GOP Presidential Hopefuls Introduce Sheldon Adelson-Backed Bill to Ban Online Gambling

Adelson cc

Senator Graham and Senator Rubio reintroduced Adelson’s bill.

In April of 2013 Marco Rubio had this to say;

“I blame that primarily, quite frankly, on decisions made by the Republican Party in the past to embrace crony capitalism and corporate welfare as conservatism, when, in fact, that’s not what we’re about. We are about upward mobility. We’re about the true free enterprise system.” 

Et tu Rubio?

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House leadership purging conservative voices?

John_Boehner   c c

We are seeing an interesting shakeout this Congress There is a new generation of leaders in Washington who, for the most part, do actually want to shrink government. This stands in contrast with the old school Republicans who really have very little interest in reining in Washington. In fact in most cases the latter group has NO interest in reining in Washington.

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King v. Burwell, Supreme Court rules and “rewrites”, Obamacare subsidies in all states

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King vs. Burwell decided whether Obamacare subsidies extend to those who live in states where “healthcare exchanges” haven’t been set up.

In what Justice Scalia says amounts to a “rewrite” of the law, the Supreme Court decided today, that such subsidies do in fact extend to people in all states whether or not they live in a state which has established an exchange.

The full text of the ruling can be read HERE.

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Atlas Society Crony Contest Winners Announced

Aaron Day, me, and Ed Hudgins. (We're not the cronies)

Aaron Day, me, and Ed Hudgins. (We’re not the cronies.)

At a dinner at the organization’s annual Atlas Summit, this year in Nashua, New Hampshire, the organization “dishonored” those who use government to enrich themselves at the expense of taxpayers and competitors as well as those with political power who empower these cronies. TAS CEO Aaron Day explained the origins of the contest. Nick Sorrentino, a contest advisor and operator of the website, gave the keynote address documenting the current crony plague. And TAS scholar Edward Hudgins announced the winners. (Pictured at right.)

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Can Unionized Police Be Held Accountable for Misconduct?

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By Ed Ring, executive director, California Policy Center

About a year ago we published an editorial asking this question, “How much does professionalism cost,” using as an example the tragic death of Kelly Thomas. In that case, six police officers repeatedly struck with batons and tased an unarmed man, who died a few days later of his injuries. Since that tragedy back in 2011, numerous cases of police misconduct have surfaced, many of them with equally tragic consequences. The latest one, while inexcusable, is more farce than tragedy, involving a team of Santa Ana police officers who recently raided a marijuana dispensary in that city.

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I am an adjunct professor who teaches five classes. I earn less than a pet-sitter

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I am actually more open to this fellow’s arguments than I thought I might be at the outset of the article. He basically explains that despite all of his education, his degrees on the wall, he still must moonlight as a retail clerk to make ends meet. I thought for sure that the article was going to be another whining, “I have 4 degrees and I should be paid a fortune even though I provide little of value to the market” article. I was wrong, for the most part.

The author basically admits that he has fallen into the “adjunct trap.” Adjunct professors toil away at low pay as tenured professors enjoy high pay and limited schedules. The carrot has always been that one day an adjunct might be able to join the academic club. But for many reasons joining the club is and will remain a dream.

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Google eavesdropping tool installed on computers without permission

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We’ve written about some smart TVs and their ability to essentially surveil your living room. But if you have Chromium installed on your laptop you may have to worry about your computer doing the same thing. (Not that it’s ONLY Chromium which can turn your device into a bug.) That Google is one of the largest defense contractors in the world and has encouraged the spread of this software is of some concern also.

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Billionaire investor Icahn, We are in a bubble, could be “very very destructive.” (Video)


Yeah, the reckoning has been coming for a very long while. The Fed is out of control and lost. The stock market as it is is not sustainable. Many other markets are in the same boat.

Any market which reflects the wants and desires of the rich (aka those closest to newly “printed” money) is pretty much in a bubble. Art, wine, etc. Even residential real estate in places like London and New York are bubblicious.

It isn’t going to keep going. When this bubble bursts there will be serious dislocation economically and politically.

Below Marc Faber opines on Carl Icahn’s comments.

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OK we know Walker knows how to win, But what are his economics?

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As governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker has seen more than his share of challenges for the period he’s held the office. Through elections, recalls, an army of state workers invading the state capital and demanding his head, he’s stayed pretty cool. He also won. It appears that he knows how to make decisions and how to see things through. But he has no national economic experience.

What does he believe? What would he do? We have a few clues.

One of them is which economic thinkers Walker has been talking with.

Rumor has it John B. Taylor, prominent economist at Stamford and the Hoover Institution and the governor have been sharing ideas.

What then do we know about Taylor?

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TTIP is a corporatist scam and not a real free trade deal, says Ukip’s Douglas Carswell


TTIP (TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), TPP (TransPacific Partnership), TPA (Trade Promotion Authority, aka fast track authority), so many acronyms. It’s almost like they are confusing on purpose.

Think of the TTIP as the TPP for Europe.

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The Cartel That Makes Sure Airplane Tickets Never Get Cheaper

TWA cc

Open this industry up. I don’t mean “deregulation” like in the 1970s. I mean let’s examine why it took forever for Virgin to get routes within the USA. (A fantastic airline by the way. I encourage anyone with the opportunity to fly Virgin to do it. It’s almost pleasant.) Let’s make it easier for international carriers to do business here. Let’s stop protecting the legacy carriers and start getting some of those lay down seats on domestic flights.

As the great economist Murray Rothbard observed, cartels and monopolies don’t last very long unless they are protected by the government.

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