Charlie Rangle says he “deserves” to be protected by guns, You do not however (VIDEO)

There are perfectly reasonable reasons why there are well armed people who should be protecting the Capitol. However, Rangle’s statement reflects clearly the 2 tiered (multitiered?) system in this country. Cronies at the top. The great unwashed (and in Rangle’s hope, unarmed) throngs below.

Part of a crony society is such a tiered system. The cronies, the connected, have a certain group of rules they think that they live by. For the rest of the citizenry, those who don’t suffer from Potomac Fever,

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Bernie Sanders defender of gun rights?: ‘What You’re Really Talking About Is Ending Gun Manufacturing in America. I Don’t Agree With That’

This is an interesting wrinkle in the debate between Mr. Sanders and Ms. Clinton for the Democratic nomination and it speaks to which club each belongs to.

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Hillary Clinton Urges Silicon Valley to ‘Disrupt’ ISIS

Translation: Give up your encryption and any remaining privacy of your users. Or else. On the other hand you in Silicon Valley could work even more closely with us and we will make sure government’s benevolent rays shine upon your companies. Your choice.

Kind of weird how government is going after the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, and the 4th all in one go here.

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How the ‘New York Times’ and Loretta Lynch Made Me Join the NRA

We write often of the #cronymedia the #oldmedia, as tools by which certain powers that be disseminate an “official” narrative. This seems likely the case with the New York Times’s front page editorial calling for gun confiscation. We know that The New York Times has a long history of working closely with the current administration. (Not that this is necessarily the case this time.) Call it a public talking points memo. The concern is not with terrorism but with guns and gun owners.

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Baltimore Protesters Tried To Light This Pizza Shop Owner on Fire (Now he’s getting a gun.)

Photo: Screenshot from IJReview video

To the degree that we should have government it should be to protect people and property from acts of aggression. In Baltimore we saw the big government machine break down in a profound way. We shouldn’t be surprised when people act to defend themselves in the face of such government incompetence. Indeed, that is a big part of what the 2nd Ammendment is about.

Good luck to this guy.

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Were the Black Panthers Right and Reagan Wrong on Gun Control?

Reagan got a number of things right. But he got a bunch wrong too. (Who doesn’t?) The gun laws Reagan signed into law while California governor were aimed at disarming a group which on this point were merely executing their rights under the Constitution. The Reagan gun laws empowered a police establishment with a new tool to put people behind bars.

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Should We Be Controlling the Guns of the Government Instead? Are “ninja bureaucrats” Too Heavily Armed?

We have written before about the militarization of our police force. In many small towns and in many big cities police forces now have armored vehicles and machine guns. Cops look less like cops today than storm troopers from Star Wars.

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