OK, this is good, in case you missed it: On CNN, Robert Reich argues that the Berkeley rioters might actually have been Trump “right wing” agitators/operatives (VIDEO)

It’s like some folks are just not able to process the insanity we are seeing from a part of what some call “The Left.” They just can’t get their heads around it. It’s like their computers are just shutting down. The recent changes in the world seem to have short circuited their brains.

We’ve said some reasonably nice things about Robert Reich in the past. Though he doesn’t understand what crony capitalism is, he appeared to be attempting to understand.

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Racist Totalitarianism at UC Berkeley, This is what the Religion of Grievance and the abandonment of The Enlightenment has wrought (VIDEO)

Much more enlightened times at Berkeley. Long before the PC virus replicated in academia.

This shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere, but particularly at a state school like UC Berkeley. So, many of the people who pay to keep the school open are to be denied entry through the main gate? I don’t think so. Seeing this video just illustrates again why the Alumni Strike is taking hold across the country. Perhaps there should be a taxpayer strike for Cal too.

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Why Rand Paul’s standing ovation at Berkeley really irritated partisan hacks

I think that Rand Paul is cracking a code which doesn’t really need cracking for small government folks outside of Washington DC. People are sick of the neoconservatives (who are not conservatives at all by the way – conservatives are not for waging war all over the planet in that name of some American ideal) and they are sick of supposedly small government Republicans spending as much or more than their big government Democratic brethren.

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Rand Paul Goes to Berkeley, Hippies Give Warmest Welcome Ever to Republican Presidential Hopeful

Not Berkeley

I actually don’t know that for a fact, but anything short of rotten tomatoes probably constitutes a warm reception for a Republican in Berkeley. Actually Rand’s dad was received pretty well but that was after he had bowed out of the presidential race I believe. Regardless the most conservative/libertarian Republican in the Senate for 50 years was welcomed heartily.

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