Washington Post: Inside the Clinton Donor Network

OK future Washington hacks – Dem, GOP and otherwise, this is how you do it. Actually, it’s probably best that you skip this article now that I think about it.

The rest of our readers however, the ones who are actually sane, who would never willingly spend their lives in a blind quest for power, should read this article. Bill and Hillary have raised $3 billion in their careers. That’s a hell of a lot of money and it all came from people who wanted something.

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Poll: 1 in 3 Independent and Republican voters see the government as an “enemy”

Many people see the federal government as not reflecting their views at all. Some see the unending expansion of the state into every nook and cranny of life, and the gaming of the government by powerful corporate and political interests, as a real threat. Indeed that our massive government is encroaching on the things many Americans hold particularly dear, independence, for some – faith, economic liberty, liberty generally, privacy, and so on.

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First retail bank (that we know of) to apply negative lending rates to clients

If you want to keep money at Alternative Bank Schweiz you are going to have to pay for it. That’s right, keeping your Swiss francs under your mattress will generate a relative yield to the francs held at this bank. This is a knock on effect of the Swiss central bank trying to maintain parity with and independence from (ha) the euro.

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Fed To Hold An “Expedited, Closed” Meeting On Monday

I actually look at it as a positive that they announced the meeting for Monday. If they had scheduled a weekend meeting (Remember those weekend Fed meetings in 2008? I sure do.) I’d be more concerned.

Still, I’d love to know what spurred this. I wonder…Could this be why?

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The World’s First Cashless Society Is Here – A Totalitarian’s Dream Come True

I don’t use cash much, but I sure am glad it exists as an option. Governments and central banks however hate cash (they hate gold and silver far more, but they hate cash too) for various reasons.

Fundamentally cash puts just a bit of power into the hands of everyday people. Cash transactions are outside the scope of the big shots. They don’t like that. If the shamans are going to “control” the economy they can’t have anyone operating outside of their control.

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Contractors That Defraud the Government the Most Also Spend the Most on Lobbying

It should be noted that when a contractor defrauds “the government” that company is really defrauding the taxpayers. And despite what some may believe, it’s not like the government is wholly unaware when big time sketchiness is going on. It’s understood to a large degree. It’s part of doing business for both regulators and the “regulated.” The numbers are so big. Sure, someone is going to scrape some of the cream. (This is the assumption.) It’s government contracting after all.

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The War on cash is on: Apple CEO joins fight against economic privacy

Get it?

The central banks want cash dead. Now the industry giants are getting on board. Soon cash will be gone and the last vestige of any economic privacy will go with it. From birth to death each purchase or investment you make will be “on the record.”

Turn in your Federal Reserve notes folks, because even paper is too tangible for the big shots now. The shamans want a wash of digits, which can be tracked, and cut off if need be.

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In Sweden people call the cops if you use cash, The country soon to be cashless with negative interest rates

I can just imagine what people might think in Sweden if you had a few gold coins lying around. Clearly you must be some kind of drug dealer, terrorist, enemy of the state type.

We wrote earlier this year about the effort by some to rid the US economy of cash. Now they’re really trying to do it in Sweden.

A cashless society is “good” for central banks and central governments. For free people however it is a horrible idea.

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Jeb Bush: As president, I’ll end crony capitalism

Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash, a book which has hugely impacted the current presidential race, will soon release a new book,  Bush Bucks: How Public Service and Corporations Helped Make Jeb Rich. Let’s see what’s in that before we discuss Jeb and crony capitalism further.

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Sanders, Trump, and Keynes

The rise of both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump clearly reflects the increasing desperation of large numbers of American voters. They know something is terribly wrong with the economy. They just can’t figure out what it is.

In supporting Sanders they confuse capitalism with the increasingly out-of-control crony capitalism that world governments have foisted on us. In supporting Trump, they seem to hope that the best way to guard the henhouse against the foxes is to put a fox in charge.

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