Uncle Sam’s Favorite Corporations—the companies that have gained the most from federal grants, special tax preferences, loans, and loan guarantees.

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This is an excellent report from Good Jobs First, a “good government” advocacy group, which also maintains the very useful SUBSIDY TRACKER tool. The report breaks down the crony game since 2000 quite nicely.

Corporate welfare in this country is massive. (As we illustrate day in and day out.)  In many respects it puts regular welfare to shame.

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19 year old libertarian leads largest Brazilian protests in 30 years!

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The spirit of the free market is alive and well in many parts of the world, including in many places where free markets have long been denied. Brazil for instance.

Where there is capitalism, where there are free prices and free markets wealth is created. Where the state sucks like a leach off of the population enriching the political class and placating the poor, wealth is destroyed.

For those who believe in work, in innovation, in liberty, in human potential, indeed in justice, free enterprise is the way forward. It is not in socialism and crony capitalism. Those are the paths of economic death. The Soviets showed us this not so long ago.

Free prices and free minds. Let people be what they can be, and watch the economy blossom. Kim Kataguiri understands this and increasingly so do the people of his homeland.

Way to go Mr. Kataguiri. Take it to the streets. We are watching. The world is watching.

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Over half of the funding for the Teddy Kennedy “shrine” came from taxpayer dollars, half of that from Defense budget

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It was supposed to be all private money but alas even in death Teddy Kennedy has found a way to take from the American taxpayer. That the money is going to his own self aggrandizement would have pleased him. That the money came from “defense” would have pleased him even more.

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Health Industry Paid Acting Centers for Medicare Chief Millions – Tax Deferred – When He Joined Gov’t

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Hey, it’s good to be rich. It’s particularly good (if one is a crony) to be rich and connected. It’s nice to be able to make a phone call or email and get a “certificate of divestiture” which allows one to to defer indefinitely the capital gains taxes on gains made on the stocks of the healthcare companies one used to work for. (Before heading a government agency which regulates said companies.)

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Inside the big GOP fight over the influential Export-Import Bank

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Interesting that the author of the attached article so closely associates the battle to end the Import-Export Bank (Boeing’s Bank) with the Kochs.

To be sure the free market folks in the Koch world have been adamant in their opposition to Ex-Im but this is a anti-crony thing not a Koch thing.

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ProPublica: Private Emails Reveal Ex-Clinton Aide’s Secret Spy Network

Hillary Rodham Clinton

It’s good to have friends in the State Department, particularly if that friend is Hillary Clinton. It’s also good to have friends in the shadowy underworld of private international intel, particularly if that friend is Sidney Blumenthal – apparently. Remember him from the 90s?

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New York Post: Google controls what we buy, the news we read — and Obama’s policies

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Google is a highly politicized company. An ardent supporter of the current president, members of Google’s senior staff even helped Obama get elected in 2012. This would be bad enough if Google was in the business of oil, or cars, or even jet fighters. But Google is in the business of INFORMATION.

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An Oscar-winning actor’s fight against the minimum wage. (It’s Tim “red” Robbins, yeah I know)

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Hey, good for him. He’s arguing against a push by the Actors’ Equity Association, to impose a minimum wage on small theaters. These theaters are basically volunteer operations, many showing old movies for a handful of people a showing. Places, usually tucked away in college towns and hip neighborhoods where one can see Gone With the Wind, The Rocky Horror Picture ShowFantasia, or Doctor Zhivago* on the big screen.

But these theaters might disappear overnight if the AEA gets its way. Robbins understands this.

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“Cash is not a very convenient store of value.” – Janet Yellen (What?!)

Well this is pretty interesting. I think most of us who are paying attention have lost a lot of faith in cash over the past few years, but it sure is something when the head of the Federal Reserve admits on camera that the dollar isn’t a “convenient” store of value.

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