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NSA: A Tax & Economics Espionage Agency

If there is one area of current policy/politics which really makes me sigh it is the growing, ever growing, surveillance state. It’s bad for the country. It’s in violation of the spirit of the Constitution (and likely the letter in many circumstances). It’s bad for the economy.

The surveillance state needs to be reined in. The danger to our way of life is immense. Far greater than terrorism.

Am I saying that there is no place for espionage? No I am not. But we have created a liberty sucking monster and we’d better cut it down to size.

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Easy Rider, a great American and libertarian movie

Every once in a while I stumble across stuff that I wrote a while back which I think deserves a repost. This is one of those posts.

From May 30, 2010 – The Liberty and Economics Review

When I was in college I can remember a particularly alcohol soaked evening in which I was debating politics with the kid who lived across the hall from me in my dorm. This was typical for us as we both liked beer, politics, and arguing our wildly divergent political perspectives. On this particular night we were discussing the ins and outs of a movie we both loved, Easy Rider.

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U.S. Marijuana Legalization Weakens Mexican Cartels

Pot is by far the illegal drug of choice for Americans. People want it. It’s part of American culture. It is relatively safe. It also is a huge source of income for the Mexican cartels. Legalize the drug and the profit margin on what is essentially a vegetable (but easier to grow than broccoli) disappears. As the profits diminish so too does power and influence.

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How does America get its groove back?

“In truth there is no such thing as a growth industry. There are only companies organized and operated to create and capitalize on growth opportunities. Industries that assume themselves to be riding some automatic growth escalator invariably descend into stagnation.”- Theodore Levitt

The above quote is as true for countries as it is for companies. Countries do not just grow because that is the way it is and how it forever shall be. Countries succeed because of good institutions and hard work. These two things are absolutely necessary.

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Is America in Decline?

Sadly, at this moment I think that it is. The sparkle has gone out of America’s eye. A dozen years of war, an ongoing deep recession, racial distrust, an increasing lack of opportunity, and very significantly an increasingly expansive and coercive state have done much damage to what we call “America.”

President Obama has something to do with this. Though he is by no means the sole culprit. He is an executive without any business experience to speak of, no military experience to speak of, no executive experience to speak of, who does however have a great deal of experience in the world of political correctness which swept into academia in the late 1980s and 1990s. I sense that his world view is one of contempt for the country he now “leads.” Many other people feel it too.

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