Gary Johnson: UK rejected ‘crony capitalism’ with Brexit


(From The Hill)

“The EU has, for some time, been pulling Britain down a path to unsustainable entitlements and away from the opportunities the free market offers. That voters rejected that path is not surprising.”

He also pushed back against experts who claim that the move will lead to disaster for the U.K. economy.

“The sky is not falling, and when the dust settles, Britain’s decision may very well prove to be a pivotal event in the reshaping of global relationships and trade that will,

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Charlie Rangle says he “deserves” to be protected by guns, You do not however (VIDEO)

There are perfectly reasonable reasons why there are well armed people who should be protecting the Capitol. However, Rangle’s statement reflects clearly the 2 tiered (multitiered?) system in this country. Cronies at the top. The great unwashed (and in Rangle’s hope, unarmed) throngs below.

Part of a crony society is such a tiered system. The cronies, the connected, have a certain group of rules they think that they live by. For the rest of the citizenry, those who don’t suffer from Potomac Fever,

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Baby boomers still get their “news” from TV (Infographic)

TV news is terrible. MSNBC, Fox, almost all of it is ridiculous and just feels like propaganda these days. (I mean, Brian Williams is back on TV. ) This is one of the reasons why TV news has been abandoned by so many. I can’t remember for instance the last time I watched a broadcast of a “nightly news” show. (Maybe when I was visiting my mom earlier this year.) However, older folks continue to cling to the boob tube as a legitimate source of news.

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#Brexit: What Britain and the world is fighting, In some ways Brussels makes Washington DC almost look like “small government” (VIDEO)

Check this out. What a nightmare. A bureaucratic wonderland of unaccountably, red tape, and crony capitalism. Why would anyone want to be a part of this? Check that, why would anyone who wanted to be a free person want to be a part of this?

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