Journalists fear covering the Benghazi story, don’t want to lose access (favored crony status)

It’s perfectly reasonable to expect the White House to stonewall the Benghazi investigation. There are fears that whatever happened that night might reflect poorly on the president, and perhaps even more importantly now, on Hillary Clinton who wants to be president. It makes sense that a White House which plays hardball all the time, plays hardball with reporters.

It doesn’t make it right however. Some reporters, many who have long cheered this president are starting to speak out,

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How Friends of Obama Make Millions Selling Influence After Leaving the White House

The Obama lottery ticket, there are a whole bunch of people in Downtown Washington DC walking around with them in their pocket.

It works like this- Work in the White House for a few years. Cozy up with the president and David Axelrod (who has just recently cashed in himself at NBC). Found a consultancy. Then wait for the corporate clients to send you checks. It is nearly that simple as Noam Scheiber explains in his great article in The New Republic,

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Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Received Fed Minutes Early

Good information is the most valuable commodity one can posses. When good information comes from one of the most powerful entities in the known universe, the Federal Reserve, this is especially the case. Getting early access to whether the Fed will lower rates, raise rates, or keep them the same would be the ultimate advantage for an investor. Yesterday the world learned that such an advantage was given to some of the worlds largest banks, accidentally.

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