As Amazon purchases Whole Foods, don’t fear for the cashier. Fear for the supermarket (Actually don’t fear.)

“Emperor Bezos thanks you for shopping at Whole Foods.”

Across the nation hipster trustafarians and well heeled Subaru Outback drivers are fretting. What is to come of Whole Foods now that Amazon has eaten it? The attached article is a good example of this.

But I say, fear not foodies. Life will go on. In fact it may be better under Jeff Bezos and an army of robots. Amazon isn’t interested in losing value and chasing away customers.

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Environmentally destructive cronyism in Brazil, socialist crony president used dam in Amazon to line her pockets?

One of the points which we have made here is that despite the faith many American greens put in the government, it is governments which are often the worst abusers of the environment. We have argued that the state is the greatest environmental ravager of them all.

We have also argued that respect for property rights (something governments often have a hard time with) and unsubsidized markets can be key in environmental preservation and sustainability generally.

Why are our coastlines decimated when a hurricane hits the East Coast?

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Corporate Welfare in New York: Politicians Say Amazon’s Good, Walmart’s Bad

Amazon is relatively cool (despite its new $600 million contract with the CIA) so the New York political class (a subspecies of politicos americanus) is OK with DeBlasio throwing tax money at the online company in an effort to lure it to the city. But Walmart? Oh, no. Too lowbrow. Too much baggage. Hey, the politicians in New York City don’t even want charity from the company.

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Amazon-CIA $600 Million Deal Facing Scrutiny: ‘What’s the CIA Doing on Amazon’s Cloud?’

I personally have been a fan of Amazon for a long time. However, that they are now a CIA contractor gives me some pause. At the very least CEO Jeff Bezos should assure its customers publicly in a legally binding way that it won’t share customer information with the Central Intelligence Agency. (As activists are demanding.) That seems pretty reasonable to me.

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Amazon lobbies heavily for Internet sales tax (It will crush competitors)

We’ve reported on this before. It’s too bad Jeff Bezos supports this grab, as he is good on a number of issues.

Basically Amazon has the firepower to deal with the deluge of red tape which will cascade if such a tax is passed. Smaller retailers, the upstarts, the competition, have no such ability. The little guys will die. Amazon then gains even more market share thanks to Congress. Pretty classic crony stuff.

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