Glenn Greenwald: Trump will have vast powers. He can thank Democrats for them.

This is exactly correct. Supposed “liberals” and “progressives” (at least many of them) sold out the last vestiges of “liberalism” with President Obama. In many ways “liberals” and “progressives” within the Democratic Party just devolved into authoritarians. They allowed Obama to run roughshod over the Constitution and to expand the power of the Executive Branch because, well, Obama was your guy.

You were hoodwinked. And the thing is many of you (but not all) were willfully hoodwinked.

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And now a video of middle class kids playing “protest” in Downtown DC (Video)

Remember when the TEA Partiers were running around breaking windows? Yeah me either.

I’ve been to a few protests in my day. Some of the libertarian kind and quite a few more as a tourist at more conventional “lefty” protests. They can be fun. One get’s to walk in the middle of the street and yell things like “This is what democracy looks like.” And the evergreen, “Whose streets? Our Streets!” At least until the cops get serious and then everyone gets a bottled water and sits in the park.

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Fore! More Years? No Thanks: Obama golfed 333 times, most since Ike


I love golf. I even listened to a tournament the other day on the radio in the car. Think about that. Golf on the radio. So I have absolutely no issue with the sport per se. And I don’t have an issue with the president playing regularly. That he golfs is one of the few things I can say I like about the guy. But golfing almost once a week for 8 years while being president of the United States?

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Open Secrets: Trump “self funded” $56.1 million, only 22.67% of funds raised


This is from the most recent report from Open Secrets on the Trump campaign. It shows that Trump, though heavily invested did not “self fund” his campaign as he said he was doing. This is an important point as Trump’s self funding was a significant part of his appeal for many. The idea that he owed no one was powerful.

To a large degree the “Trump independence” meme does appear to hold true even if Trump only self funded 1/5 of his campaign.

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Metallica singer James Hetfield says he moved out of San Francisco because he was ‘sick of the elitist attitudes’ and ‘showing up with a deer on the bumper doesn’t fly in Marin County’

I’ve got my issues with Metallica, but on the whole I like them. Their music was definitely some of the most interesting to come out of the 1980s. And I always respected the kids in the black Metallica shirts who could shred on guitar. It wasn’t my style but I always respected them. I’ve always respected James Hetfield too.

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No Video for You! : China bans user generated unofficial video on the Internet

The Chinese Communist Party sees clearly the power of social media and it is trying to jam that genie back into the bottle. And as the fake “fake news” campaign, and Ms. Clinton’s “deplorables” statement  has shown, the Chinese powers that be aren’t the only ones who see social media as something that needs to be controlled.

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Libertarians emerging as Trump resistance (On some things anyway)

Trump really is a mixed bag for libertarians. There are things we in the liberty movement don’t like about Trump. For instance his flirtation with the neoccons (who largely abandoned him in the election and even in some cases defected to Clinton) and John Bolton in particular has been disappointing. We also generally fear that Senator Sessions who has been nominated for Attorney General will continue the drug war. And of course the much heralded Carrier deal was crony capitalism complete with $2 million in taxpayer financed subsidies for the company.

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Gingrich makes fun of “suck up” (and Monsanto man) Mitt Romney

Newt Gingrich can be legitimately funny. He is here.

(From Politico)

“You have never, ever in your career seen a serious adult who’s wealthy, independent, has been a presidential nominee, suck up at the rate that Mitt Romney is sucking up,” Gingrich continued. “And I am confident that he thinks now that Donald Trump is one of his closest friends, that they have so many things in common, that they’re both such wise, brilliant people.”

Gingich is pulling for Giuliani for State who isn’t really much of an improvement on Romney.

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