1968 REDUX? Democrat establishment scared of Bernie’s people, Boxer, Feinstein, Reid freaking out

Chicago 1968, Philly 2016?

Check out what Barbara Boxer had to say about the dissent in Nevada;

“I was not able to stop these people for doing what they did,” Boxer, a Hillary Clinton supporter, told CNN. “Apparently they’ve done it before. …. This group of about 100 were very vocal, and I can’t describe it — disrespectful doesn’t even explain it, it was worse than that.”

That sure sounds like “round ’em up”

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Americans are increasingly aware of crony capitalism, and it is changing politics as we know it

Crony capitalism is a concept with which the typical informed American voter is now familiar. We are very proud of our contribution to this awakening and it is gratifying to see candidates of all stripes having to defend their current crony arrangements with donors, past crony deals, or alternatively to see them go on the attack against cronyism. That Cruz won the Iowa Caucuses despite an explicitly anti-ethanol subsidy stance is no small feat.

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Small Victory: DC decides to void 2800 parking tickets written during snow emergency

2 days ago we reported that Washington DC went on a parking ticket writing spree during the recent blizzard. The city took the storm as an opportunity to generate cash, over $1 million in fines. We argued that maybe instead of going nuts on the ticket writing front the District should have instead been more lenient if anything during a time when parking was severely restricted due to the piles and piles of snow.

We apparently weren’t the only ones who thought this and as such the city has voided many of the snow storm parking tickets.

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Planned Parenthood pledges $20 million last week to help Hillary get elected, Today Hillary calls for increased funding for Planned Parenthood?

Let me say from the outset here that the issue here is not abortion, an issue we will let our readers debate and explore in other venues. What is at issue here is that an organization which receives half a billion dollars in taxpayer money each year is openly endorsing a political candidate and amazingly even pledging $20 million – which is essentially money received from US taxpayers* – to support the election efforts of a presidential candidate.

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Van Jones: Democratic Base in ‘Full-on Rebellion’ Against Hillary Clinton

Damn rebels.

Van, Van, Van, you’re still around? It is interesting to see you floating these smoke signals.

But don’t worry, he explains, Clinton will still win.

Way to put it out there big guy.

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FBI’s Clinton probe expands to public corruption track

How much weirder is this election going to get? If history is an indication (and it usually is) probably weirder still.

Looks like the old FBI is expanding its investigation into Ms. Clinton’s time as Secretary of State beyond her email issues.

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