Apple’s Next Goal Is Killing Paper Money Once and For All

The War on Cash is on. The opening salvos were launched months ago, and now we are getting into the meat of the campaign which is being driven by central banks, governments, and by industry. They all want to kill cash.

The central banks hate cash particularly because it limits their power. There is real concern that in the event another significant recession rolls around central banks will have a hard time pushing down interest rates,

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People can fight back against planned obsolescence by fixing the tech we already own, but the consumer electronics industry isn’t making it easy

Part of capitalism is the market, the people, taking charge. If the “market” says it makes sense to fix something for whatever reason (environmental reasons, dollar cost, whatever) producers will react to it. They may go the crony route. They may lower prices. Or they may say, “Hey, the market is saying it wants goods which are more durable and repairable and we need to find out how to make money in such an environment.” Or they might do something else.

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Innovate Government Away: Tech beats the bureaucracy

Although I am a PC guy, I have the greatest respect for Apple and Steve Jobs. Consider this. Apple became the largest company in the world (by valuation) without gaming the political system. I am sure there are exceptions in the company’s history somewhere, but generally this is true. Apple had almost no lobbyist representation until very recently when the Washington crowd decided they wanted a byte. (Get it?)

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Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five (In case you want to understand the cryptocurrency)

People are waking up to Bitcoin and other alternative currencies. Mainstream economists are acknowledging the importance of the trend. As are politicians. We are past the “ignoring stage.” Bitcoin is here. It’s important.

Bitcoin and similar currencies could fundamentally change the world economic landscape. Given that the current landscape is defined by the US dollar this of some importance.

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How NSA Mass Surveillance is Hurting the US Economy

Constant surveillance is not good for business.

We’ve written about this in the past. The most important industry in the USA, also the least regulated (go figure) is tech. Technology companies thrive on innovation and beating each other to market. Historically tech, based on the other side of the country from Washington DC, has been a fairly free market. There is a reason why the price of computing comes down every single month and the quality goes up. The power the average person holds in his or her hand when they glance down at their iPhone is well beyond what a computer the size of a city block could do a generation ago.

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Microsoft’s Downfall: Inside the Executive E-mails and Cannibalistic Culture That Felled a Tech Giant

Happier, more innovative days at Microsoft.

Today, a single Apple product—the iPhone—generates more revenue than all of Microsoft’s wares combined.

Microsoft lost its edge. It got fat. It got happy. It thought it would forever be on top. Remember when the government went after Microsoft to break it up?  Funny thing is, unless a company is given a government monopoly a company will never ever remain on top indefinitely, and this is a case with Microsoft.

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