More Nixon in a Pantsuit : Clintons lobbied GE to get rid of MSNBC’s David Shuster

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David Shuster, a reporter for MSNBC wasn’t deferential enough to the Clintons during the 2008 campaign. When he said that Hillary was “pimping out Chelsea” the campaign lost it and went on a rampage calling up GE CEO Jeff Immelt to bring down the hammer.

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Death of the Bush/Obama era? The rise of the “conservatarian” in Silicon Valley? Rand Paul warmly received in tech country

Rand Berkeley cc

I was just out in San Francisco and I definitely sensed a political shift in the winds. Obama’s “hope and change” has long left the Bay Area for many, though most won’t say it out loud yet. One gets the feeling out there that people think now is the time to begin turning the page on this political era, the Bush/Obama era.

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Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Ma) Speaks Up For Progressivism

Elizabeth_Warren_at_Women_In_Finance_symposium cc

Good for her. She’s letting us know where she stands. No oily evasiveness for her, or at least less than usual from politicians.

Here are her eleven tenets of today’s progressivism, outlined in a July 18 speech before Netroots Nation . Below each tenet are a few questions for her.

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