Liberals whine about being governed by Trump. Pity those governed by THEM

They aren’t “liberals.” Liberalism (properly defined) is about freedom, liberty, free markets, and human actualization. What is often thought of as “liberal” or even “progressive” however (at least in the US) is more accurately just a penchant for statist collectivism and the marginalization of the individual in practically all respects.

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Leaked Internal Messages Reveal Co-Worker Support For Fired Google Engineer’s Controversial Memo

“You VILL TINK as we COMMAND at der Google, or you VILL be out of a job!”

Basically the PC folks at Google are mad at this guy because he dared stray from the official groupthink. He dared question the bizarro reality that infects too much of American society. That he dared speak up, and encouraged others to wake from their fear induced slumber is a crime against the hive.

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