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Nick Sorrentino

About Nick Sorrentino

Nick Sorrentino is the co-founder and editor of AgainstCronyCapitalism.org. A political and communications consultant with clients across the political spectrum, his work has been featured at BreitbartReason.com, NPR.com, Townhall, The Daily Caller, and many other publications. A graduate of Mary Washington College he lives just outside of Washington DC where he can keep an eye on Leviathan.

Boo hoo, Boeing cries over potential loss of taxpayer underwritten bank, Threatens to move many operations overseas?

OK, so you lose Ex-Im and the sweetheart deal which goes with it. So you decide to take your ball and go play – wherever – outside of the United States. Fine.

But it seems reasonable then, going forward, not to award Boeing any lucrative military projects. That’s only fair. Go live off the Swedish taxpayers. They like socialism.

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Jon Stewart’s secret White House visits

Cultivating this relationship was smart for the President. It’s a good way to keep tabs on (and to manipulate potentially) tone with an influential young(er) and politically motivated demographic.

It is also unfortunately another great example of the #CRONYMEDIA.

It might be “fake news” (as Stewart often says) but one could make the case that sometimes Jon’s product ventured a little close to the propaganda line. It may be smart. He may be smart. But if Stewart is meeting with the President secretly during particularly sensitive times for narrative creation, propaganda may not be too strong a word.

I like Jon Stewart. I’ve watched him since his show on MTV. But it’s best that he’s leaving now.

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GOP senator calls for more corn cronyism mandated by the EPA

It’s the same party with 2 wings. The Washington Crony Party. If one can fleece the taxpayer it will be done, Republican, Democrat, whatever, so long as money is funneled to the narrow interests which fund your campaigns.

The Republican Party, though it has a free market wing which is young and growing is still dominated by the older big government crony Republicans. How long that generation can hold on, and how much damage they will create to the economy is anyone’s guess.

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Welfare state fails again: More children living in poverty now than during recession

This is what happens when government layers regulations on top of regulations. When it makes it very difficult to start businesses. When it encourages government dependence for electoral reasons. (It does. I hate that it does, but it does.) When government rewards companies which partner with politicians with taxpayer money and favors.This is what happens when the people running the show in Washington abandon the spirit of free enterprise, the spirit of freedom, and instead embrace the languid mediocrity of the welfare state.

No child should be hungry. But the welfare state is not the way to keep bellies full. Non-profits need to be empowered, and government and the dependence it creates must be reduced in a real way. (This must be done over time but with tangible and verifiable milestones. Corporate dependence needs to be cut tomorrow however.)

(From The USA Today)

A higher percentage of children live in poverty now than did during the Great Recession*, according to a new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation released Tuesday.

About 22% of children in the U.S. lived below the poverty line in 2013, compared with 18% in 2008, the foundation’s 2015 Kids Count Data Book reported. In 2013, the U.S. Department of Human and Health Service’s official poverty line was $23,624 for a family with two adults and two children.

*It should be noted that we are still in a depression, and it is deepening in other parts of the world. We are just not in reverse gear. Currently.

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I am also compelled as I look at the picture above to post this video by the band (a notoriously leftist band – who made a TON of money thanks to capitalism) Rage Against the Machine. The song in the video is called FREEDOM and though it is full of earnest calls for the release of Leonard Peltier (someone on which who we can not comment from an informed perspective) it is a very good history lesson.

If you like the government running things just look to what it has done to the American Indian.

Obama (taxpayer funded) gift: The taxpayer is now going to pay for the installation of GOOGLE FIBER in “poor” neighborhoods, Large corporations to benefit

The Obamphone program, and it is the Obamaphone program, though it was started in the 80s so that people could call the fire department if they needed it, has expanded exponentially during the current administration. Now pretty much anyone can get a free (I mean you and I pay for them via our taxes) phone just for the asking as this recent video illustrates.

And now we will be subsidizing broadband Internet too via Mr. Obama’s “ConnectHome” crony boondoggle. Congratulations America, more stuff which is way beyond what government should be doing that you have to pay for. Oh, and which will fatten the bottom lines of large corporations in the process.

Tracfone, owned by Carlos Slim, the Mexican magnate and the richest man in the world has done very well under the “Lifeline” program. ($451 million of your tax dollars in 2011 alone.) Now it looks like all sorts of other companies will be getting in on the act as Google Fiber, a connection which I can almost guarantee is way way beyond the connection you have, you know the connection you PAY for, is installed in housing projects across America. (You’ll be paying for this connection too of course.)

This is couched as a program for the poor, which will help people find jobs etc. I certainly hope this is true, but my bet is that it has as much to do with rewarding complicit corporations as anything else.

It’s a jack dressed up in “doing good.”

Also it should be noted that with such connections the propaganda message is made more easily. This is also a big part of the effort.

Connecting people to super duper high speed Internet is not what government is supposed to be doing. Because it is doing it on YOUR DIME.

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New attempt to conquer Europe: France’s Hollande Proposes Creation of Euro-Zone Government

Napoleon tried to do it. Hitler tried to do it. Both failed. Europe in the post medieval era has never been fully conquered. Europe has remained multiple states. Given that it is a continent defined by mountain ranges, peninsulas, and islands this makes sense. It is a landmass of cul-de-sacs. It is not a vast plain which is easily overrun. But now the eurocrats (many unelected) are trying to take over Europe via administrative means.

