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Obamacare called ‘A fiasco for the ages’ – Obama’s Iraq War

There was hope from many that Mr. Obama would “grow into the office.” It is clear now that he has failed to grow. Obamacare was rammed through Congress, against the will of a majority of Americans at the time, and still now, in haste and hubris. He has hurt this country deeply. Obamacare is a disaster which has grave implications for this nation even if it was marginally functional. But it’s clear now that it’s not functional in the least. It’s the kind of scheme thought up by kids at model United Nations conferences. It has no grounding in reality and implementation appears to be impossible. Not that billions won’t be wasted in an effort to save face.

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Are the Medical Journals Entirely in the Hands of Big Pharma?

Can we trust what comes out of the medical journals if 97% of the advertising within these journals is bought by pharmaceutical companies? Considering that these journals determine much of the direction of healthcare research and policy, it’s a question which needs to be asked seriously. Remember Big Pharma wrote a big piece of Obamacare.

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Classic Crony Capitalism Around New Healthcare Exchanges

In the attached article, Jeffery H. Andersen at The Weekly Standard explains that as HHS falls farther behind in creating insurance exchanges, cronyism seems to have seeped into the implementation process. This, given the complexity and cost of the “Affordable Care Act” is a huge surprise I am sure to our readers.

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