These Are the Top 20 Cities Americans Are Ditching

Wifi connection and you are in business.

Wifi connection and you are in business.

I wonder if it has anything to do with high taxes, over regulation, or the highly crony governments in at least a good number of these cities. Add in crime, and traffic, and of course people want to get out of Dodge, or Chicago anyway.

Many of today’s office workers should be telecommuting most of the time. It just makes sense. Why sit in a cube in a building when one can do the same job, likely more efficiently at home? This would take people off the roads and generally make America a more pleasant place.

All one really needs for many jobs these days is a high speed Internet connection. One can live almost anywhere if one has that. Why commute into a dirty, congested, city if one doesn’t have to?

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The F-35: Throwing Good Money after Bad

So it can’t dogfight. (Maybe not an issue but probably will be if history shows us anything.) It is also a single engine aircraft which means if one engine goes out, that’s it. Over land the situation may be salvageable. Over the ocean, where an extra engine is particularly valuable, it’s a much tougher spot. The Navy as I understand it wanted a dual engine jet for that reason. Others did not.The F-35 is also a manned aircraft in an era where this is less and less necessary.

And this is just for starters.

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Turmoil in China’s Stock Markets Takes a Psychic Toll

Shanghai exchange cc

A few posts ago we made the point that we should all count our lucky stars that we were not some newly middle class guy in China who leveraged his home to play the stock market.

If however you are that guy and you are reading this know that at the very least you have our sincerest sympathies. Though that doesn’t pay the margin call we understand.

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Meet Akin Gump, the (a) lobbying firm which is raising money for both GOP and Dem presidential candidates

bubba gump cc

Heads they win. Tails you, well you know how it goes. You read this website.

Akin Gump (And just to be clear Bubba Gump is a shrimping company and not affiliated as far as we know) is an equal opportunity bundler. Republican? Ok. Democrat? No problem. Need money to get elected? We’ve got you covered. Easy terms too.

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The sad truth about how laws are made in Washington in one picture

I’ve gotten some criticism over the last couple of days for not being hard enough on the Republicans. Trust me the crony Republicans are full on targets for sure. Long time readers know this. Saying that here’s a good one from one of the generally good guys in Washington, who happens to be a Republican.. (There are generally good guys on both sides of the aisle.)

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Did you know that the man who runs Hillary Clinton’s “super PAC” was also big-time lobbyist for Monsanto?


1%? The real question is whether this horse eats organic feed. Bet it does. (Image: Radio Iowa)

He also owns a whole bunch of race horses. Good to see that lobbying and Monsanto have been so good to him.

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Watch the first ever TV ad for recreational marijuana

Certainly nicer than your local liquor store. That's for sure.

Certainly nicer than your local liquor store. That’s for sure.

It’s really nothing remarkable.Significantly tamer than just about any Bud Light ad. No Tommy Chong in a fog of sensimilla. No Snoop Dog sitting by the pool bong in hand. The ad, if anything is boring. But alas it was pulled because the no one wanted to lose their FCC license. Funny how that works.

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Welfare state fails again: More children living in poverty now than during recession

A picture from an Indian reservation in South Dakota. American Indians have gotten the rawest deal in America as a group, and the US government has managed their affairs to a large degree since conquering them.  So what does that tell you?

A picture from an Indian reservation in South Dakota. American Indians have gotten the rawest deal in America as a group, and the US government has managed their affairs to a large degree since conquering them. So what does that tell you?

This is what happens when government layers regulations on top of regulations. When it makes it very difficult to start businesses. When it encourages government dependence for electoral reasons. (It does. I hate that it does, but it does.) When government rewards companies which partner with politicians with taxpayer money and favors.This is what happens when the people running the show in Washington abandon the spirit of free enterprise, the spirit of freedom, and instead embrace the languid mediocrity of the welfare state.

No child should be hungry. But the welfare state is not the way to keep bellies full. Non-profits need to be empowered, and government and the dependence it creates must be reduced in a real way. (This must be done over time but with tangible and verifiable milestones. Corporate dependence needs to be cut tomorrow however.)

(From The USA Today)

A higher percentage of children live in poverty now than did during the Great Recession*, according to a new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation released Tuesday.

About 22% of children in the U.S. lived below the poverty line in 2013, compared with 18% in 2008, the foundation’s 2015 Kids Count Data Book reported. In 2013, the U.S. Department of Human and Health Service’s official poverty line was $23,624 for a family with two adults and two children.

*It should be noted that we are still in a depression, and it is deepening in other parts of the world. We are just not in reverse gear. Currently.

