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Crony Univision?: Jorge Ramos Embarrassed Himself and His Network, Invites Scrutiny

By now most of you have probably seen the video of Mr. Ramos interupting Donald Trump and Trump removing the the guy because he wouldn’t wait his turn.

And even after this Trump still let Ramos back in and let him ask questions so long as Ramos followed the rules. But by grandstanding the way he did Ramos exposed for all to see that he is not a journalist but an activist. He should be treated as such going forward. He really has no business at future press conferences with any of the candidates.

We are not defending Mr.Trump in any way. We have no horse in this race. But Ramos and Univision clearly do. That Trump is suing Univision for $500 million probably has something to do with the scrap too.

But Univision deserves to be examined. It has some serious crony tendencies. (All the big networks do of one sort or another.)

For instance Hillary Clinton signed a deal with the network last year to do a mini-series of her life back in 2014. NBC was going to do it but backed out because the project was even too blatant for them. Univision, headed now by NBC’s former COO was happy to pick it up however.

Speaking of which, let’s take a closer look at Univision’s senior staff.

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Are we witnessing another collapse of the party system?

It is entertaining. All the “Ready for Hillary” bumper stickers seem to have vanished over the last month or so. Donald Trump is making mincemeat of the GOP party apparatus. All sorts of assumptions about the 2016 presidential race have been tossed out. Rules have been broken. New paths are being blazed.

It has all thrown the DC political class for a loop. And that is a very good thing.

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Al Gore may run for president again in 2016?

There you go guys. Hillary is in serious trouble. Biden’s about to jump into the shark tank. Looks like maybe Gore is too. These guys (and their sponsors) can not fathom Bernie Sanders getting the nomination. Seriously, what do you think is going on at Goldman Sachs these days?

Biden and Gore figure they are in fact the heirs apparent if Ms. Clinton doesn’t make it to the debates which at this point is a real possibility.

Just remember, among other things, Al Gore, Mr. Green, sold his TV network Current TV to a bunch of oil barons from Qatar for $100 million. What do you think the ongoing carbon footprint is on that deal? And then there’s the whole massage business of course.

Wonder if Megyn Kelly is going to moderate any of the Democratic debates? We’ll bet not.

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Buchanan: GOP Elites Plot to Purge Trump

So far the current race for president has been incredible. Probably the most interesting of my lifetime. (At least that I can remember.) The assumed front runners in both major parties are on the ropes. Semi-outsiders are landing blow after blow. The establishments in both major parties are panicking. The FBI is now a factor. Crony capitalism is a major issue for the first time (Yeah, we’re pretty happy about that.) Border fences. Campaign people being indicted. Email servers. Megyn Kelly. Fox on its heels. MSNBC in on-air reorganization. The assertion of the radical progressive wing trying to keep Obama’s whatever alive. The Vice President looking to swoop in.

Then factor in all sorts of weird wildcards. China in decline. Greece. Europe. Russia. Ferguson.

Man, it’s already been a blast and things haven’t even really gotten started.

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Libertarian-leaning Republicans in a quandary for whom to vote

The libertarian-conservative coalition will likely determine the GOP nominee for president. One way or the other.The coalition is large enough now that the establishment (as we have seen) isn’t just going to waltz into the White House. Who will carry the flag for the real, honest to goodness, small government people in the Republican Party? Is the Republican Party even the place for honest to goodness small government people? Will populism, some of it not very small government, win the day?

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Could we be at war with China before the next presidential election? Some informed individuals say maybe

What’s the old adage? Never engage in a land war in Asia? Well we tossed that one out a while ago and now it looks like we might be heading for one on the high seas. No kidding. China is building island bases in the South China Sea, right over massive deposits of oil and smack dab in the middle of Asian trade routes, and we are not happy about it. In fact we’ve ordered China to essentially stop immediately.  They are not complying, and are using diplomatic talk of the kind which isn’t very diplomatic.

We have gotten to the point where sober minded people (well probably most of the time) with serious skin in the game are getting concerned.

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Clinton Faces Biggest Threat From Rubio and Paul in New Poll

The 2016 race is already interesting, and it’s going to get better. Many of the assumed components to a presidential race are no longer as hard and fast as they were. I am also convinced that there is another crop of “Reagan Democrats” waiting for the right Republican presidential candidate. This is a bit of what we are seeing here. Early trend flickers.

(From Time)

Against Clinton though, only Rubio, and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul—who polls at 7% nationally among Republicans—would pose a threat if the election were held today. Clinton scores 46% to 42% against Paul, and 45% to 41% against Rubio, the poll found. All other Republicans poll multiples behind Clinton.

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Are Jeb Bush and his DC supporters out of touch with the modern GOP voter, America?

It is amazing that in 2015 a Republican presidential candidate – one who really has a shot – can hold the kind of positions Jeb does. There’s a reason why Chris Matthews and the New York Times like Bush so much.

Perhaps the Beltway Republicans don’t really understand how much more inclined toward real live small government the average GOP voter has become. It’s like the consultants are living in 1999 or something.

These same folks also think that if they can squeak Bush by the (what they perceive as) nutbars in the primaries, he will be embraced in a general election.

But this calculus may not be correct.

Bush could very likely lose in a general election because a solid contingent of GOP voters stays away from the polls when presented with what some would consider a big government Republican. (Or possibly even vote 3rd party in large enough numbers to make a difference.) Even if it means electing a Dem. The libertarian/conservative coalition has pretty much had all it can take after McCain and Romney.

And now another Bush? That’s a hard one for the coalition to swallow.

Plus there is a sense, among at least some, that in the wake of a disappointing Obama presidency there is a large group of people whose votes are up for grabs which weren’t in other elections. Kind of like the Reagan Democrats of 1980. Bush may not appeal to this group as much as a Republican candidate needs to.

But perhaps he will. Perhaps Bush’s moderate credentials will resonate with middle America.

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