Hong Kong In The 1950s Captured By A Teenager

Hong Kong is a place to which I have never been but plan on visiting for an extended period at some time in my life. (God willing.) It is an extraordinary piece of real estate clinging to the side of the Asian continent and long beckoning the world to come and do business. I thought this was a particularly beautiful montage and thought I’d share it with you.

It should be noted that Hong Kong, now run (ultimately) by the Chinese Communist Party,

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EPA has No Answer (on) Why They Didn’t Inform Public About Lead Water 1 Yr Ago

As we’ve said before, imagine if a private company knew that Flint’s water was full of lead for A YEAR and didn’t make sure the public knew about it one way or another?

But the EPA? Well, there are rules for private citizens and then there are rules for cronies in government. (As we see time and again.)

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The Question Bernie Supporters Won’t Answer (VIDEO from Tom Woods)

For a pro-free enterprise site we are pretty nice to Bernie Sanders. We respect the dogfight he’s in right now and he’s an interesting guy. But…Well, we’ll let Tom address some of the issues.

If you comment on this one please watch the entire video.

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Citizen pulls over cop for speeding, Cop union president goes nuts tries to smear citizen on social media, Posts citizen phone number publically

This is just flat out bullying. Mix arrogant cops (many cops are great – I’ve known a few) with a police union boss who thinks his guys can operate with impunity and this is what one gets. It’s disgusting. The police union chief has got a lot to answer for.

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Citibank: World economy trapped in ‘death spiral’

The universe has patterns. Either go with the flow or pay later. Looks like we are “paying later.”

A serious recession would be terribly trying particularly in light of the geopolitical jockeying going on right now. Acute financial pressure, and it is already acute in some parts of the world, makes for instability. Leaders do stupid things when countries are in economic pain.

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Sanders Fundraises Off Goldman CEO Blankfein’s Comments

He should, and in this very narrow statement Sanders is almost correct. What Sanders does not mention however is that the reason Goldman Sachs acted the way it did, indeed why it COULD act the way it did in the lead up to 2008 was because its “greed” was facilitated by the Federal Reserve. The central planners wanted Goldman Sachs and the other banks to leverage themselves out. This was the goal. The Great Recession was created by the Federal Reserve,

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John Cleese: Political Correctness Can Lead to an Orwellian Nightmare (VIDEO)

Political correctness is a form of oppression. It is about narrowing thought. It is about creating mental constructs which are not real. It about creating a dream (nightmare) world which will then somehow become reality. It is dangerous. I would even say that the newspeak we see on some college campuses (and elsewhere) is a form of tyranny. It is anti-intellectual. It is based in the idea that a rose is not a rose than that language creates reality. It is a thought code for the self righteous and the perpetually offended.

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OU professor: Youths’ attraction to Sanders shows education failure (Socialism is the economics of the dim and the jealous)

Just – right – on – center.

Crony capitalism is a form of socialism and socialism is a dead end. It makes people poor and it is morally bankrupt.

That isn’t to say that opposing the current order isn’t a good thing. It is. But we live under too much socialism as it is. Free the market. Have a better life.

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European banks near ‘terrifying’ crisis: Raoul Pal (VIDEO)

Sure, “European banks.” All banks.

People in America are just plugging along seemingly oblivious to the storm which continues to gather strength overseas and in some cases is already buffeting the United States. It is foolhardy. We have just gotten used to the new post-2008 lower standards of living in this country and we want to think that the global depression which started in 2007-2008 is all over. It’s not.

Will the world go to hell in a hand basket tomorrow?

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What is The War on Cash? Why should we be concerned? Will cash soon be banned? Will your pay soon be locked within the banking system? (VIDEO)

Joe Salerno, Pace University economist and Mises academic vice president explains why we should be very concerned with the emerging war on cash. This is a concept with which all of our readers should be at least somewhat familiar. It will affect your life and it is becoming an important issue very quickly as the world economy appears to be trending downward.

The war on cash is a war on everyday people.

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