JUST FLAT OUT STUPID! DEA reschedules highly therapeutic, non-psychoactive*, CBD oil as a Schedule 1 drug (VIDEO)

This is just criminal. CBD oil isn’t even psychoactive* but helps many people deal with epilepsy and other debilitating diseases. Truly, this is just disgusting and whoever made this decision should have to look the parents of a child suffering with uncontrollable epilepsy – a child who previously had his or her symptoms under control because of simple CBD – right in the eye and say to them that CBD oil is a bad thing. There is no justification for this action from the Feds.

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New York Mayor de Blasio offers mental health counseling to NYC municipal workers distressed by Trump’s election (VIDEO)


How did this happen to so many Americans? To so many New Yorkers? How could the election of Donald Trump trigger mass neurosis?

Mental health is very important. And I’m not saying that for PC reasons. It is very very important and people need to be treated who need to be treated. Frankly mental health is under treated in this country and in probably every country. I’ve seen people recover from severe mental illness. It’s a beautiful thing.

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This is just too damn rich: Brian Williams, that’s right BRIAN “Mr. I was suspended for lying to the American people repeatedly” WILLIAMS, frets about “fake news”

I’ve been watching the “fake news” nonsense very closely. It seems to be a mix of partisans looking for a reason, any reason, why so many people just rejected Hillary and by extension Obama when in their opinion Clinton was clearly the superior choice, (Remember the whole email private server thing, and the Clinton Foundation money, and the quarter million dollar “speeches” to the bailout banks, and the get out of jail pass from Comey, and the rigged primaries,

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