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I am also compelled as I look at the picture above to post this video by the band (a notoriously leftist band – who made a TON of money thanks to capitalism) Rage Against the Machine. The song in the video is called FREEDOM and though it is full of earnest calls for the release of Leonard Peltier (someone on which who we can not comment from an informed perspective) it is a very good history lesson.

If you like the government running things just look to what it has done to the American Indian.

Obama (taxpayer funded) gift: The taxpayer is now going to pay for the installation of GOOGLE FIBER in “poor” neighborhoods, Large corporations to benefit

fiber cc

The Obamphone program, and it is the Obamaphone program, though it was started in the 80s so that people could call the fire department if they needed it, has expanded exponentially during the current administration. Now pretty much anyone can get a free (I mean you and I pay for them via our taxes) phone just for the asking as this recent video illustrates.

And now we will be subsidizing broadband Internet too via Mr. Obama’s “ConnectHome” crony boondoggle. Congratulations America, more stuff which is way beyond what government should be doing that you have to pay for. Oh, and which will fatten the bottom lines of large corporations in the process.

Tracfone, owned by Carlos Slim, the Mexican magnate and the richest man in the world has done very well under the “Lifeline” program. ($451 million of your tax dollars in 2011 alone.) Now it looks like all sorts of other companies will be getting in on the act as Google Fiber, a connection which I can almost guarantee is way way beyond the connection you have, you know the connection you PAY for, is installed in housing projects across America. (You’ll be paying for this connection too of course.)

This is couched as a program for the poor, which will help people find jobs etc. I certainly hope this is true, but my bet is that it has as much to do with rewarding complicit corporations as anything else.

It’s a jack dressed up in “doing good.”

Also it should be noted that with such connections the propaganda message is made more easily. This is also a big part of the effort.

Connecting people to super duper high speed Internet is not what government is supposed to be doing. Because it is doing it on YOUR DIME.

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All Hail Our Banking Overlords!

Kodos and Kang  actually run a currency hedge fund now.

Kodos and Kang actually run a currency hedge fund now.

As I watch the calamity in Greece and the chaos in China I am struck by how much things have changed in 10 years. “Wealth” looks very different to many people these days.

Wealth is time with one’s family. Wealth is time to think. Wealth is a good roof over one’s head. Wealth is good food and good friends. Wealth is walking through a field first thing in the morning with few bills to worry about. Wealth is swimming in the ocean and catching flounder in the surf. Wealth is peace of mind.

Be thankful you aren’t an unskilled worker in Athens or a newly middle class manager in Shenzen who has leveraged his home to play the stock market. Be thankful that you are not feeling the hottest of the world’s economic flames. At the same time be aware that fires do spread.

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Where did billions in Obamacare grants go?

black hole cc

The Pentagon has no idea where a significant amount of your tax money money goes. It seems to spin off into some crony black hole. Same it seems for Obamacare, not that this should surprise anyone. Really the Pentagon, Health and Human Services  it’s all of government which doesn’t seem to operate by the normal rules of accounting and with any basic respect for the taxpayer.

Now, though the Feds lose, think about that for a second, LOSE, billions probably every year, you had better have everything straight on your tax filing. Because even though the government doesn’t care enough to follow your money and how it is spent once it is within the system, it sure as shinola cares about whether you pay your “share” into the black hole.

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No lettuce for you! : Fighting for the right to garden

grow-a-garden cc

I love growing plants. Flowers, herbs, vegetables, all are great. I wish I could grow more. And thankfully where I live the only real restrictions on my gardening is the amount of space I have, the sunlight I get, and the date of the first and last frosts. Oh, and deer.

In some places however there there are horrible problems with pests. Bureaucratic, taxpayer funded, control freak pests.

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Interest-only mortgages: They’re baaack

mortgage cc

Oh this is a great sign.

It does sound like the parameters around these new interest only loans are pretty conservative, 20% down, 720 FICO score, etc. But take it as a bellwether. Watch to see if more of this stuff comes on the market, with less stringent guidelines. Caution, always caution when it comes to housing, which is a highly government manipulated market.

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Free People Have Pride

statism c            c

It’s true. Free people stand up for themselves. Free people respect others but question why it is that they must fall in line.

This general disposition annoys politicians and perhaps more importantly it annoys the people who do not see any value in standing up for themselves, in thinking independently. Why can’t you just get along? Why do you have to question everything? What makes you so special that you get to challenge the system which is obviously (sic) in place for the greater good? 

It really is a question of what one thinks it means to be alive. It’s that fundamental.

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