Bloodbath? CNN: 7 in 10 Americans are angry at the direction the country is headed

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I hate that it’s a 0 or 1 binary political situation, Democrat or Republican, Coke/Pepsi, and in some ways it’s not. The Libertarian Party has made huge headway in many places this year just by simply saying and reflecting what people actually believe. The guy in the North Carolina Senate race is awesome.

Below is my sense of the political landscape at this moment. I do not necessarily agree with all of these sentiments but it is where I think the country is right – and I mean right – now.

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Indiana town moves to seize over 350 homes to make room for private developer

Kelo ccThe 2005 Kelo Decision by the Supreme Court is one of the worst decisions ever handed down. (I still can’t believe it happened.) It allows cities to declare areas “blighted” so that private developers can come in and develop newly cleared land.

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7 things the middle class can’t afford anymore

Of course there weren't any iPhones aor XBoxes in 1975 either. But notice these things come from the largely unregulated tech sector?

Of course there weren’t any iPhones or XBoxes in 1975 . Some things are absolutely better and more affordable. But it should be noted that many if not most of the things which make our lives better come from the (mostly) unregulated tech sector. The market makes things better for the middle class. It’s a MARKET. The drive is always toward lower prices and higher quality. That is if the market is allowed to work, and usually it’s not.

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EX-CBS reporter: Government-related entity bugged my computer

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More fallout from the Sharyl Attkinson book. She says she was illegally tracked on her computer and that according to a source at least one “government entity” had access to her Skype account, financial records, and pretty much everything else.

She also said that someone planted classified documents in her hard drive.

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Jeb (probably) gets in, The establishment steps up attacks on Rand Paul (They fear him)

If we see this in 2016 we will have failed as a country. This shouldn't happen. Not here.

If we see this in 2016 we will have failed as a country. This shouldn’t happen. Not here.

The establishment is circling the wagons. They want their defense industry money protected. The Chamber of Commerce wants its corporate welfare protected. The big banks want to make sure their corporate welfare is protected. The establishment GOP consultants who would rather lose and make millions than have a smaller government want their cottage industry protected. House leadership fears a libertarianish president. So does the Senate leadership.

The whole Beltway GOP does not want the party to evolve. (The Dems don’t want the GOP to evolve either.)They would rather it remain a big government party with a slightly different social flavor than the Democrats. (The Dems would prefer this also.)

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The Encyclopedia of All 34 of Obama’s Czars, From A to Zients

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Pretty interesting to see them all listed out like this. I will say however that the author thinks taking nearly a week to get on the job of “Ebola Czar” is perfectly reasonable. You know, so what’s 5 days in an emergency which threatens to grow exponentially? There’s the whole political hack process at the White House HR department. Got to get the right approvals and make sure the paperwork is filled out.

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A real look inside the Crony Media: Former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson shows us in her new book

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Even many of my liberal friends now acknowledge a strong statist bias in the #oldmedia. It’s not just how stories are reported but perhaps more importantly WHAT STORIES are reported.

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Hillary Clinton: “Don’t let anybody tell you that businesses create jobs.”

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Really? And who or what does then? The government? People like you Ms. Clinton? I don’t think so.

Businesses create (real) jobs, particularly small businesses. The kind which don’t have lobbyists in Washington and won’t be ponying up $20,000 a plate at your next fundraiser.

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