George F. Will: What Happens In Puerto Rico Won’t Stay There

(From The Investors Business Daily)

Puerto Rico, an awkward legacy of America’s 1898 testosterone spill, the Spanish-American War, is about to teach two things that few Americans know: If conditions get bad enough there, its residents, who are American citizens, can come here. And if Congress does not deal carefully with the mess made by the government in San Juan, Congress will find itself rescuing governments in Springfield, Ill., and other state capitals…

…But some Democrats — perhaps anticipating a day of reckoning for their one-party state of Illinois,

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How Does the World Fight Legal (as Well as Illegal) Corruption?

Some good ideas here. Some significant points of disagreement (the media is all too often not on the good guy side, it’s not just “state capture” it is capture of industry by the state too), but generally a good piece.

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What govts spend on social programs (Who spends the most per capita? USA, Canada, or Switzerland?) Graphic

One thing about this data – it is from 2011. (The data not the graphic, which comes from this interesting article on guaranteed income which in our assessment is not a very good idea. But that’s for a different post.)

So when someone calls for socialism and argues that we have some sort of “small government” system, and that we just need to spend more on social programs show them this.  We are not  even close to a laissez faire country.

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5 Things ACA Supporters Don’t Want You To Know About UnitedHealth’s Withdrawal From ObamaCare


In another life I was a property and casualty insurance underwriter. I would assess risk and figure out if premiums for a given area were enough or too much. Was the company too exposed to hurricane damage? What about earthquakes? Balancing risk with premium was the name of the game.

Given my background I have never understood how Obamacare was going to “work.” Obamacare seemed (and is) an adverse selection machine. The sick are more likely to sign up and the healthy have shied from the program for any number of reasons.

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Robert Reich: The New Common Ground Between Populist Left and Right (?) VIDEO

Yes, we are featuring a video by Robert Reich, someone who is often very wrong on very important subjects. Saying that however we very much appreciate this video and its spirit. There are some major points in the video where I think he’s a bit optimistic from his perspective but there certainly are plenty of areas where what we commonly call the “Right” and “Left” can come together to do some real good.

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Government wastes your time and money with its paperwork and red tape (But what are you going to do about it?)

Government is massive. It is inefficient. It is wasteful. It bullies. It over regulates. It hinders commerce. It is the fundamental component of crony capitalism. Crony capitalism can not happen without government. The bigger the government the more crony.

Laws should be simple and straightforward. They should be few. They should be transparent.

To the degree that laws are not simple and straightforward, to the degree that they are many and not few, to the degree that laws are not transparent,

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Some CEOs don’t like that cronyism is increasingly under the microscope

“The precipitousness of the political debate is a little scary right now,” said Jim McNerney, who served as chief executive of Boeing Co. until last year and as chairman until February, at a recent industry conference.

“Anti-business” and “anti-market” are 2 very different things.

Many feel frustrated these days. There is the sense that there is an agenda and that everyday people are not part of that agenda.

Many people have been under considerable economic pressure since the Crash in 2008,

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Bluster: Obama says UK would be at ‘the back of the queue’ for trade deals if Britain leaves the EU (I doubt that very seriously, Obama’s gone soon.)

This is beginning to get ridiculous. Britain is our most important ally. We have the deepest historical ties with the United Kingdom. Right now many people in the UK are fighting for their country’s very survival. They are seeking to maintain their sovereignty in the face of a European Union which is a bureaucratic and some would argue authoritarian institution. Brussels grows cronies like the cow pasture down the road from my house grows mushrooms. (And both the mushrooms and the EU politicians are full of the same thing.) The EU is a technocratic and often unrepresentative administrative empire and this empire wants to rope Britain in (permanently) to take the country down a peg.

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Hold Worst Polluter On Earth — Government — Responsible For Its Injustice

The EPA spill on the Animas.

We have said this multiple times in this space. There is no greater polluter than the government. Yet so many environmentalists place such faith in government. It’s strange. It’s like a girlfriend who thinks she can “change” her new boyfriend. – It usually doesn’t work out well. The words “abusive relationship” come to mind.

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U.S. Ranks 41st In Press Freedom Index Thanks To ‘War On Whistleblowers’

Authoritarianism has been an overriding element of Mr. Obama’s presidency. Many of our “liberal” friends were originally mystified by the dire (and in many cases hyperbolic) warnings of some when it came to the president. With time however even many “liberal” folks have come around on Obama. The USA should be number 1 in press freedom not deep in the pack just ahead of Burkina Faso.

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UnitedHealth Group (The nation’s largest) to exit Obamacare exchanges in all but a ‘handful’ of states

The market reality confronts Obamacare yet again. Yet the health insurers were a big part in the healthcare law happening in the first place. So perhaps some justice?

Of course the pain is going to be for the people whose healthcare is disrupted yet again.

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