How Does the World Fight Legal (as Well as Illegal) Corruption?

Some good ideas here. Some significant points of disagreement (the media is all too often not on the good guy side, it’s not just “state capture” it is capture of industry by the state too), but generally a good piece.

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Robert Reich: The New Common Ground Between Populist Left and Right (?) VIDEO

Yes, we are featuring a video by Robert Reich, someone who is often very wrong on very important subjects. Saying that however we very much appreciate this video and its spirit. There are some major points in the video where I think he’s a bit optimistic from his perspective but there certainly are plenty of areas where what we commonly call the “Right” and “Left” can come together to do some real good.

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Government wastes your time and money with its paperwork and red tape (But what are you going to do about it?)

Government is massive. It is inefficient. It is wasteful. It bullies. It over regulates. It hinders commerce. It is the fundamental component of crony capitalism. Crony capitalism can not happen without government. The bigger the government the more crony.

Laws should be simple and straightforward. They should be few. They should be transparent.

To the degree that laws are not simple and straightforward, to the degree that they are many and not few, to the degree that laws are not transparent,

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Some CEOs don’t like that cronyism is increasingly under the microscope

“The precipitousness of the political debate is a little scary right now,” said Jim McNerney, who served as chief executive of Boeing Co. until last year and as chairman until February, at a recent industry conference.

“Anti-business” and “anti-market” are 2 very different things.

Many feel frustrated these days. There is the sense that there is an agenda and that everyday people are not part of that agenda.

Many people have been under considerable economic pressure since the Crash in 2008,

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45% of Americans pay no federal income tax

Meet Loot and Extortion.

Many people even actually get tax credits, that is money in their pockets from the money extracted from taxpayers by the IRS.

I have little problem with people not being legally obligated to pay taxes. Taxes should have minimal impact on people’s lives. The smaller the tax bill the better for everyone.

But some of us must pay taxes. Many of us who fall into this camp are by no means rich,

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Puerto Rico’s Pension Bailout (and the gall of many government employees)

The gall of some government employees and their politician wingmen is truly amazing.

This duo thinks the system is there to be gamed. That’s what it’s there for. Work that program. Work this program. Count the days until one can retire. The system has to be worked. Focusing on WORKING is for suckers.

I am not saying that these folks in Puerto Rico are doing no work, I am sure many are. I am sure even that some people in Puerto Rican government are doing valuable work.

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“There is no (global) recovery” Banks are abandoning the Japanese stock market, Japan to just dump “free” cash on its citizens? (VIDEO)

Abenomics, the massive Keynesian experiment spearheaded by the Japanese Prime Minister has failed and now this failure is just becoming obvious.

This stimulus effort having failed some economists (see the attached video) now think that fiscal stimulus is needed. (As opposed to monetary stimulus.)

That ain’t gonna work either but things are getting ugly and the Keynesians are getting desperate.

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Panama Papers Reveal Clinton’s Kremlin Connection

The Podestas revel in their insider super lobbyist image. They are the quintessential connected Washington big shots. That the Podesta group would lobby for Vladimir Putin’s favorite bank, which is partially owned by the central bank of Russia (it is the largest shareholder), and which operates as a de facto spy agency (according to the article) is a little bizarre.

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Abolish the Fed: Why No Presidential Candidate Will Bring It Up

Abolishing the Fed shouldn’t really be considered a radical idea. Increasingly it is not.

More people understand the underpinnings of the Fed, why it exists (as a backstop for the banks) and are aware of its century of failures than ever before. Saying this however, many many more people need to really learn about the Fed for progress to be made.

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Where’s the Presidential Debate on GM’s Crony Capitalism?

GM will always be GOVERNMENT MOTORS to me. Where’s our $10 billion? GM is a crony company through and through. Truly a boondoggle of massive proportions.

Now that is an excellent question. I can tell you the answer, but it’s still an excellent question.

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