The deadly impact of identity politics

I am from Charlottesville (as many of our readers know by now). I was there right after the clash.

Without getting too deep in the weeds, at least at this point, it appears that Charlottesville was basically a chosen battleground for 2 rival (big government by the way) gangs. The cops were held back (why?) and antifa (the alt-Left) was allowed to antagonize the alt-right guys (who were also there to antagonize.)

It was a brawl.

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Yes, you can reject Antifa Commies and Alt Right Nazis at the same time (And Dear Lord, please do!)

Of course one can. We do. Alt-right national socialists, alt-left socialist socialists, both groups deny the importance of the individual and celebrate collectivism. They both worship the state. They both live for the hive.

That ain’t what ‘Merica stands for in my opinion.

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Liberals whine about being governed by Trump. Pity those governed by THEM

They aren’t “liberals.” Liberalism (properly defined) is about freedom, liberty, free markets, and human actualization. What is often thought of as “liberal” or even “progressive” however (at least in the US) is more accurately just a penchant for statist collectivism and the marginalization of the individual in practically all respects.

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