How the Democrats Lost Their Way on Immigration (OR: How the Dems sold out the American working class for votes and favor from corporations)

The whole “open borders” stance with the Democrats is new – as is documented in this excellent if ultimately wrong headed article in The Atlantic. When I was growing up it was conservatives – of the economic sort primarily – who called for more immigration. (This was always a point of conflict with socialcons however.) Why restrict human capital as we sought to unleash other types of capital? If there are jobs at a certain wage level why not let people cross the border and fill those jobs?

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The US War on Drugs started 46 years ago today. Some commentary from Milton Friedman on that failed and shameful war

The War on Drugs is as they say a War on the American People.

It is also a war that is largely fought to benefit cronies. Parts of law enforcement, the prison complex, Pharma, and most importantly and maybe most tragically the drug cartels, benefit from the conflict. One could throw in some of the banks too.

All because of a deep puritanical streak in the American consciousness that has been exploited for political power and financial gain.

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Democratic Party operative pushes #huntrepublicans, #huntrepublicancongressmen on Twitter (Trump derangement has gone clinical)

Well, this is nice. And he tweeted the hashtags multiple times.

And by the way. Who refers to themselves as a “masterful Democratic Party campaign strategist” on their own bio? That is just lame on a profound level.

Also notice at the end of the bio where he says he was the “head of a federal agency” with 1,150 employees “under his command.” OK big shot. I’ll bet the employees in your agency didn’t consider themselves under your “

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Totally Unhinged : Huffington Post writer calls for the execution of Trump (This was before yesterday’s shooting and has been pulled, we found in an archive) PIC

This article has been removed by The Huffington Post or Huff Post (now that they are trying to cut out Ariana Huffington). And indeed it seems some of the writers at the site are huffing something. Check this out.

It’s insanity. It is completely divorced from reality. So this is what the rank and file are being fed? No wonder yesterday happened. These people honestly think they are part of some “resistance” instead of doing the bidding of folks like the Clintons,

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American Left shows a very ugly side on Twitter in wake of shooting

“He beat Hillary and said the word “p—-y.” Oh the horror! It’s not fair! Off with his head!

I am very disappointed in many of my fellow Americans this afternoon. Too many have bought the propaganda coming from Dem dominated media and from Democrat leadership for too long.

And I do blame leadership in the Dem Party (not Democrats) who have taken leave of reality for political purposes and in so doing have created the current political climate.

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