In echo of Bannon’s famous statement: Woodward to media – ‘Calm it down and listen more’

Too many in the media wish they were a character in House of Cards, have watched All the President’s Men on loop for weeks, and just want to take down the “patriarch” who blew up the Hillary dream.

The #oldmedia are mad that they lost.

How about we start looking closely into the Obama Iran deal. I’ll bet that could be interesting.

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The “I’ve paid in all my life” fallacy —- Social benefits are often sold as insurance-based schemes. But they don’t work that way

If there is one thing that will get people worked up it’s talking about the real nature of Social Security.

Social Security is not an insurance product. It is pay as a society goes. Payroll taxes pay for people currently on Social Security. Then, one day the payers become payees. Or that’s how it’s supposed to work. But what happens when one generation (the baby boomers) is larger than the following generation?

And that’s just one of the giant problems that need to be confronted with Social Security.

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Obama can’t help but pop off when he hangs out with Merkel : Please Mr. former Pres., you’ve really done enough already, let America recover from your presidency

Obama is a failed president in most respects. Though I will grant that he is a re-elected failed president which makes his case all the more odd. His one “accomplishment” was Obamacare which has proven a failure and is currently imploding.

He lost the House. He lost the Senate. He blew up Libya. He helped spark the unrest in Syria. His IRS persecuted those who called for the rule of law.  The economy sputtered and sputtered more.

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Mark Zuckerberg joins Silicon Valley bigwigs in calling for government to give everybody free money


Now, will Facebook be providing this money? Or will the middle class largely? You know on top of all the other programs it already pays for?

The one argument associated with a “universal basic income” which is even slightly compelling is that with a universal basic income one could then withdraw all welfare and just have people pay for the services they need with the explicitly “free” money. But we all know that won’t happen.

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Is income inequality actually bad?

Castro and Chavez, the 2 richest guys in their respective socialist countries when they were alive.
But you can’t take it with you can you boys?


One can seek to have equality under the law. This must always be a goal. Seeking equality of income however is just stupid. Why should people make nearly the same income if they have widely varying skill levels and contribute to society, the marketplace, the world, to greater or lesser degrees? 

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Study: Physically Weak Men More Likely To Be Socialists

OK, I don’t know that I buy this. Some of the greatest anti-socialists of all time were not physical powerhouses. But I post mostly because it’ll work some people up and also because it might provide some actual insight.

So what of crony capitalists who seek to exploit government to line their own pockets? I’d be very interested to see if that group trended physically weak, strong, or neither. That would be interesting.

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