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The massive corruption in Eastern Europe which facilitates terrorism, war, and heroin in the rest of the world

This comes from a good friend of ACC . I encourage everyone to take a look at the attached report as it gives a very interesting perspective on what is really going on in that vital part of global real estate where Europe, The Middle East, and Asia converge. 

Natasha is the a Co-Founder of The Adriatic Institute. Her Twitter handle is @NatashaSrdoc.

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How Government-Imposed ‘Net Neutrality’ Is Recipe for Crony Capitalism

This is such an annoying topic in a couple respects. 1 because “Net neutrality” is basically a done deal unless the courts rip it apart. But either way its out of the public’s hands. And 2 because a large number of smart people are convinced that “Net neutrality” is actually net neutrality. It’s like the Patriot Act circa 2002. No one could see that the Patriot Act wasn’t actually patriotic. Well, some folks did but they weren’t listened to at the time.

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Argentine workers walk out in general strike over taxes

Looks like the South American socialism experiment isn’t working out so well. Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, the 3 biggies are all floundering economically, big time.

Perhaps Hernando DeSoto the Peruvian free market economist should hold a weekend retreat for the leaders of these countries and school them on how to create wealth and opportunity instead poverty and despair. Just an idea.

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How Growers Gamed California’s Drought

Water is a precious resource. Depending on the circumstances it can be the most precious resource of all, after air I suppose. And this resource, this commodity, is often manipulated by governments. Everyone wants cheap water, and nowhere is that more true than in California which is currently suffering through a 4 year drought.

The problem is that California subsidizes the cost of water. The state keeps H2O artificially cheap. When water is subsidized it is typically over used. That’s what is happening out on the Left Coast.

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With an Iran/US agreement will we soon see $20 a barrel oil?

Many believe that the precipitous decline in the price of oil that the world just saw was Saudi Arabia’s reaction to Obama cozying up with Riyadh’s sworn (literally) enemy, Iran. Saudi Arabia essentially dropped an “oil bomb.” The blast from which the world appears to have absorbed for the most part.

Now the spigots are still on but the flow of oil isn’t increasing. As such the price of crude has more or less stabilized at between $45-$55/barrel. The bombing for the time being has stopped, or at least isn’t escalating.

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Uncle Sam’s Favorite Corporations—the companies that have gained the most from federal grants, special tax preferences, loans, and loan guarantees.

This is an excellent report from Good Jobs First, a “good government” advocacy group, which also maintains the very useful SUBSIDY TRACKER tool. The report breaks down the crony game since 2000 quite nicely.

Corporate welfare in this country is massive. (As we illustrate day in and day out.)  In many respects it puts regular welfare to shame.

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19 year old libertarian leads largest Brazilian protests in 30 years!

The spirit of the free market is alive and well in many parts of the world, including in many places where free markets have long been denied. Brazil for instance.

Where there is capitalism, where there are free prices and free markets wealth is created. Where the state sucks like a leach off of the population enriching the political class and placating the poor, wealth is destroyed.

For those who believe in work, in innovation, in liberty, in human potential, indeed in justice, free enterprise is the way forward. It is not in socialism and crony capitalism. Those are the paths of economic death. The Soviets showed us this not so long ago.

Free prices and free minds. Let people be what they can be, and watch the economy blossom. Kim Kataguiri understands this and increasingly so do the people of his homeland.

Way to go Mr. Kataguiri. Take it to the streets. We are watching. The world is watching.

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Health Industry Paid Acting Centers for Medicare Chief Millions – Tax Deferred – When He Joined Gov’t

Hey, it’s good to be rich. It’s particularly good (if one is a crony) to be rich and connected. It’s nice to be able to make a phone call or email and get a “certificate of divestiture” which allows one to to defer indefinitely the capital gains taxes on gains made on the stocks of the healthcare companies one used to work for. (Before heading a government agency which regulates said companies.)

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