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Nick Sorrentino is the co-founder and editor of A political and communications consultant whose clients have spanned the political spectrum, his work has been featured at Chief Executive,, Townhall, The Daily Caller, and many other publications. He has spoken at CPAC, The Commit Forum, The Atlas Summit, The US Chamber of Commerce, The National Press Club, and at other venues. Sorrentino is the CEO of Exelorix Consultants and a senior fellow at Future 500. He is also the author of the book Politicos, Predators, Payoffs, and Vegan Pizza. A graduate of Mary Washington College he lives just outside of Washington DC where he can keep an eye on Leviathan.

People are ditching their apartments to live the ‘van life’

I actually don’t see this as all that bad. If I was young (alas I am no more) and single (and I mean no girlfriend) I’d consider doing this for a while. Of course I also used to have a 1978 VW bus and was prone to following the waves up and down the East Coast in another life so maybe I’m an outlier.

This is not my old bus but it looked just like this. 60 MPH was the top speed.

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Early Bailout Warning! Reckoning Comes for U.S. Pension Funds as Investment Returns Lag

Oh thank goodness, the public pension unicorn has come to save us!

Many people still don’t know that the bailout of GM and Chrysler was about bailing out politically important UAW union members with your money as much as it was about bailing out of 2 inferior car manufacturers with your money. (Though I must admit I had a Town and Country van that was pretty good – mostly. Not like my Honda, but still pretty good.)

For years prior to the 2008 Crash financial people had hemmed and hawed about the unsustainability of the auto worker’s pensions.

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Another Socialist Hellhole: Armed Gangs Are Taking Over Hospitals in Venezuela

Funny, the statists always warn that without big intrusive government societies go haywire. But we have seen over and over and over that this is simply not true. In fact where government has a light hand and the rule of law upheld the typical result is prosperity.

However what we also see over and over and over is that countries that embrace big government have a tendency over time to turn into hellholes. The Soviet Union,

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Boehner cashes in with lobbying firm Squire Patton Boggs

This is the guy who called those who opposed the bank bailouts a bunch of “knuckle draggers.” Who punished anyone who stood up for the Constitution in Congress including perhaps the most principled member of the House Justin Amash. Who called Ted Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh.” Who sold out conservatives multiple times on various budgets. Who worked to preserve the deeply crony Export-Import Bank. Who at this moment still enjoys a taxpayer funded office and staff on Capitol Hill costing $1 million/year even though he’s no longer in the House.

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Obama Blames Conservative Media’s ‘Misinformation’ for Close Presidential Election

What world is Obama living in that he can say this with a straight face? Aside from a few websites, the Wall Street Journal, the odd talk radio show and Fox there is NO conservative media. (And even this media is relatively new.) Everything else is decidedly not “conservative” and has been that way for generations. “Liberals” (really statists) control most of the media including NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, MSNBC, Bloomberg (mostly), CNBC (for the most part), CNN,

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‘The longer central banks interfere, the worse the crash’

“I smell…Central bankers.”

How this obvious truth eludes so many economists is beyond me.

It’s simple. The central banks seek to goose the economy. They lower interest rates below the real market interest rate. As such people, institutions, everyone takes advantage of the relatively cheap credit. But as this cheap credit is taken advantage of malinvestment (that is investment that would not have happened if the market had set rates) begins to build up. It builds and builds and builds until there is so much malinvestment the economy topples on itself.

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Here it comes: The iMplant, RFID chips under the skin going mainstream

Some graffiti in Bryggebroen Denmark.

I love technology. I am fascinated by pushing the technological envelope. I have long lived much of my life in cyberspace and I believe innovation is one of the key creators of real wealth and real human progress. However one should be very cautious when considering whether to implant oneself with an RFID chip.

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Is the Fed keeping rates low to help Hillary? Trump says good chance, Clinton bristles

We reported earlier that a group of pro-Hillary activists were given a highly unusual audience with some of the Federal Reserve governors in Jackson Hole last month. The message officially to the Fed was “don’t raise rates and kill jobs.” But everyone there knew that the real message was “don’t raise rates and scuttle Hillary’s chances for the presidency.”

Yesterday Trump spoke to the issue of interest rates and economic manipulation by the Fed. He pointed out that the Fed has in many respects created a bizzaro economy where the entire world is reliant on near 0% rates of interest and increasingly,

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Thought police at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, Certain views are “nonnegotiable”

Funny, that’s pretty much what the Nazis thought too. “Nonnegotiable” thinking patterns are part of all totalitarian ideologies actually. Not that they are strapping on jackboots at UNL yet.

But make no mistake, this speech given by the University of Nebraska at Lincoln Chancellor is about chilling free speech. He is making it very clear, while using the nicest of terms, that any divergence from the officially accepted norm will not be tolerated. He might as well have just said “

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Book Sample: The Establishment Won’t Go Quietly

The following is an excerpt from Politicos, Predators, Payoffs, and Vegan Pizza, the new book by your editor, Nick Sorrentino.

The book can be purchased HERE.

The Establishment Won’t Go Quietly

By Nick Sorrentino on December 27, 2011

The world is moving quickly. Europe is crumbling, Ron Paul is leading in Iowa. The SOPA fight for the future of the Internet is being fought on Capitol Hill.

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More #CronyMedia: PBS cuts Green Pres. Candidate Jill Stein’s Comments Critical of Hillary Clinton from Interview

We often discuss the crony media. Its disposition is generally corporatist, generally left of center, absolutely statist, and a key part of the establishment power structure. The #oldmedia generally cheers the Dems and generally seeks to make life hard for the Republicans. But the #oldmedia doesn’t like anyone who doesn’t adhere to the official line whoever they are, as we witness here.

It should be noted that Judy Woodruff,

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The anti-crony activists fighting for property rights in San Francisco

Let me say from the outset that development can be a pain. I live in an area which has seen lots of development in the past 3 years and I miss the old version of my town. In fact I had a guy build a much too big house on a tiny lot just across from me. I was NOT happy.

Over the past 3 years I have also seen how local cronyism can influence where houses are built,

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Still Hating Breitbart: Clinton camp says Breitbart has no “right to exist”?

This is one of the reasons why we asked our readers whether they felt the 1st Amendment was under attack. Breitbart doesn’t have a right to exist? What kind of bs is that?

As the attached article points out this is right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook. Thing is the Clinton camp picking a fight with a seasoned scrapper in Breitbart. Bannon and company are unlikely to be as gentile as the Kochs.

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