If you really want to know what Steve Bannon is all about (and why so many fear him) watch this VIDEO

This comes to us from The Future 500, my favorite progressivish Bay Area think tank, of which I am actually a senior fellow (if you can believe it). In the attached video I am moderating a panel at The National Press Club in Washington on “The Future of Conservatism.” Steve Bannon is on the panel. Below Future 500 has isolated Bannon’s thoughts from that afternoon and they are illuminating.

The former editor of Breitbart is a fighter. A fighter who tends to win.

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Trump wants to eliminate two old regulations for every new one created, Did Canada inspire this policy idea?

According to Trump’s 7 point plan for the first 100 days he wants to institute a requirement that;

“for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated.”

In Canada they did something similar recently (though it was only one regulation removed for each one created) and a few months ago ACC argued that we should try a similar tack in the USA. ACC would have been happy with a 1 for 1,

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Economic Doctors Have Misdiagnosed the Economy

Boy is that ever true.

Many people have only just now begun to get “above water” on their homes. Many still aren’t. Many people are still under employed. Many more people are working multiple jobs – people who once were solidly in the middle class with one job. Many people haven’t gotten back to anything like pre-Crash life. There is still a long way to go until this country is back to where it should be economically.

Clinton downplayed this economic uncertainty.

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Top tax-writing Republican says TPP trade deal not dead in Congress

This is one people need to watch closely. The Trans Pacific Partnership was a deal done in secret that represents managed trade, that is trade for large vested interests, not “free trade.” One does not need an agreement for free trade. Just let companies trade with one another across borders. Simple. (We are very much for real free trade.)

No, Hollywood, Pharma, many other interests want a trade framework which they can control and that is what the TPP appears to be.

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Feigning Reform, Dems Recoup With George Soros and Wealthy Donors

This picture just says so much.

Some legitimately good advice for Democrats looking to the future. The Dems right now are the party of corporatism (though there’s plenty in the GOP too of course). The Clintons are a big reason why this is. The Democratic Party has a chance to clean house a bit here. Trump may have actually done the Democrats a favor.

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“Iraqing” Healthcare : Obamacare Penalty For Not Having Healthcare To Double Alongside Premium Hikes

Hey alright! Just when you thought Obamacare couldn’t get better…It gets better!

Nice too that the insurance companies and Pharma have so done well under the crony Obamacare system. The American people? Well, like we just said, it just keeps getting better!

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President Obama’s 2013 Golf Trip With Tiger Woods Cost Taxpayers $3.6 Million

Golf, as I have written before is a wonderful game. It is a thinking persons game. It is profoundly challenging and one can play it practically until they cart you away to the afterlife clubhouse. That Obama also likes golf is one of the few things on which he and I could (in theory) relate. (My usual go to with my “progressive” friends is classic rock. If one can drink a beer, keep one’s politics in check for a couple of hours and talk T-Rex and The Kinks we can be friends.) That he has played as much golf as he has in his presidency I also see as a positive.

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Society Without the State | Speaker Panel: Ron Paul, Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, Lew Rockwell, Jeff Deist, and David Gordon (VIDEO)

OK, this is a pure dose of some libertarian/free enterprise white lightning. It’s hardcore and it will blow the minds of many of our statist friends who visit this site. Personally I find these arguments to be pretty much common sense. But the ideas below are not “officially approved” opinions. The video will challenge the thinking of many people. So be warned. (Just a trigger warning for all you socialists out there. For the record many of the great free marketeers in history started as socialists.) 

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The (Crony) NFL Is in Decline

Football was the only sport I was ever really good at and I used to love it. (Though I abandoned playing by junior high.)

I was a pretty good soccer player. I loved and love surfing, though at my very best I still wasn’t an “A” or even “B+” level surfer. I’m a reasonably good golfer. I used to play a lot of tennis. But football was the only sport where there was even the glimmer of something extraordinary for me.

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