POLITICO: What the Press Still Doesn’t Get About Trump (And refuses to see)

The #oldmedia loathes Trump. They loathe that he stopped Hillary Clinton’s coronation and it is unlikely that they will ever give Trump a fair shake. The #oldmedia despise that Trump put the brakes on the American Cultural Revolution and as such they will do what they can to bring the man down. Obama and Hillary were the good guys. Trump is a big borish enemy of the “people” who was ironically put in office by “the people.” Just not the right people.

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ESPN insists, despite falling ratings/layoffs it will remain political, and continue it’s general decline

ESPN is really bad these days. It’s boring and preachy. It’s been infected by social justice flu, or is it fever, or is it hemorrhagic fever? Jobs have certainly been hemorrhaging at the once mildly interesting cable channel.

I think people at ESPN heard that President Obama kept ESPN on all day (lame) and so got full of themselves. But the thing is sports is supposed to be a refuge from the political nonsense,

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Bill Nye wants the Social Security System to implode? : He asks, Is It Time To ‘Penalize People For Having Extra Kids?’

Bill Nye is a piece of work.

This is fundamentally what “progressivism” is all about – micromanaging humanity. There are the planners. And then there is YOU. You are to be managed. YOUR LIFE is to be planned by your “betters.” You know like…Ahem…Bill Nye?

Some people are just control freaks. I believe it’s deep in their DNA. They fear everything and as such need to control everything. This is at the core of the “progressive”

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The Media Bubble is Very Real: “Nearly 90 percent of all internet publishing employees work in a county where Clinton won, and 75 percent of them work in a county that she won by more than 30 percentage points.”

Heck, even we, rabid pro-marketeers, classical liberal libertarians that we are at ACC live in a county that went for Clinton. And though we live in the real world, where there are Waffle Houses, and people hunt, we live right on the edge of where America goes from reasonably normal to the North East.

Image: Politico

This is an excellent article on most points. We disagree that area determines the news bias however. The media are overwelmingly “corporate-Left.”

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Today’s BIG NINE News Brief from Against Crony Capitalism (4-24-2017)


Macron vs. Le Pen — meet the next president of France (CNBC)

Congress returns as Trump pressures Democrats ahead of funding deadline (Reuters)

China Calls for Restraint on North Korea as USS Carl Vinson arrives  (NBC)

Pentagon chief arrives in Afghanistan (The Hill)

Risk Back On as French Vote Ripples Across Markets (Bloomberg)


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Today’s BIG NINE News Brief from Against Crony Capitalism (4-20-2017)


Treasury’s Mnuchin: We’re ‘pretty close’ to bringing forward ‘major tax reform’  (CNBC)

White House plans Obamacare showdown next week  (Politico)

Jason Chaffetz Says He May Not Finish His Congressional Term (The Daily Caller)

Trump administration opens sweeping trade investigation  (The Washington Examiner)

Macron Attacked by French Rivals as Obama Flags His Support (Bloomberg)

German Chancellery Investigated in Probe Into WikiLeaks Sources (US News)

Pavement outside White House shut permanently to public (BBC)

North Korea: We will launch ‘super-mighty preemptive strike’

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