Why fight socialism, collectivism, powerful governments? Witness the Holodomor, the man made centrally planned famine under Stalin (VIDEO)

“Rare footage of the HOLODOMOR. The man-made famine/genocide in Ukraine 1932-1933.”

This comes to us from a friend of ACC. It shows what was done to the Ukrainian kulaks (land owning peasants, meaning 3 chickens and a pig) during Stalin’s “dekulakization” efforts. You see, the Bolsheviks wanted the food grown in the “bread basket of the Soviet Union” for their efforts. So they sought to collectivize the land and take it from the “bourgeois”

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JUST FLAT OUT STUPID! DEA reschedules highly therapeutic, non-psychoactive*, CBD oil as a Schedule 1 drug (VIDEO)

This is just criminal. CBD oil isn’t even psychoactive* but helps many people deal with epilepsy and other debilitating diseases. Truly, this is just disgusting and whoever made this decision should have to look the parents of a child suffering with uncontrollable epilepsy – a child who previously had his or her symptoms under control because of simple CBD – right in the eye and say to them that CBD oil is a bad thing. There is no justification for this action from the Feds.

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