Medical Care Cronies Not on Same Page

The American Medical Association claims to represent doctors. But it is very much part of the crony coalition which put together the broad outlines of Obamacare in meetings inside the White House. In return for going along with the government, the association receives most of its funding from a medical coding monopoly granted and protected by the Department of Health and Human Services.

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AMA supported Obamacare even though doctors didn’t, Now doctors get stuck with a big bill

The White House got the American Medical Association to sign off on the ACA even though only 13% of its members supported Obamacare. Now it looks like doctors may be on the hook for uncovered medical care if a patient cancels medical coverage but sees the doctor within the 90 day grace period following cancellation.

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The AMA sets surgery rates which are way above the market rate

How a secretive panel uses data that distorts doctors’ pay

Credit where credit is due. Good job Washington Post, good job.

The American Medical Association is setting the cost of surgery at rates which are way higher than what some people (you know, you, me, anyone who believes in honest pricing) thinks they should be.

And guess what? The rate the AMA sets is the rate at which Medicare pays.

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The GOP Has a Blurry View of Free Markets In Medicine (Eye professionals battle it out)

Do you know the difference between an ophthalmologist and an optometrist? The ophthalmologists are afraid you don’t and that optometrists are edging onto their turf taking business which is ophthalmologist business. The ophthalmologists have sought to solve this problem (as they see it) via their friends in Congress.

This effort reflects a trend generally toward seeking to limit health options for consumers in the name of medical licensure and increased public safety. In truth it’s an effort to protect a monopoly or near monopoly.

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American Medical Association Hotbed of Cronyism

An article in the Washington Times by Dr. Richard Armstrong (2/6/12, P 36) explains that the AMA as recently as the 1960’s represented 70% of American doctors, but now only represents 15%. In the 1960’s, it opposed the creation of Medicare. The government decided to win the AMA over by granting it a monopoly in 1983 on the treatment coding system to be used in Medicare. The same CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) system is now used by private insurers as well and brings in an estimated $50-80 million to the AMA each year,

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