The goal is a “United States of Europe,” but don’t be fooled. This USE is not a democratic endeavor, as the recent subjugation of Greece shows. It is about domination and coercion.

As Nigel Farage head of the United Kingdom Independence Party said recently a USE would be more like the USSR than the USA.*

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Goldman Sachs should have died in 2008, Now its CEO, Lloyd Blankfein is a billionaire, Thanks taxpayers…Suckers!!!

There is some debate around here as to the world’s most crony company. There are many candidates but consistently in the top 5 or so is Goldman Sachs, Government Sachs.

Few companies have exploited the taxpayer and political connections to the extent Goldman has. Truly it is a company built fundamentally on cronyism.

In 2008 Goldman Sachs was leveraged more than 100 to 1 on its assets. (That is probably a conservative estimate.) When the economic tide turned it was fully exposed. It should have died the disgraced death it deserved. It should have been crushed under the wheel of the market.

Goldman however had a former CEO at Treasury, Hank Paulson, who bailed out his buddies with money taken from taxpayers.

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What leadership looks like, Margaret Thatcher tells the hard truth, Socialists (at least some) would “prefer the poor be poorer, provided the rich were less rich.” (Video)

I have some (significant) issues with Lady Thatcher, but generally she was a great boon to her country and to the world. And I don’t say that about almost any politician and pretty much about no head of state.

A student of Hayek, and a daughter of the middle class, she saw the suicidality of socialism, big government, the ubiquitous welfare state. And she wasn’t afraid to say that she saw it.

Her case, and the case of free peoples, must sadly be made over and over. That is the way it is. Socialism is a siren song. Something for nothing. The cronies will sing it until the end of time.

But Thatcher’s case is a just case. And it is the humane case, no matter how the adherents to the big government “philosophy” want to characterize liberty and free markets.

Smaller government means less corruption, more choice, more opportunity, more power in the hands of everyday people.

Big government means the opposite.

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Should the sale of bottled water be banned from national parks? (These bottles create massive – and expensive – waste)

I am pretty much against bottled water in principal. Though I will admit on occasion I’ll stop at a 7-11 after a trip to the beach or after a hike and guzzle a bottle down. However it is never lost on me that I am paying for something which is essentially free. I am paying $1.50 for the convenience of a cold bottle of water. But I will also say that I never feel good about it. Bottled water, in the USA at least, is pretty much a waste of money.

Apparently some honchos in the National Park Service have a similar disdain for bottled water, but it appears for different reasons. It seems that bottled water, sold in national parks, creates lots of waste. It’s expensive to deal with. As such there is an effort afoot to ban the sale of bottled water in national parks.

The bottled water companies are understandably not happy about such a ban and are unleashing their lobbyists to head off the bottled water prohibition.

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Hillary Clinton comes out against the future, opposes Uber, Airbnb, sharing economy generally?

The sharing economy is a fantastic thing. Given that smartphones and other technologies give us the ability to identify and make use of previously latent “capital,” empty cars, empty rooms, etc., we should be doing everything we can to develop this better way of doing business. Smartphones make markets for things like car rides, vacationing, even groceries, more dynamic.  We now have access to information which was once that of dreams. With this information we can cut out middle men, demand higher levels of service, lower prices, and better products.

But for some folks stuck in the 20th Century that is exactly why they hate the sharing economy.

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Vox writer calls American Revolution ‘a monumental mistake’

Look, there are a whole lot of people who want to be ruled. They crave it. They want to be managed. They need to be told what to do. And by God they want others to live under the same yoke.

What kind of pathetic person makes the case for colonial domination, and then tries to couch such an argument in “progressive” terms? A particularly gutless fellow I’d say.

Someone who would prefer to be a subject, and prefer more importantly that others be a subject, than be a free individual. Think about that.

He argues that if only we’d stayed part of the empire we’d have been a lot nicer to native peoples etc. This person has apparently NO KNOWLEDGE of the British Empire beyond, well, I doubt he has much knowledge at all. We suggest that this writer for Vox start by learning about British rule in India, then go from there.

Who do you think got the slave trade really going Mr. Mathews? It wasn’t colonial Americans I can assure you of that.*

Truly stupefying ignorance.

What’s particularly bizarre is that this guy doesn’t even understand (apparently) that he’s making a reactionary, a “conservative” (in the worst sense) argument.  That we should never have manifested the Enlightenment in the American Revolution. We should have just puttered along as subjects, sub-humans fundamentally, to the British crown.

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Back into a parking spot? Get a ticket. A small protest letter to which many of us can relate.

I post this letter for 3 reasons.

1. Because many of us have gotten parking tickets like this in cities with which we were unfamiliar. (And sometimes familiar, DC I’m looking at you.) It is infuriating because one knows that one is just being stolen from. It’s a city sanctioned (often) scam. Out of state tags = target.

2. Because the author of the letter does the voice of “Gene” on the animated, and hilarious, Bob’s Burgers.

3. The letter is funny.

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