The Coming Free Speech Apocalypse

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There was a time in this country when liberals were the ones who called for free speech. They marched for it. They fought for it. Berkeley Free Speech – Berkeley – was a real thing. Now however the sons and daughters of this crowd have embraced the totalitarianism their parents and grandparents fought against. It’s not supposed to be totalitarianism. It’s supposed to be “inclusive.” But we stare now at a mini-dark age in academia and in the media.

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Idiocracy Director: It’s Kind of Scary How Quickly the Movie Became a Documentary

We had a friend over recently and conversation quickly turned to our Idiocracy-like state of affairs.

(From The Anti Media)

Judge, the creative mind behind Beavis and Butthead, Office Space, and HBO’s Silicon Valley, told the Daily Beast “it’s a tad bit scary” how closely the film and real world now parallel each other.

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Venezuela’s Latest Response to Food Shortages: Ban Lines Outside Bakeries


If there is one thing that is ubiquitous in socialist countries it is lines. Lines for food. Lines for health care. Lines for transportation. Lots of lines. But the Maduro government in Venezuela, embarrassed by all the photos and videos of people queuing up to fill their stomachs has figured out a solution.

Just ban lines.

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In Louisiana, Private Disaster Relief Outperforms the Government

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This should not be surprising. Generally speaking anything done in the non-public sector is done more efficiently than in the public sector. This includes many areas of the economy that were once just ceded to the public sphere, including for example roads and other transport.

In a time when people have access to much more information they need not rely entirely on officials for guidance. Many things can be solved without the government ever getting involved.

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Planned Parenthood Sought Soros Cash to Protect Federal Subsidies

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Remember when Bernie Sanders explained that Planned Parenthood was part of the “establishment”?  This statement sent all the usual suspects into a tizzy. But interestingly the Senator’s supporters – a pretty “progressive” lot – were surprisingly warm to Bernie’s critique and used the hashtag #ImSoEstblishment to mock Hillary Clinton and the congressional Democrats who were unleashed to defend the abortion provider.

Planned Parenthood receives more than $500 million in taxpayer financed subsidies. Even still the organization has openly supported Hillary Clinton with millions in ad buys,

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Why are Our Urban Areas so Dysfunctional? Truth is Some Politicians Want Their Constituents Trapped in Poverty

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As we said in a recent video, there are many reasons why much of urban America is an economic wasteland. We site 2 main reasons however, big government, and cronyism.

Cities are often not very good places to do business. They are typically high tax high regulation zones. Cities often look at businesses as little more than revenue streams. And what can’t be extracted from business via taxes can be regulated out of businesses with laws.

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Has Herbert Hoover Been Treated Unfairly?

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Good question. And one that bears directly on the kind of employment depression we are continuing to experience today.

The article below, a review of a new book by Charles Rappleye, is titled “In Defense of Herbert Hoover.” The reviewer, David Bahr, is right that historians have mostly made a muddle of the start of the Great Depression and the Hoover presidency. But he is wrong that Hoover deserves rehabilitation.

The standard story,

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