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Nick Sorrentino is the co-founder and editor of A political and communications consultant whose clients have spanned the political spectrum, his work has been featured at Chief Executive,, Townhall, The Daily Caller, and many other publications. He has spoken at CPAC, The Commit Forum, The Atlas Summit, The US Chamber of Commerce, The National Press Club, and at other venues. Sorrentino is the Founder of Exelorix Consultants and a senior fellow at Future 500. He is also the author of the book Politicos, Predators, Payoffs, and Vegan Pizza. A graduate of Mary Washington College he lives just outside of Washington DC where he can keep an eye on Leviathan.

Get ready to barf, Here come the self righteous, self congratulatory Oscars

What’s awesome is that these people really think that they are doing good. Indeed that they are giving back to the world. We must stand for what is righteous! Blah. Blah. Blah. You are actors… That the people who read People Magazine and watch Entertainment Tonight care about what Hollywood thinks is an indictment of both Hollywood and the people reading People and who watch Entertainment Tonight.

Everyone watch for the Hillary cameo and the tearful standing ovation.

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Bannon vows a daily fight for ‘deconstruction of the administrative state’

I interviewed Steve Bannon a couple years ago on a panel and he said the same thing then.

Indeed it is a fight. The old guard isn’t just going to lay down and acquiesce. It will fight tooth and nail. The “administrative state” will scrap, and scrape, and get down in the mud, and wail and moan and bite and tear. The crony capital enjoys an elevated status. Its denizens will never just relinquish the trappings of big government.* Never.

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Trump administration hints at crackdown on recreational pot (But Trump would be crazy to, it might even cost him the election in 2020)

If Trump wants to lose in 2020 he can come after recreational pot and challenge state’s rights.

I literally heard Sean Spicer say today that Mr. Trump is for “state’s rights.” Well, the legalization of pot in many states is the best example of “state’s rights” there is these days. If Trump starts “cracking down” on recreational pot he is obviously not for decentralization of power to the people. He will have shown himself to be yet another in a long line who would prefer that everything in human life and every nook and cranny of our Republic be regulated by the Imperial City as Steve Bannon has so often and accurately has called Washington DC.

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What are the “Rules for Radicals” taught by Saul Alinsky to the “community organizers” of the past and present day?

A couple of points.

Saul Alinksy was a Chicago Marxist/socialist/statist etc. who wrote the very influential book (I had to read it in college) Rules for Radicals. It is safe to say that pretty much every solid lefty activist/politician in the game today has read the the book or is at least familiar with it. Former president Obama it is said was steeped in Alinskyite philosophy while he was a “community organizer.”

If one is not a lefty activist/politician one would also be wise to learn its lessons too however.

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Is Obama-funded group actively seeking to undermine the new administration?

We at ACC watch these things tick by tick. There does seem to be a broad coordinated effort to undermine Trump at every turn. That is part of politics.

But it’s not like much of the current tumult is just some grass roots thing or something.

That’s not to say that presidents shouldn’t be opposed. Shoot, whatever the party the general disposition of liberty loving people should be generally standoffish – at best –

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The 75th anniversary of FDR’s executive order that led to Japanese American internment

If there was anything that turned me down the path to libertarianism as a young buck it was learning of the forced internment of Japanese-American CITIZENS in camps under FDR. It is such a shameful chapter in American history and it highlighted to me the need to fight an all pervasive government and collectivism generally. May Manzanar and the other West Coast camps serve as a warning to those who would vest ever more power in the state.

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Have regulations increased monopolies?

Yes. Absolutely yes! In fact monopolies can not survive without government protection. The economist Murray Rothbard pointed this out. (Others have too.)

In the event of a “free market” monopoly (Actually a misuse of the word “monopoly.” According to Rothbard monopolies were originally granted by a king etc.) the colluders almost always start to undercut each other once they arrive at an agreement. Then sooner or later the cartel starts to fall apart. The only thing that can keep this medium term disintegration from happening is government.

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David Stockman: Trump stock bump in danger, debt looming, no corporate profit surge coming (VIDEO)

The “Trump bump” has been dramatic. There was a collective sigh of relief from investors as they watched Obama fly away on Marine One. Maybe, finally, the economy would be allowed to breathe.

Perhaps to some degree. But David Stockman warns correctly that the debt monster looms over the economy and that the debt monster is hungry. If we see a real move up in interest rates that debt, roughly 20 TRILLION dollars, is going to be much more expensive to finance.

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A Special Statement from Against Crony Capitalism on Respect for Other Readers and the Site prides itself on having many readers of various political dispositions.

We are not shy with our disposition which some might call libertarian or classically liberal, but all are welcome here so long as one is respectful of other readers and of this site. We don’t see much point in preaching solely to the choir. We believe in honest intellectual inquiry.

Please remember this spirit in your comments. People can disagree. It’s OK. Disagreeing is part of life.

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How Obama is scheming to sabotage Trump’s presidency (And is using tax free organizations to do it)

Obama was a community activist. He never had a real job prior to president (yes I am including his time in the Senate) and now has to do something with his time. He does not want to go down in history as a failed 2 term president, which in our opinion he obviously is. The only thing he can hang his hat on, at all, is Obamacare and that has blown up because it was built with hubris and cronyism.

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Misleading, perhaps even ignorant headline from The Verge: Trump is turning Elon Musk into a crony capitalist (Musk has ALWAYS been a crony capitalist)

Elon Musk is a big time, fully fledged crony capitalist. And he’s always been one. Crony capitalism is Elon Musk’s business model. He uses taxpayer dollars for his projects. He seeks subsidies where he can. You, the taxpayers have paid for his success. Trump, who is no stranger to crony capitalism hasn’t TURNED Musk into anything. Musk just understands where his bread is buttered and that the butter comes from the American taxpayer. Many of Musk’s fans however do not understand this.

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Grandstand: Donald Trump will not be allowed to speak in Parliament says controversial Speaker of The House of Commons

The Speaker of the House of Commons is usually a pretty ceremonial job with little real impact. However in this case John Bercow has taken it upon himself to grandstand in an effort to embarrass the President of the United States.

Mr. Bercow said that he just couldn’t invite Mr. Trump to speak at Parliament in light of the “travel ban.” He explained however that he didn’t like Mr. Trump in the first place.

Mr. Bercow appears,

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