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Ron Paul: Not just a moment–we’re in the middle of a “libertarian transition”

The one and only time I met Ron Paul was in his office in DC in 2007. I had long admired him and I had come to pitch Dr. Paul on becoming a client of mine. I was a fledgling stock broker and I thought I might be able to interest him in some gold stocks.

What’s funny is that as soon as I walked through the door of his office and he and I sat down I forgot all about doing business and we just talked politics and strategy for about 20-25 minutes.

I left his office with a deepened respect for the man. Something which rarely happens (I now know) after meeting a politician in person.

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Former Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzales: Obama can act like a king on immigration, Use “executive action”

Below is the secondary title of former Bush Attorney General Gonzales’ op-ed in the USA Today -

We are a nation of laws, but also of immigrants. In border crisis, Obama must balance both.

“But also of immigrants” ? So because we are a “nation of immigrants” we must abandon the rule of law because it is in the eyes of Gonzales prudent? How does one “balance” the LAW and something else? Why is immigration not conducive to the rule of law?

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Study: Everyday citizens have near zero impact on national policy

Policymakers don’t really care what you think. Laws don’t just well up from the general population like we were told in school. No, laws come from the connected and powerful. The cronies run the show, and have long run the show. Occasionally your interests and those of “the powers that be” might dovetail, but this is very rare. For the most part there are the things you and your neighbors care about and then there are the things the plutocrats care about. Guess which agenda in pursued?

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Washington DC has been throwing a party with your money. Suck it up America. What are you going to do about it?

I don’t agree with everything John Tamny writes but boy does he hit the target in this piece.

For as long as there have been “leaders” they have lived off of the wealth created by their subjects, or in some cases – citizens. But people forget (or simply don’t know) how well the political class lives and how little regard is given by those who owe their livelihoods to taxpayers to the taxpayers.

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