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What Some Conservatives Aren’t Willing To Do To Kill Obamacare

The filibuster is an important tool which, as many have observed, has halted more bad legislation than good legislation. Getting rid of it would constitute a major change, and potentially a very bad one.

Even if it meant undoing Cronycare, eliminating the filibuster would likely come back to haunt fans of small government.

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Obama’s Unilateral Presidency Crashes Into the Constitution

I remember in college my professor explaining to us that the US system of government was too slow. That it was inherently difficult – too difficult he argued. A parliamentary system was much better and would allow “things to get done.” My professor, it was clear resented the restrictions placed on government by the Constitution.

One gets the sense that Obama feels the same way.

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Hospital Profits Soar As Obamacare Creates More “Paying” Patients (You paid for them)

I was listening to a triad of wonks on NPR’s The Dianne Rehm Show last week discussing “Net neutrality.” One of the guests asserted that it was a given that business always hates “regulations.” I laughed to myself in the car. This person does politics for a living? And no one challenged her on this. (These are supposed to be smart inside the Beltway folks.)

What an ignorant statement.

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Report from The Progressive Farmer: Obamacare inflicting serious pain on small time farms

Most farming in this country is done by massive agribusiness conglomerates. But there are still a few small farmers out there. There may be fewer however once Obamacare really takes hold.

Below is yet another example of how red tape and over regulation push small businesses over the edge while large businesses benefit from the increased complexity and cost of regs. In the medium run the big guys gain market share and keep upstart innovators in check. All thanks to government “solutions.”

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Poll: For first time ever voters say “the government” is the biggest problem in America

America is not Europe. We are a country founded by individualists, scoundrels, dreamers, and doers. We do not have the aristocratic legacy of the Old World with its stifling worldview and distinct class system within an ever present welfare state. We are a free people. This country was an escape from Europe. This country is a free land. This freedom is ingrained in our DNA. It is what makes an American an American, no matter that American’s ethnicity. We are bound by an idea not geography or ancestry. America is indeed exceptional in that regard.

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Obamacare Hits Small Business Hard in 2015

Small business is only the heart and soul of this country. No big deal. It’s not like it’s hard to make a small business work even without entangling government red tape and expensive mandates from DC made by bureaucrats who don’t even know what a payroll is. It’s pretty easy.

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George Will: Government for the strongest

We cannot have an economy in which billionaire crony capitalists bestow largess through the state to the unwashed. We need the broad based economic growth, opportunity, and dynamism that only comes in a freer more liberalized economy.

Though the intentions of most progressives are probably “good” the culture of regulation and unnecessary complexity they have instituted over the last few decades has only served to further stratify the country and to reduce social mobility.

The economy is running through bureaucratic wet concrete. The ridiculous tax code, the regs, the government “fees” everywhere, Obamacare, etc. The only people who can negotiate this concrete effectively are the very rich. The rest of us are mired, and the concrete is hardening.

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We said Obamacare was a crony capitalist jack for the insurance companies, Now even the New York Times agrees with us

It’s about time, but it’s too late now. I guess there is some comfort in knowing that the even the statist Gray Lady sees what Obamcare actually is. Though I am going to guess that the New York Times editorial board isn’t going to come out for repeal even though the program was sold with out and out lies and is pouring billions in taxpayer dollars into the pockets of the health insurance companies.

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More Crony Media: Mika (Of MSNBC) Admits: If Gruber Were Republican, MSM ‘Would Be Exploding’

The the gaggle of Dem insiders tries to compare Johnathan Gruber to David Stockman which is a joke. Stockman in the 80s was exposing how dysfunctional and large the government was (is), and how no one even in the Reagan Administration really wanted the government to shrink. Gruber on the other hand was schooling other political hacks on how to lie to the American people and take advantage of the fact that bureaucrats don’t know their hindquarters from a hole in the wall. Stockman was a kind of whistleblower, Gruber is a crony capitalist and basically everything government should not be.

Mika Brzezinski, not exactly a friend to Republicans, points out that the #oldmedia, the mainstream media, the dying media, the crony media was slow to cover the story, largely because (though she didn’t say it) the (old) media is overwhelmingly liberal and was complicit in selling Obamacare to the minority of Americans who could not see what a terrible idea it was.

The media likes Obamacare even if the American people don’t. Also, though this is again not said openly, the media generally agrees with Mr. Gruber’s tactics.

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