Politicos, Predators, Payoffs, and Vegan Pizza
Dispatches from the Crony Capitalism Wars
By Nick Sorrentino
August 2016; 381 pages

“In Politicos, Predators, Payoffs, and Vegan Pizza Nick Sorrentino shows in stark detail the absurdity that is our current political and economic system and the extent to which crony capitalism has infected America.”

—David A. Stockman


A compilation of essays and notes from the front lines of the war on cronyism, Nick Sorrentino the editor and co-founder of the world’s leading anti-crony organization Against Crony Capitalism, explores America’s emerging crony capitalist system with humor and passion.

Nick visits with unemployed hippies at the DC Occupy camp. Explores the canyons of Wall Street and the halls of official Washington. He considers why it is that our economy and country continue to languish in the wake of the Great Recession. And why some people in politics seem to be getting so rich.

No one is spared. Obama, the Republicans, the Democrats, corporate America, unions, policy wonks, the media, it’s all fair game.

Basically it’s the perfect bathroom book for anyone who is politically oriented, annoyed at the direction of the system, and needs an intelligent laugh.

Chapter 1: Cronytown
Chapter 2: Big Government
Chapter 3: Adventures in Hippyland
Chapter 4: Capitalism and Crony Capitalism
Chapter 5: The Fed
Chapter 6: The Powers That Be
Chapter 7: Adventures in Libertarianland
Chapter 8: Regulation
Chapter 9: The State
Chapter 10: Republicans and Neocons
Chapter 11: Economics and Other Wizardry
Chapter 12: Foreign Affairs
Chapter 13: Obama
Chapter 14: Bailouts
Chapter 15: The Heartland and the Tea Party
Chapter 16: DC
Chapter 17: Democrats
Chapter 18: The Great Recession
Chapter 19: Energy and the Environment
Chapter 20: Ron Paul
Chapter 21: Obamacare
Chapter 22: Wall Street and Friends
Chapter 23: The Media