CBD for Pain Reveals FDA Crony Agenda and Its Impact on Healthcare!

(From The Alliance for Natural Health)


Research and clinical evidence confirms that CBD oil relieves pain [1]. This should be good news! 116m Americans suffer chronic pain [2]. Action Alert!

Other approved pain relievers may cause internal bleeding, (e.g. aspirin)[3], cause heart disease (e.g. the now banned Vioxx)[4], kill people (fentanyl, up to 100X more potent than morphine)[5], or lead to both addiction and death (e.g.

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FDA: Massive Attack on Supplements

The long-awaited revision of FDA guidance rules for new supplements is finally here. It is very bad news. Highest-level Action Alert!

We normally publish our newsletter on Tuesday, but are sending out this issue today because of its urgency.

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Crony Dentistry Once Again Puts Children at Risk

We’ve long known that medical companies of various sorts have sought to “buy” research which suits their respective agendas. As we’ve reported, pharmaceutical companies have tried (with success) to influence journals and experts via various means. One particularly egregious example we cited was with a group of scientists focused on influencing the official data on the efficacy of painkillers.

Of course companies try to buy practitioners as well as researchers. They hope the practitioners they have bought will persuade other practitioners who may not know about the payments.

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Drug Companies Plan to Use Compounding Bill to Take Away Your Compounded Medications

Compounded drugs are created specifically for patients. They are tailored by pharmacists. It’s quite a large market and many patients rely heavily on compounding to avoid ingredients which they are allergic to, etc. Big pharma sees the compounding market as an opportunity and would like it for itself. As such the industry has gone to the Senate.

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