The GOP establishment seeks to suppress the grass roots, the “populists,” the people, again

Lot of liberty lovers at CPAC 2015

Lots of liberty lovers at CPAC 2015

The leadership within both major parties view the “populists” within their ranks as annoyances. Jeb Bush and his crowd and Hillary Clinton and her crowd have a similar disdain for the people who want actual change come 2016. Jeb and Hillary are the establishment. They are the anointed. They represent the long time infrastructure of their respective parties.

Vested interests within the parties know where they stand with both candidates. These interests know that the boat won’t really be rocked by either one. The people who run the parties are safe, so long as none of the rabble rousers slip through. The rabble rousers must be beaten down and beaten back.

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Bitcoin poker exec: “I was led out in handcuffs in my underwear”

Texas_Hold_'em_Hole_Cards cc

Poker is a game that I think most people should learn to play. I am not suggesting that everyone sit down at a Vegas table and start betting. By no means. Unless you have a burning desire to lose money. But learning the rules of the game and how it works is very beneficial. The lessons I’ve learned while playing poker (I haven’t played in years) have served me well. It’s too bad our government(s) has such a problem with the game.

In fairness this fellow may have broken the law. But should law enforcement really make busting up poker websites a priority? Seems odd in a “free country.”

It’s poker.

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Los Angeles Unified School District Offer Worth $122,938 Per Year – Will They Strike Anyway?

 LAUSD_Logo cc

By Ed Ring executive director of the California Policy Center


“Our demands, they’re not radical. When did it become radical to have class sizes that you could actually teach in? When did it become radical to have staffing and to pay people back after eight years of nothing?”
 – Alex Caputo Pearl, President, UTLA, February 26, 2015, Los Angeles Times

If the 35,000 members of the United Teachers Los Angeles, the union that represents employees of Los Angeles Unified School District, actually go on strike, in large part it will be because they want an 8.5% salary increase and the district is only offering them 5%. They also want smaller class sizes – tough to do when you’re passing out salary increases. But how much do these teachers actually make?

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Goldman’s CEO: “I Would Be Fine With Either A Bush Or Clinton Presidency”

Lloyd Blankfein. He grew a beard last year to appear more "human."

Lloyd Blankfein. He grew a beard last year to appear more “human.”

We bet he would be.

Think of Goldman Sachs as a political compass. If Goldman is the north star of crony capitalism one should always move to the south as far away from these guys as possible. Electing any of the bank’s officially endorsed candidates (and we don’t have any candidates yet) is just not smart. It’s asking for trouble.

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Warren Buffett fears Elizabeth Warren, too divisive, Hillary Clinton much better (Easier to control?)

Buffett mad cc

Though Buffett is probably right about Liz Warren, it is interesting that he seems legitimately concerned with the senator’s non-challenge to Hillary Clinton. The Midwestern Maven is showing a couple of teeth here.

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Fed’s Regional Banks Are ‘Unconstitutional,’ Brookings Paper Says

FederalReserve_System cc

What is of particular note is that this paper comes from a Brookings Institution scholar. Brookings is generally liberal in its disposition.

I am not keen on the prescription. Notice that the author comes short of calling the Fed itself unconstitutional. But at least there is some criticism of the Fed coming from the lefty camp. The excuses for the Fed have gotten embarrassing of late.

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