Lefty CounterPunch Attacks Clinton’s “Book”: Hillary Happened

We’ve gotten glimpses of reality lately from the Left. It’s been encouraging. It seems that many lefties are just sick to death of Hillary and her excuses. Finally (some of) the lefties too seem to see the self pity, the Russia mantras, and the “misogyny” calls as just ridiculous. Hillary, with everything going for her, a fawning media, the Democratic Party gaming (to be kind) the primaries, the inevitability of the “first woman president,” still FAILED.

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Hillary: I Lost Because Bernie Promised Everyone a Pony


More like a unicorn. Ponies are real. But we get Hill’s point here.

So what she’s saying is she got beaten at the Democratic Party game. She should have known better. She knows to say anything, do anything to get elected. She should have “out-ponied” Bernie and just declared that the Age of Aquarius was upon us.

Universal “free” (as in paid for by someone other than you) healthcare.

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The Bernie voters who defected to Trump, explained by a political scientist

I don’t agree with all the conclusions or theories presented here, and I am no fan of calling anyone a political “scientist.” (My degree is in political science, but I don’t care if one has a PhD in political science I have a hard time referring to anyone as a “political scientist.”) With those points made we can move on.

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Bernie and Jane Sanders, under FBI investigation for bank fraud, hire lawyers

Bernie Sanders’s economics are terrible. Just awful. No one as old as he is, who has seen what he has, should hold fast to “socialism” the way that he does. On the other hand I don’t dislike him personally and am impressed by his challenge to the Clinton machine.

I’m sorry to see this story. We’ll see how it washes out. 

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Bernie Sanders Calls Democratic Party ‘Weak and Incapable of Organizing’

Sanders is out to lunch on economics, but we don’t think of him as conniving, which stands in contrast to most of the jackals in the Senate.

The Hillary crew resented the old man. They didn’t respect him and they couldn’t believe that he’d dare challenge the anointed one. But he challenged, and in a fair fight he might have won.

We haven’t forgotten the 6 Iowa coin flips.

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“I went all in for Bernie,” she said. “But the DNC burned him, so I went off the plantation to become a deplorable.”

This is an interesting article because it hints of the tectonic shifts going on in the electorate. Some shifts, like Pennsylvania going Republican are obvious. Others are much more subtle, the result of quiet movements in political magma bubbling under the surface.

In the attached article, Politico (being Politico) makes sure to trot out the already tired memes of Tumptist racism. The article also perpetuates the “Steve Bannon is a ‘white nationalist’” bit. (Which for the record,

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Who cares who hacked the DNC? , The real story is that the DNC appears corrupt and actively worked against Bernie Sanders

Somewhere along the way the “official” media sources got the official line. –  Focus on an assertion by John Podesta Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, who has his own ties to the Russians, that the Russians are behind exposing that the Democratic National Committee was working on behalf of Hillary Clinton in the primary process and against Bernie Sanders.

No one in the government to our knowledge has confirmed this assertion. But even still, where the leak came from is not the issue.

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Bernie Delegate Speaks Out Against Fake DNC *Seat Fillers* – “The Bernie people are not here, and the people who are are getting paid…” (VIDEO)

The video below is reflective of a theme which has run through this week, “The Revolution Won’t Be Televised.”

The official version of the Dem convention on the mainstream media outlets and the version we see actually coming from the people on the ground at the convention are very different.

Another great report from a citizen journalist.

This was from the previous night.

ACC is a completely non-partisan organization.

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