4 years ago Pat Caddell (from The Jimmy Carter administration) said: Media Have Become an “Enemy of the American people” (VIDEO)

If one really wants to understand the “fake news” phenomenon one must watch this 4 minute video from Pat Caddell. Recorded in the wake of the Benghazi September 11th attacks he lays out how the old media are not only biased against certain perspectives (conservative/libertarian) but in many cases are actively seeking to further a “progressive” agenda and abandoning real journalism altogether.

He was/is exactly right.

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Trump’s biggest tech supporter: Election showed ‘the tide is going out’ on globalization

The end of global trade no. “Globalization” as we’ve known in over the last 30 years? Perhaps.

This morning as I was driving up to Washington DC I heard a point made on Bloomberg that we’ve made many times in this space. What has been called “free trade,” NAFTA, TPP, etc. is not FREE TRADE. It is in fact very managed trade. Which is to say inherently crony trade.

As the commentator put things this morning,

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Professor Injured By Crazed (Social Justice Warrior) Mob at Middlebury Speaks Out: ‘This Was the Saddest Day of My Life’


It has been my experience that social justice “warriors” (SJWs) are just bullies wrapped up in a religion that helps them make sense of their – what often appears to be – sad little worlds. It’s not about justice. It’s about bullying and crushing intellectual inquiry because the SJWs know that if inquiry is allowed their whole worldview crumbles into a million pieces of perceived slights, microagressions, and sociology dissertations written by people who have no business getting a PHD in anything.

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Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey on Sunday said that President Trump is likely correct that there was surveillance on Trump Tower

Of course Obama didn’t “order” any wire tapping.  Just like a mob boss never officially orders a hit or like a shady banking CEO never officially orders anyone to operate on inside information. It’s called “plausible deniability.” But in Obama’s case things are looking less and less plausibly deniable.

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Watergate Redux?

We would seem to be experiencing a pretty close duplicate of the almost fifty year old scandal that rocked the world and brought down President Nixon. But this time the Washington Post is trying to cover up the scandal, not bring it to light.

President Trump gave President Obama and the Democrats lifesaving wiggle room by using words like “wire tap” instead of “electronic surveillance” or “spying” and “Trump Tower” instead of “Trump campaign” or “Trump campaign personnel.” By focusing on Trump’s exact words,

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