It’s time to free speech on campus again (By, can you believe it? JANET NAPOLITANO, yes her, now U of CA President)

This is a very reasonable statement from former White House denizen and Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano. When I saw the headline I initially thought the op-ed was from Judge Napolitano. But no, it was Janet defending free speech. OK.

So I figured that Ms. Napolitano would probably hedge the headline the whole way throuigh the piece. But she didn’t. She basically made the case of the “liberals” of my youth. Free speech is free speech. Even very unpopular,

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Emory Students Respond To Denunciations Of Trump Chalking With MORE TRUMP CHALKING

Perhaps we need to revert back to the tactics of the free speech advocates of the 1960s. Let us be clear.


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Ron Paul: Loretta Lynch and the Government War on Free Speech

By Ron Paul

During her appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted that she asked the FBI to examine whether the federal government should take legal action against so-called climate change deniers. Attorney General Lynch is not responding to any criminal acts committed by climate change skeptics. Instead, she is responding to requests from those frustrated that dissenters from the alleged climate change consensuses have successfully blocked attempts to create new government programs to fight climate change.

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Hillary Clinton Urges Silicon Valley to ‘Disrupt’ ISIS

Translation: Give up your encryption and any remaining privacy of your users. Or else. On the other hand you in Silicon Valley could work even more closely with us and we will make sure government’s benevolent rays shine upon your companies. Your choice.

Kind of weird how government is going after the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, and the 4th all in one go here.

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“50 years on this street/78 years in Norfolk/100 workers/Threatened by eminent domain!”

I am from Hampton Roads which comprises Newport News, Hampton, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach. I was born in Portsmouth and grew up for the most part in Virginia Beach. Norfolk is wedged in the middle.

Norfolk can use as many good employers as it can get. But the local university wanted to jack the land of Central Radio, well, basically because it could using connections it had in government.

But, hallelujah, Central Radio beat ODU back in court,

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More Left-fascism: Undercover journalist who brought down ACORN accosted (Video)

Let’s hope that this was just some random jerk. Let’s hope it wasn’t some union guy who knew exactly what he was doing, or was told to try to intimidate James O’Keefe by someone else.

That the recorded nut made reference to how happy he was that Andrew Breitbart was dead and how he would like to dance on Breitbart’s grave could be construed as a threat.

I sure hope it wasn’t a threat.

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