Of course the establishment is freaking out over Brexit. What did you expect?

On Friday the world changed. Brexit became reality. The old order was dealt a serious and very public blow. The “establishment” defined by the big banks, the big corporations, and big government was shocked. They couldn’t believe it. How could it be that Britons rejected the system they had spent so many years constructing, a system from which they the cronies had greatly profited?

The media likewise continues to howl in an almost existential bay at the great political wheel in the sky.

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Oliver Stone slams tech giants accusing them of “collaborating” with the government, calls it “form of fascism”

Oliver Stone is not my favorite guy in the world. He has said and done a number of things with which I strongly do not not agree. However he is a hell of a director and Wall Street and Platoon rank in my personal all time top 20 movies. And he is absolutely correct about the cozy relationship between some tech companies, particularly Google (which has visited the White House far more than any other company during Obama’s presidency) and the government.

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George Carlin explains why “newspeak” (political correctness) is dangerous, Is contrasted with President Obama (VIDEO)

In many respects political correctness, and there are different forms employed by different groups interested in dominating the political narrative, is a way of lying. It is a way of being dishonest. It’s not about feelings (not that this is an excuse anyway) often, it is about obscuring reality. It is about muddying the waters. It is about countering intuition (which when done via reason can be a good thing on occasion) and creating alternate realities to reality.

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This video may blow your mind, the best illustration of the post Crash bailouts I’ve ever seen

This is from 2011 when the wounds of the Crash were still fresh.

Now we’ve been conditioned. Time has passed and the banks want you to forget what happened and the dull economic pain which still dogs the world.*

We at ACC will never forget.

At the end of this video is a very short ad for someone who was running for Congress. We do not endorse candidates ever. We don’t know who this person is.

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Meet the Bounty Hunter Who Is Blowing the Whistle on Medicare

If only huh?

The truth is almost no one in government, with the exception of a very small (but growing) group in Congress, cares about where your tax dollars go. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that the beast is fed, the continents placated with “gifts,” and that the status quo remains the status quo. The folks in Washington, law makers and bureaucracy alike, know that they’ve got a good thing going for themselves.

Consider that roughly half of Americans pay no federal income tax.

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In Rio’s favelas lack of property rights can be lethal for young men (Not just in Rio, and not just for young men)

Property rights and the rule of law are absolutely vital for the creation of wealth for all, but particularly for the world’s poor.

When even the poor, the least advantaged and often the least connected know that for even them a contract is a contract, that a deed is a deed, that what is theirs will remain theirs wealth can be created. People can begin the road out of poverty.

Economist Hernando de Soto has long made this case.

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