Poll: Voters Want Trump To Respect State Marijuana Laws

The FDR New Dealer who launched the “War on Drugs.” But that’s big government for you.

Drugs are supposed to be an issue left to the states. That is the constitutional position in our estimation. The prohibitionists had to pass an amendment to outlaw booze. Other drugs were basically declared illegal federally by an overreaching Roosevelt administration in the 1930s by fiat. The Feds knew they couldn’t pass an amendment so they just imposed cannabis prohibition. This of course expanded the power of the federal government and gave the government an excuse to poke around in everything like it had during alcohol prohibition.

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Bannon vows a daily fight for ‘deconstruction of the administrative state’

I interviewed Steve Bannon a couple years ago on a panel and he said the same thing then.

Indeed it is a fight. The old guard isn’t just going to lay down and acquiesce. It will fight tooth and nail. The “administrative state” will scrap, and scrape, and get down in the mud, and wail and moan and bite and tear. The crony capital enjoys an elevated status. Its denizens will never just relinquish the trappings of big government.* Never.

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Trump administration hints at crackdown on recreational pot (But Trump would be crazy to, it might even cost him the election in 2020)

If Trump wants to lose in 2020 he can come after recreational pot and challenge state’s rights.

I literally heard Sean Spicer say today that Mr. Trump is for “state’s rights.” Well, the legalization of pot in many states is the best example of “state’s rights” there is these days. If Trump starts “cracking down” on recreational pot he is obviously not for decentralization of power to the people. He will have shown himself to be yet another in a long line who would prefer that everything in human life and every nook and cranny of our Republic be regulated by the Imperial City as Steve Bannon has so often and accurately has called Washington DC.

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