“War is the health of the state, but the death of empires.”

An excellent book about the Soviet experience in Afghanistan

We don’t agree with ole’ Pat on many things, including some of the things in this short piece. But he is right in that America did not vote Trump into office because he was a war monger. Indeed Hillary was the neocon ranting about war in Syria etc.

No, America wants to get its house in order and our house is not in Afghanistan.

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NYT: Trump Finds Reason (actually the US govt has long known) for the U.S. to Remain in Afghanistan – Minerals

We wrote about this in 2014;

Afghanistan is full of minerals we (and other countries) need. Lithium, vital to electronics is in abundant supply. As is copper, iron ore, gold, and a host of rare earth materials. The countries of the world are licking their chops, and we just happen to be sitting on top of all the wealth. Well good for us.

The problem (one of them) is there is no way to get all this wealth out of the backwater.

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US Can’t Say Whether or Not $759 Million Spent on Education in Afghanistan Helped Anything

Our government system is so big, so massive, that $759 million can just be unaccounted for. No reason to keep track of what it did or didn’t do. Or to whom it went. Or, well, anything. It’s all just play money for our politicians and bureaucrats. The way the system “works.” “Good enough for government work” and all that.

Now, it’s not like that $759 million represents money taken from taxpayers. Nope, just play money which the bureaucrats don’t need to pay attention to.

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Watchdog Says Billions Still Going Down The Afghan Drain

Afghanistan is a place where historically outsiders have not done so well. The Greeks. The Brits. The Soviets. Now us. Each empire has gotten bogged down in the dusty land. The jagged mountains and the opium filled valleys have proven a trap for the biggest and the baddest for centuries. We continue to spin our wheels.

(From The Daily Caller)

Americans have spent $113 billion rebuilding Afghanistan, more than the U.S. spent rebuilding Europe after World War II,

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Six Years and $17 Billion Wasted in Afghanistan

Hey, it’s only money, your money, which we might as well have just buried in the desert. Actually it’s worse than that as dumping the money into the ground would have been a waste but wouldn’t have hurt anyone. $17 billion floating around Afghanistan is probably a much less benign situation.

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Pentagon unable to explain how $800 million program in Afghanistan failed

Nobody knows where all the money went. The guy running the program said he just approved projects without having any idea how much they were going to cost.

Nothing like having a pile of taxpayer money to play with I say. No need to be exact. Hell, no need to even be remotely competent apparently. Just write those checks and dump them into that giant hole in the Kandahar Desert.

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Watchdog probing allegations the Pentagon spent $150 million on private villas and 3-star dining in Afghanistan

The only thing that surprises me is that the “dining” in the tax subsidized villas was “3 star.” That’s a pretty high standard. Pretty much the highest standard. And it was being served in Afghanistan?  Guess it really is (was?) “Kabubble.”

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