Hayman Capital’s Bass: China’s real problem is its banking sector (Video)


Kyle Bass is often excellent. He is warning today that much of the developing world is in a dangerous banking position. He argues that these emerging market systems are quite exposed to even a run of the mill downturn. Additionally he argues that China has “only just begun” devaluing its currency.

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2008 Was a Crisis… It Was Not THE Crisis

Think of 2008 as a primer. A very difficult and disruptive primer. Nothing’s “fixed.” Markets never really cleared.

Additionally, as is explained below, the now 0% interest rates are almost locked there as the cost of serving US debt by the US government would explode upward with increased (and very likely closer to real market level) rates. That’s a sticky place to be to say the least.

But people will continue blissfully along, until they can’t.

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All Hail Our Banking Overlords!

Kodos and Kang actually run a currency hedge fund now.

As I watch the calamity in Greece and the chaos in China I am struck by how much things have changed in 10 years. “Wealth” looks very different to many people these days.

Wealth is time with one’s family. Wealth is time to think. Wealth is a good roof over one’s head. Wealth is good food and good friends. Wealth is walking through a field first thing in the morning with few bills to worry about.

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No more ‘Backdoor Bailouts’ from the Federal Reserve?

This bill is probably a step in the right direction, but the focus should be first on auditing the Fed under a bright burning magnesium fueled light. We need to know what’s really going on in the institution before we can chart the best way forward. Open the beast up. Let’s see what happened in 2008/2009 and during the QE binge. Then we can tinker, or hack away, or blow up as needed.

It should be noted that Senator Warren,

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Will the New Banking Proposals in Iceland Save it from Economic Instability?

Iceland stands like a sentinel at the gates of the Arctic and astride the Mid-Atlantic rift. Part of Scandinavia but also the last stone hop to North America it is a place which breeds peculiarity. With a population of under 330,000, less than the population of Wichita, Kansas, this peculiarity is compounded. Throw in month long winter nights and communal hot spring spas and one can understand why the tiny country produces such weird (and often interesting) furniture, music, and economic ideas.

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In perhaps an “unprecedented” move UK joins Chinese rival to World Bank as a founding member

This is a big deal and reflects the profound lack of confidence the world has with the current global banking regime. That Britain would do this, in spite of our general objection, is very significant.

As we have said in the past, an important thing to watch for is the moment the dollar is no longer the “world reserve currency.” When that happens the game fundamentally changes. We can’t print forever any longer and the reality of the market hits.

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“The Crash of 2008 has been used to engineer a historic redistribution of wealth in favor of the US financial aristocracy”

The dotted line is where the dollar was detached from gold.
Source: Washingtonsblog.com

The bloom has come off Piketty’s socialist rose that’s for sure. Once the free marketeers peered into the French economist’s book, the arguments, particularly the central one, that capital snowballs forever with the rich forever getting richer, has fallen apart under scrutiny.

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Soros (and White House) mouthpiece Think Progress says that Bitcoin is Racist (They are scared)

The bankers truly, deeply fear Bitcoin. Again, I say this not as an advocate. I prefer the old gold and silver. But I love, I mean love that Bitcoin is tying the establishment in knots. It is super fun to watch. Read, please read, the attached article as the author waxes on and on about how only white males like Bitcoin anyway so it should be taken down.

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Feds Raid Family Grocery Store’s Checking Account Over Innocent Bank Deposits (Video)

Now if one is a is moving billions through HSBC for drug cartels the government says it’s too difficult to prosecute. A local grocery store which has done absolutely nothing wrong? Much easier to take from.

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