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Ron Paul was right about the Iraq War, Now GOP presidential hopefuls are accepting this fact

Ron Paul has long been ahead of the curve. He anticipated the 2008 financial crisis. His “Ron Paul Revolution” was the seed which grew into the robust and mainstream libertarian tendency within the GOP we see today. And he was right on Iraq—it was a mistake of colossal proportions.

But while Ron Paul was predicting a Fed created economic catastrophe and outlining why it was that invading Iraq was wrong and indeed anathema to what America was supposed to stand for, the GOP was fully engaged in disavowing the spirit of Ronald Reagan (spirit) and embracing a big government philosophy.

The Bush years were years of big government “conservatism.” The neocon coup.

Iraq in many ways is what broke the modern—William F. Buckley, Jack Kemp, Ronald Reagan—conservative movement. Bush blew it up just like so many bridges across the Tigris.

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50 Million Down The Tubes: How 17 Conservative PACs Are Spending Their Money (Reported by a conservative publication)

In 2013 we posted a speech given by firebrand political strategist Pat Caddell who argued that many of the political consultants during the Romney campaign were interested more in lining their pockets than in getting the former governor elected president. (I personally don’t think it made much of a difference, but who knows.)  The attached article seems to confirm that this sort of thing continues as the GOP gears up for the 2016 election.

This isn’t some hit piece. It comes from a website, Right Wing News, with legit conservative credibility. And for some groups the report is pretty damning.

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Big government pro-crony Republican Rick Santorum is going to run again? Why?

I can’t think of anything better for the country than a big government conservative with a predilection toward tariffs and cronyism running the show. Boy, that’s the way forward. I’m sure voters are going to fall all over themselves to vote for a guy like that. What we need is a leader who is a control freak on all fronts. Not just the social ones or the economic ones, but both. That my friends is the way to prosperity!

I’m just kidding. It would be terrible.

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With Christie hobbled, Jeb Bush’s lukewarm (at best) reception, Establishment GOP floats another Romney run?

Yes, this is the genius masterstroke the DC GOP has been waiting for.

You have to hand it to the establishment. They keep trying. So what if Romney is another big government Republican which a large part of the GOP vote couldn’t really support in 2012. The consultants which got paid big time during the 2012 Romney run could get paid again! And if Romney could somehow get the nomination it would be another blow to the libertarian/conservative coalition in the Tea Party. Win/win. Well not for the American people, and probably not for Mitt Romney. But certainly a win for the folks who work in Downtown DC.

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Jeb Bush Tries to Court Crony Casino Money in Vegas

Sheldon Adelson kept Newt Gingrich alive during the the 2012 race for president. Now Jeb Bush wants some of that sweet sweet casino money. Bush is joining Chris Christie (shock), Scott Walker, and John Kasich at an event in the City of Slots. Each potential candidate is looking for a payday.

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Ron Paul vs the Crony Media in 2012

Put aside the hyperbole in bold type in this video. Put aside the dramatic music. What it offers is a pretty accurate account of how the media handled Ron Paul in the 2012 election. It was nasty, it was probably coordinated, and the media effectively thwarted a campaign which threatened to derail the Romney campaign and I think it is fair to say ultimately the Obama campaign.

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Journalists fear covering the Benghazi story, don’t want to lose access (favored crony status)

It’s perfectly reasonable to expect the White House to stonewall the Benghazi investigation. There are fears that whatever happened that night might reflect poorly on the president, and perhaps even more importantly now, on Hillary Clinton who wants to be president. It makes sense that a White House which plays hardball all the time, plays hardball with reporters.

It doesn’t make it right however. Some reporters, many who have long cheered this president are starting to speak out, softly.

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Rasmussen: Republicans Need to Get Over the Makers vs. Takers Mindset

Republicans have for quite a long time allowed the Democrats to define them as the “against” party. Grumpy old white men against stylish, urban, open minded professionals. Rich people against everyone else. Red against blue. (And red is not a conservative color. “Better dead than red,” did not mean better dead than Republican. A “red state” is North Korea not Texas.)

The GOP has been one step behind, countering the Dem zig and zag. A party on its heals. This is a way to lose.

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