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More Crony Media: The protected, connected liberal media elite

I hate the term “elite.” This implies some sort of extraordinary skill, which in my experience in Washington, at least with the media and definitely in politics is not apt. But you get the point. Statist, entitled, usually wealthy (though typically not rich) folks who like to frequent the Georgetown cocktail circuit and get a thrill when Politico comes calling. The folks who actually care about Washingtonian Magazine.

They aren’t elite, but they are the political class. And they are protected. The Stephanopoulos kerfuffle is a great example. Why does this guy still have a job?

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Stephanopoulos Flap Exposes Partisan Divide on Media Bias

I think Mr. Ziegler is too kind here. He gives ‘liberals’ kind of a pass on defending Stephanopoulos, saying essentially that though it’s not OK that they (I am writing in the broadest sense here) don’t see that giving money to the Clinton Foundation by a news anchor is wrong, it is ever-the-less to be expected.

Perhaps. But it should’t be expected.

For too long the crony media have been tolerated simply because the people who understand that the old media (the crony media) is biased toward collectivism and is chock full of bovine dung just accepted this fact. That’s the media for you, they think. The propaganda continues. What-are-ya-gonna-do?

But what many of these same people forget, often, is that there is a whole hunk of America out there who really, honest to goodness thinks that NPR and the New York Times are totally legit. That these outlets are more or less objective.

The more media savvy but less statist inclined often forget this.

Lots of people really do think that George Stephanopoulos is telling them the truth. And for that matter, as much as I have enjoyed the guy over the years, that John Stewart is really telling the truth. (He often does, but he doesn’t see gaping holes in his own arguments, which is natural I suppose.)

There is sort of an assumption by many that only the dim really buy what the mainstream media is selling. (Dim bulbs still vote.) But this is not true. Many very smart people are/were convinced that Bill Clinton’s spinmeister is a completely legitimate reporter and that All Things Considered actually considers all things.

I have (smart) friends who seriously think these things.

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Have House Republicans Cast Their First Vote For Obamacare?

Obamacare, which passed through Congress on questionable procedural grounds, the rejection of which was the wave on which many a House GOP freshman rode into Congress, is settling into law. And the Republicans are now helping to make it happen. I guess pharma, hospitals, and the insurance companies like their new taxpayer financed revenue streams.

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To what degree is the the “Defense” industry driving foreign policy? And why Obama is the military contractor’s best friend

As I’ve written many times before, I grew up around the military industrial complex. I am a Navy brat and am still a Navy Football fan. (Pretty much the only team I care about these days.) I know the squeal of an F-14 as it banks in at sunset to land with its wings open. I can practically recite Top Gun to you. At one point I thought I might want to be a navy SEAL. My mother used to take us to the beach and we’d watch the giant hovercrafts ramp over the dunes. I used to go surfing right next to a gunnery range. (No joke. The break is called Pendleton and one could watch the shells splash into the water just to the south.) The point is when I post articles about the Military Industrial Complex I do not come from a position of ignorance. I do not come from a place of jaded familiarity either. But I am a tax payer. And it disturbs me that the weapons industry is the juggernaut of cronyism it is. It’s not healthy for our republic. To say the least.

It concerns me even more to think that war is perpetuated officially because behind the scenes powerful interests want to see warfare continue. I don’t want to believe that’s true. Most Americans don’t want to believe that’s true. And it may even be less true than many critics believe. But I think most informed individuals think that the MIC drives foreign policy at least to some extent. And even some is pretty messed up and not the way it should be in the United States.

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Obama thinks that the small government people “just don’t get it.” They don’t know the reality he knew (second hand after Occidental, Harvard, and Columbia of course) as he was slumming around in Chicago while he was preening for his political career.

I have news for you Mr. President, many Fox News (an organization with which I have HUGE issues) viewers out there have a much more real understanding of poverty than you will EVER know.

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Are Jeb Bush and his DC supporters out of touch with the modern GOP voter, America?

It is amazing that in 2015 a Republican presidential candidate – one who really has a shot – can hold the kind of positions Jeb does. There’s a reason why Chris Matthews and the New York Times like Bush so much.

Perhaps the Beltway Republicans don’t really understand how much more inclined toward real live small government the average GOP voter has become. It’s like the consultants are living in 1999 or something.

These same folks also think that if they can squeak Bush by the (what they perceive as) nutbars in the primaries, he will be embraced in a general election.

But this calculus may not be correct.

Bush could very likely lose in a general election because a solid contingent of GOP voters stays away from the polls when presented with what some would consider a big government Republican. (Or possibly even vote 3rd party in large enough numbers to make a difference.) Even if it means electing a Dem. The libertarian/conservative coalition has pretty much had all it can take after McCain and Romney.

And now another Bush? That’s a hard one for the coalition to swallow.

Plus there is a sense, among at least some, that in the wake of a disappointing Obama presidency there is a large group of people whose votes are up for grabs which weren’t in other elections. Kind of like the Reagan Democrats of 1980. Bush may not appeal to this group as much as a Republican candidate needs to.

But perhaps he will. Perhaps Bush’s moderate credentials will resonate with middle America.

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I don’t want a “cool” president, How about a competent president?

Republican, Democrat, or other, why would anyone want a “cool” president? Somehow this is supposed to be a positive. I don’t know about you, but in my experience “cool” parents were always terrible, same for “cool” teachers, the “cool” kids, and pretty much everyone else who was deemed to be “cool.” (By someone or themselves.)

Do you want a “cool” doctor? Or a “cool” financial advisor. No way. You want them to be highly knowledgeable, with at least a tinge of real nerdiness. You want competence. Why? Because your health and financial security is tied in intimately with ability of these people to do their jobs. I’d rather have a surgeon who enjoys chess than one who likes Jay-Z. (Not that Jay-Z is in any way cool.)

Why then do some feel that a “cool” president is a good thing? Supposedly, and according to the compliant media Obama is/was cool. I never felt that. I guess though that since he wasn’t some lame (sic) white guy that made him relatively “cool.” I guess.

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Baltimore Protesters Tried To Light This Pizza Shop Owner on Fire (Now he’s getting a gun.)

To the degree that we should have government it should be to protect people and property from acts of aggression. In Baltimore we saw the big government machine break down in a profound way. We shouldn’t be surprised when people act to defend themselves in the face of such government incompetence. Indeed, that is a big part of what the 2nd Ammendment is about.

Good luck to this guy.

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David Hasselhoff makes an insane music video: Proof that America has a weird subconscious longing for Reagan years?

This video was just too good not to post. So yeah, I’ll post what is sure to be a viral monster. I’ll feed the beast. It nails the 1980s. Nails them.

That this video resonates – in an absolutely ridiculous way – is I sense because America is tired of 9-11, and war, and Bush, and Obama. It’s ready to lighten up a bit. Not unlike how America felt post 60s and 70s.

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Court Lets Government Motors Keep its Liability Shield and Screw Over Crash Victims

Government Motors is a big black hole of dysfunction. People forget that prior to the 2008 Crash people referred to GM as a healthcare company which just happened to make cars. A pension crisis loomed like nobody had seen too.

Then, poof. World goes into a depression and the union workers get their healthcare and pensions taken care of. Funny how that worked.

GM should be dead and the world would be better for it. Its bailout (along with the big banks) is a disgusting chapter in American history. And as we see in the article attached the bailout continues.

(From Reason)

“This ruling padlocks the courthouse doors. Hundreds of victims and their families will go to bed tonight forever deprived of justice. GM, bathing in billions, may now turn its back on the dead and injured, worry free.”

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