing.

Peter Gatliff
Peter Gatliff 5pts

Yes. He also stated all colleges should be owned by corporations. Double Speak.

Brian Sarge
Brian Sarge 5pts

But he's still a social conservative. And I have yet to meet one of those that is truly about the free market.

Bill Vandenberg
Bill Vandenberg 5pts

About time! We need more fresh faces with conservative values

vongoh 5pts

A fireman is terrifying to anyone brainwashed to believe that the water will make the fire grow wildly out of control and make their house explode.

So they 'community organize' to lock up all the firemen.  

All the fires go out of control,  the city burns down,  and the psychopaths that convinced you that water feeds fire pocket all of the cash from the insurance claims they put out on all your houses.

Right Hook
Right Hook 5pts

Who? Brat?! Yeah so scary that he refutes crony capitalism as opposed to Barry Obama who keep his cronies close. 

vongoh 5pts

Amazing.  Every word of your sentence has been planted there by people that want you to work for your own destruction.

Propaganda is a helluva drug.