1 in 4 U.S. teachers are chronically absent, missing more than 10 days of school

I can say that my family has been fortunate. I have three children and all of them have consistently had excellent teachers. It is even my understanding that some of these teachers read (and seem to like) this website. I personally don’t have much of a beef with the public schools or the teachers where I live.

Saying that we also live where there aren’t any teachers unions and where many parents can afford to be actively engaged in the school.

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Racist Totalitarianism at UC Berkeley, This is what the Religion of Grievance and the abandonment of The Enlightenment has wrought (VIDEO)

Much more enlightened times at Berkeley. Long before the PC virus replicated in academia.

This shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere, but particularly at a state school like UC Berkeley. So, many of the people who pay to keep the school open are to be denied entry through the main gate? I don’t think so. Seeing this video just illustrates again why the Alumni Strike is taking hold across the country. Perhaps there should be a taxpayer strike for Cal too.

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Over 120 arrested at North Dakota pipeline protests, including journalists

Cops are one thing. Winter in North Dakota is another thing altogether.

Funny, I was chastised by a social justice warrior for covering this story (even though we were generally positively disposed toward the protesters, though not totally) because my tone wasn’t I guess sufficiently PC. How shortsighted was that?

The North Dakota protests are an important story. It will be interesting to see what happens as winter descends on the upper plains. As I told a Occupy Wall Street person at a camp a few years ago,

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Another socialist despot is forcing the people to remove him. This time in Venezuela

Socialism fails sooner or later. The key factor is the degree an economy is infected with socialism. A moderate amount of socialism (that is anti-price government intervention) means a moderate collapse eventually. Total socialism means total collapse of the economy eventually.

There are 2 very important variables in this simple equation however (there are of course more than 2, but these are the biggies) and that is how much fear a regime can induce in the population, and how far a regime is willing to go to stay in power.

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Below the American Radar: China and India (nuclear rivals) spar on trade, global status, terrorism

The growing Indian trade deficit with China is becoming a front and center issue on the subcontinent. There are increasing calls for boycotts of Chinese goods from New Delhi. China has responded by insulting its regional rival saying that India can only “bark” about the deficit.

I mention this development because we see two highly centralized governments that oversee crony economies, with a history of warfare and with nuclear weapons, squaring off as Asia continues to stagnate economically.

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Obamacare wonk admits that Obamacare cost increases will be ‘Severe, Uncomfortable’ For More Than 1 Million Americans (VIDEO)

Well, he can’t just say, “We screwed up on a colossal basis. On a Biblical level. All of my work for which I was paid very handsomely was basically a waste. I had no business doing what I was tasked with. This whole thing is much bigger than me. Oh, and we planners, the behavioral economist and policy types who wander the streets of downtown DC like pinstriped pigeons, we are full of bull pucky.”

Nope, he can’t say that.

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Aetna CEO Says Young People Pick Weekend Beer Over Obamacare

In fairness young people pick weekend beer over lots of things, not just Obamacare. But point made. Costs go up and up. More and more young, healthy people opt out. The sicker the Obamacare population is. And then eventually insurance singularity, implosion.

This is what is known as a death spiral in the insurance underwriting world.

Of course if the pols “get the regulation right” maybe the insurance companies that are pulling out now might come back,

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New York Rejects Free Market Innovation, Passes Law Killing Airbnb

Sometimes the crony capitalism is subtle. Sometimes it is obvious. This is one of those obvious times.

I have to say that I spent a week in Brooklyn a few years ago in an Airbnb place and it was great. But I guess I won’t be staying in Hipsterville again anytime soon.

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The (Crony) NFL Is in Decline

Football was the only sport I was ever really good at and I used to love it. (Though I abandoned playing by junior high.)

I was a pretty good soccer player. I loved and love surfing, though at my very best I still wasn’t an “A” or even “B+” level surfer. I’m a reasonably good golfer. I used to play a lot of tennis. But football was the only sport where there was even the glimmer of something extraordinary for me.

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