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Nick Sorrentino is the co-founder and editor of A political and communications consultant whose clients have spanned the political spectrum, his work has been featured at Chief Executive,, Townhall, The Daily Caller, and many other publications. He has spoken at CPAC, The Commit Forum, The Atlas Summit, The US Chamber of Commerce, The National Press Club, and at other venues. Sorrentino is the CEO of Exelorix Consultants and a senior fellow at Future 500. A graduate of Mary Washington College he lives just outside of Washington DC where he can keep an eye on Leviathan.

What govts spend on social programs (Who spends the most per capita? USA, Canada, or Switzerland?) Graphic

One thing about this data – it is from 2011. (The data not the graphic, which comes from this interesting article on guaranteed income which in our assessment is not a very good idea. But that’s for a different post.)

So when someone calls for socialism and argues that we have some sort of “small government” system, and that we just need to spend more on social programs show them this.  We are not  even close to a laissez faire country.

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Robert Reich: The New Common Ground Between Populist Left and Right (?) VIDEO

Yes, we are featuring a video by Robert Reich, someone who is often very wrong on very important subjects. Saying that however we very much appreciate this video and its spirit. There are some major points in the video where I think he’s a bit optimistic from his perspective but there certainly are plenty of areas where what we commonly call the “Right” and “Left” can come together to do some real good.

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Some CEOs don’t like that cronyism is increasingly under the microscope

“The precipitousness of the political debate is a little scary right now,” said Jim McNerney, who served as chief executive of Boeing Co. until last year and as chairman until February, at a recent industry conference.

“Anti-business” and “anti-market” are 2 very different things.

Many feel frustrated these days. There is the sense that there is an agenda and that everyday people are not part of that agenda.

Many people have been under considerable economic pressure since the Crash in 2008,

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Bluster: Obama says UK would be at ‘the back of the queue’ for trade deals if Britain leaves the EU (I doubt that very seriously, Obama’s gone soon.)

This is beginning to get ridiculous. Britain is our most important ally. We have the deepest historical ties with the United Kingdom. Right now many people in the UK are fighting for their country’s very survival. They are seeking to maintain their sovereignty in the face of a European Union which is a bureaucratic and some would argue authoritarian institution. Brussels grows cronies like the cow pasture down the road from my house grows mushrooms. (And both the mushrooms and the EU politicians are full of the same thing.) The EU is a technocratic and often unrepresentative administrative empire and this empire wants to rope Britain in (permanently) to take the country down a peg.

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Enemy of the banks Andrew Jackson gone from the $20 bill, Replaced by Harriet Tubman, Friend of the banks Hamiliton remains on the $10 bill

We think Harriet Tubman isn’t such a bad choice. However, removing Andrew Jackson from the currency is a shame. He killed the first central bank of the United States, The Bank of the United States, and that is something for which every American should be grateful. He is in addition the only president who with the help of allies paid off the national debt.

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Puerto Rico’s Pension Bailout (and the gall of many government employees)

The gall of some government employees and their politician wingmen is truly amazing.

This duo thinks the system is there to be gamed. That’s what it’s there for. Work that program. Work this program. Count the days until one can retire. The system has to be worked. Focusing on WORKING is for suckers.

I am not saying that these folks in Puerto Rico are doing no work, I am sure many are. I am sure even that some people in Puerto Rican government are doing valuable work.

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Shoe Company: Obama Admin Pressured Us to Stay Quiet on TPP

I love New Balance. There was a time when I was under the delusion that I would one day run a 50 mile race. (This seems an even more impossible dream as I sit here today with my leg propped on a chair recovering from a foot injury.)  Much of the training for that dream was done with a pair of New Balance trail shoes on my feet. They’ve always struck me as a company which cares about their customers and which strives to produce an excellent product.

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Ignorance reigns on Twitter yesterday, #Resistcapitalism trends, Cluelessness abounds

If you are “resisting capitalism” you are “resisting human progress.” You are resisting the voluntary exchange of goods and services. You are resisting opportunity for people to make a better life for themselves through hard work. You are trading that opportunity for a system which rewards the uncreative and unambitious. (And perhaps you understand this.) You are fundamentally resisting FREEDOM and LIBERTY, because “economic liberty,” the right to do what you want with that which you own, is not separate from social FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

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Attorneys general seek to intimidate those who voice dissent (from ‘official’ opinion) on the issue of climate change, Target Competitive Enterprise Institute

The Inquisition by Joaquin Pinto

CEI is an excellent organization. I know many of the people there and am familiar with the organization’s work on a variety of subjects. They are champions of free thinking and enemies of crony capitalism. They often break with standard political opinion and as such there are some who don’t like the organization. Some who would like CEI to shut up.

There are those would like to criminalize questioning the status quo.

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Revenge of the libertarians: How the “Ron Paul Rule” may come back to haunt the GOP at the convention

And how awesome is it that John Boehner, who pulled what he pulled in 2012 in Tampa (watch the video) has been dismissed, forever an example of what went wrong with the GOP?

Great report Shep.

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“Pro-tax” Republican former Senator Alan Simpson is still mad at Grover Norquist, wants more taxes

I personally like Grover and his anti-tax pledge is about the only thing which has provided ANY restraint on federal spending over the last couple of decades.

Norquist’s simple assessment is absolutely correct. We as a country do not have a revenue problem. The government already extracts far too much from the productive sector and redistributes it to its friends in government and the the crony establishment. No, we have a SPENDING problem.

At this point the effort should always be to reduce spending and cronyism.

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Why a $15 minimum wage is “good” for rich people and bad for the less well off

We’ve been covering the minimum wage debate since its most recent flare up a few years ago and our assessment is the same. If the government decrees that a job be paid $15/hour that does not mean that a job which pays less than $15/hour previously will suddenly be WORTH $15/hour. The government can not just upend supply and demand. The market will just adjust to the new reg. For businesses which operate on thin margins,

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VIDEO FLASHBACK: The 2008 Crash as it happened

I remember the fall of 2008 very well. I remember Paulson, and Lehman, and Bernanke, and AIG, and the weekend meetings at the Fed, and the bailout votes in Congress, and the election, all of it. But I most remember the fear. The deep fear which shot through the country that autumn. The sense that things were spinning out of control.

I also remember thinking, as things got uglier around me, how correct the Austrian economists I had been reading for a good while at that point were.

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Can Bernie Sanders really be getting more defense industry contributions than any GOP candidate? (Graph from Politico)

It’s all too much. GOP, Dem, whatever. The point of the prior article was to illuminate how pervasive military contractor money is. So much so that even Bernie Sanders, crunchy ole’ socialist Bernie Sanders, is caught up in it. This shouldn’t be surprising to his supporters as the F-35 is based out of Vermont. Of course some defense money is going to come his way.

We have no horse in this race. (Or any other race.) Bernie,

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