Larry Summers Blasts Trump Carrier Deal

Excellent article! But look who wrote it!

In his Washington Post article, Summers argues for capitalism operating under a rule of law that applies to everyone, not a capitalism that is based on “deals” with government. We agree. The only problem is that coming from Summers it is the height of hypocrisy.

Summers favors policies that put government more and more in control of the economy, which is a sure recipe for crony capitalism.

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Pentagon’s top tester: Littoral ships ‘have a near-zero chance of completing a 30-day mission’

But lots of defense contractors got paid. (And continue to get paid.)

(From The Washington Examiner)

“The miracle of the LCS didn’t happen,” said Paul Francis of the Government Accountability Office. “We are 26 ships into the contract and we still don’t know if it can do its job.”

Originally scheduled to begin service in 2008 at a cost of $220 million per ship, its cost has doubled to $478 million each. And although ships have been commissioned and deployed,

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Why Ditching Breitbart Is a Risky Move for Brands

As a point of information both co-founders of this site have written for Breitbart. The website can be divisive to be sure. (It can also be quite good.) It also makes mistakes just like every news website sometimes does. But Breitbart is certainly no worse than the Huffington Post or Salon in its “outrageousness.”

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Zenefits ordered to stop offering free insurance software in Washington state (The company is being TOO competitive)

Insurance, at least most kinds of insurance, is deeply crony. Insurance commissioners and insurance companies in each state work closely together to “protect” insurance consumers, and more importantly to “protect” established companies. It is a racket at least as far as I can see, and in another life I used to look at insurance filings for individual property and casualty insurance companies in my home commonwealth of Virginia. Insurance is deeply regulated and this deep regulation means a partnership with bureaucrats.

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Dollar General’s Startling Admission: Half Of U.S. Consumers Are Feeling More “Dire” Than Ever

SNAP is a strange animal. On the one hand it does help some people who are in very troubled circumstances. On another hand the program is also widely abused and everyone knows it. And on still another hand SNAP is big time crony capitalism with taxpayer money barely stopping in recipients accounts before being funneled to companies like Coca-Cola and General Mills.

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