Trump still beats Hillary with voters (even slightly more so now)

Even Bloomberg had to report on this.

Given the Russia stuff, the healthcare chaos in the Senate, the lack of tax cuts, the tweets, Trump STILL beats Hillary Clinton. Consider THAT Democrats. Perhaps you backed the wrong horse.

But my bet is another Dem horse still wouldn’t have won. America has broken with Obama’s America and clearly wants to move on. Of course the Obama clingers will cling, hoping that the urban political machines are still relevant on a national level.

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Russian Lawyer At Center Of Trump Jr Scandal Speaks: “I Have No Government Ties”

So the Trump Jr. email story came out and I’m looking for meat. Please feel free to post it if you have some. But it looks to be yet more conjecture and innuendo. As always – we could be wrong.

It sounds like a pretty typical campaign meeting to me. I can almost guarantee similar meetings (with similar shadowy figures) happened in the Clinton camp.

And some shady meetings happened between some not so shadowy figures too. 

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David Axelrod offered a stinging rebuke on Wednesday to Hillary Clinton’s assertion that her presidential campaign failed because of FBI Director James B. Comey and Russian hackers.

The real reason. Or one of the real reasons anyway.

Clinton lost because she hadn’t been forthright with the server/email issue, had cashed in in the crassest and cronyist of ways, was seen as having run a rigged primary, and then went and insulted a vast swathe of the American electorate with her “deplorables” statement right at the end. That and a boneheaded Midwest strategy.

Comey isn’t the reason she blew it. Hillary Clinton is the reason Hillary Clinton blew it.

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John Kasich Sounds Like He’s Over The Republican Party

Now there’s a shock. I can’t believe it. Who would have thought???

Look, any Republican that would jump at a guest spot on Morning Joe (as we suspect Mr. Kasich would) probably would be happier in some other party. The country has moved on. 

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Why Elizabeth Warren is no longer the darling of the left

We give Bernie Sanders a hard time because he is clueless on economics. And really worse than clueless. But on the whole he is one of the more likable people in the Senate. And that he’s making the DNC vomit all over itself is pretty fun to watch. Not to mention a good thing for the country and the world.

Ms. Warren had her moment. She made her choice. Not that she couldn’t have another moment.

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On the Dawn of Trump

The “Left” has had its fit. It’s fearful freakout that the redneck barbarians have indeed, and finally breached the walls. My God, the Obama “dream” is dead and these bastards are going to pound it into the mud! Obama will be an asterisk president. 2 terms sure. First black president sure. But failed. A failed, 2 term president.

And what has induced the freakout primarily is that there is the very real possibility that even history books will record the first black president,

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Growing through adversity – Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski (VIDEO for our times)

This is a simple bit of wisdom and I pass along because I think our readers might benefit from it on a personal level. But I also pass along because of the challenges we are presented with right now as a society. In adversity and challenge there CAN be growth if we approach the challenge in the right way. And America has been challenged in this election season.

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This Election Is A Gift For Libertarians

It really has been for both big “L” Libertarians and for small “l” libertarians. The curtain has been thrown back. We’ve seen the inner machinations of the electoral system. We’ve seen the lying and the deceit and the collusion and the media compliance. Many of us already knew. Some of us had already seen the nastiness first hand. But now my generally apolitical neighbors down the street have seen what’s really going on, and it is opening minds.

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Trump Reports Raising $100 Million in September

The Trump campaign reported receiving $100mm in gifts in September compared to about $154mm for the Clinton campaign. $2 million of the $100 came from Trump himself. In the last debate, Trump also estimated that he would contribute about $100 mm in total to his campaign which presumably included the primaries as well as the general election.

One of the features of the Trump campaign that has been much discussed was the presumption that it would be self-funding.

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