Watch as CNN abruptly cuts from Bernie protesters stopping delegates from entering convention to…Boys II Men? (VIDEO)

This is American media now folks. There is real news happening, obviously important news. But one can almost hear the producer in Jake Tapper’s ear yelling…“Look, just cut away…The DNC does not want this on the air…Just cut away…”

Of course we can only speculate as to what was really happening. Maybe someone in the control room just wanted to watch Boys II Men.

This is why they say “the revolution won’t be televised.”

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Not Just Debbie: Pelosi Booed by Democratic Delegates in Philly (VIDEO)

“Some people are new, and huh, are not familiar with how things work.” – Nancy Pelosi

Yes Nancy they are NEW. But they are booing you because they KNOW how things work.

So the revolt is in full swing. I figured that the Dem convention would be more interesting than the Republican one and it looks like that is playing out. People are not happy and the old girls club in the Democratic Party looks silly at this point.

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WSJ: Blue Feed, Red Feed – See Liberal Facebook and Conservative Facebook, Side by Side

I will state for the record, again, that RED is not a conservative color. Blue was always the color of the Republican Party until the the 1992 election when the news networks flipped the colors. Dems were always RED, the color of the Left, and Republicans were always BLUE. And again, Texas is not a red state, North Korea is.

Also, so where is the libertarian feed?

Saying these things this is an interesting tool.

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New Leak: Top DNC Official Wanted to Use Bernie Sanders’s Religious Beliefs Against Him

As we’ve said many times, Bernie’s economics are just flat out dangerous. However he was treated very badly in the primaries. That should not be forgotten. The Iowa coin flips. The railroading in Nevada. I’m sure there were many other examples. Oh, here’s one.

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