Pentagon Says It’s Ready for Audit After Years of Delays

This place is hemorrhaging tax dollars and has for decades. Your money.

Well that’s great. The question is how useful will this audit actually be, and how truthful? In the 3 years since the birth of this site we have chronicled plenty of examples of waste in the military. It is PERVASIVE. The level of waste speaks frankly to a culture of accounting negligence at the Pentagon which is perhaps only rivaled by the chicanery at the Federal Reserve. Heads (and many many heads at all levels) should have rolled long ago.

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Official Economic Numbers To Get Even Murkier, “Intangible Assets” Inflate the Size of the Economy By 3%

Now we are going to count R&D, and “creative works” as adding to the economy. What part of “intangible” don’t the statisticians get? Why not count business emails as contributing to GDP? Or sunny days? Or the positive feeling people get when their football team wins? Surely we can come up for a model for these too.

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