Crony Capitalism is a Feature (Not a Bug) of Obamacare

We have long asserted this. Obamacare is/was good for the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies, the drug stores, all sorts of large vested interests. The lobbyists for these interests wrote large pieces of the legislation.

Obamacare is a vehicle for cronyism. That is its nature. That is what makes Obamacare Obamacare.

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Justice Dept.: Firing migrant workers with expired papers is discrimination

The goal ultimately is to make it harder and harder for companies to fire anyone.

Sounds good for workers right? Well, it’s a double edged sword. If it’s harder to fire it’s much harder to hire. Companies fearing being stuck with poor performers will choose to not hire or to automate.

And check this video out. This is the sort of thing employers have to concern themselves with these days. Good luck keeping all the rules straight.

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Why can’t Brazil get it together? Crony Capitalism

For all the cronyism we have in the United States, and we have plenty and it is growing, Brazil is far beyond us. It is truly a crony capitalist state through and through. It has probably always been but the country’s recent socialist leaders haven’t helped things.

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After Aiding Obama for 8 years NOW the Left is Afraid of Too Much Executive Power…Because, Well, Trump

This is the argument that libertarians make all the time and an argument most conservatives make most of the time. Give too much power to the president and guess what? One day you are going to have a president who does lots of things that YOU don’t like. The same principal goes for government in general.

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Sen. Harry Reid: Give Trump fake CIA intel briefings (VIDEO)

Don’t know how this footage slipped through.

What an amazing statement. The head of the Democrats in the Senate argues that the CIA should give “fake briefings,” that is fake intel to the Republican nominee for president. But Hillary “I’ll keep my private barely protected server in my bathroom” Clinton one must assume he’s totally cool with.

Say what you want about Trump, and there is plenty to say, this from Reid is just ridiculous.

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The TEA Party was Murdered – and it was an Inside Job

The TEA Party was, and sadly we must now use the past tense, a ray of light in a time of enveloping gloom. After the exasperation caused by George Bush and his profligate spending and foreign adventurism, the bailouts of the banks, and the ascendancy of Barack Obama who promised only more profligacy, people rose up and said – no more!

This was the TEA Party. TAXED – ENOUGH – ALREADY.

Most people who care tie its birth to the below rant by Rick Santelli on CNBC.

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Alumni Strike: Fed up with political correctness alumni across the country aren’t giving anymore

I live in a college town built around one of the greatest universities in the world, and I have heard about this growing phenomena from multiple sources recently. Alumni are fed up with “safe spaces” and the anti-intellectual political correctness guards objecting to every “microagression” they can conjure in their heads.

These alumni have stopped writing checks. Why should they fund scholarships and pay for facilities for people who are clearly disconnected from reality? Why should alumni support people who must be coddled and whose egos must be massaged?

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Google, IT department to the crony system?

No kidding, Google officially dropped this motto a couple of years ago.

Oh Google, I do miss the days of “Don’t be evil.”

But that’s all long gone now though huh? And Google isn’t pushing Goldman Sachs aside as the attached article argues, so much as it is becoming the IT department of the crony system.

So let’s see. There’s Government Motors and Tesla for cars. Government Electric for all things “green” energy. Government Sachs for crony investment banking.

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While in the White House, Economist Received Personal Loans From Top Washington Lawyer

The guy was advising the president and now is advising Hillary Clinton on economics. This sort of makes sense.

Here is Washington for you America. Economic advisors in the White House taking out giant loans from big time lawyers. This is your political class. These are the folks who supposedly know how to “steer” the economy. Oh, and he’s another Goldman Sachs guy.

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Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Secretly Censored Abusive Responses To President Obama

Twitter is a private company and can do whatever it likes with its platform. It is however completely within bounds to highlight when the company essentially engages in a propaganda mission as it appears was the case here. It is unlikely that tweets would have been censored for some other politician, particularly of a different political stripe. That this was done behind the backs of other senior leadership at Twitter is also interesting. It would have been better if Twitter had been up front about its censorship.

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Institutionalized Racism? – Dem Congressman Wants Anyone But Straight White Men To Apply For Internships

Please tell me how this doesn’t violate equal employment opportunity laws? Please.

This is the sort of thing which drives a wedge between people of different ethnicities, which is exactly the point. America you see is a construct of white male domination and so blatant discrimination in the name of correcting this is justified. (This case is made in sociology departments across this country.)

There was a time – it was brief but it existed –

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UN Backs Secret Obama Takeover of Police (?)

We added the question mark to the headline.

It should be noted that Al Sharpton, president Obama’s consultant on race issues – how insane is it that Al Sharpton hangs out at the White House and pontificates on race issues – has called for the federalization of police forces.

The push is to consolidate the state in Washington DC. Always more consolidation. More power.

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