FLASHBACK —— Latest Wikileaks Releases Boost Case for DNC Class Action Lawsuit (Because the DNC allegedy rigged the primaries for Hillary)

Uh oh. No wonder they fired the entire DNC staff this week.

That this really happened and that a wounded mainstream meadia continues to try to push the Russian collusion narative at any and all cost is remarkable. The old media, the #cronymedia, and the Clintons thought they had it in the bag.

Boo, friggin, hoo for them.

Though Bernie was/is utterly clueless on economic issues, at least the guy doesn’t make you want to take a shower after shaking his hand.

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“I went all in for Bernie,” she said. “But the DNC burned him, so I went off the plantation to become a deplorable.”

This is an interesting article because it hints of the tectonic shifts going on in the electorate. Some shifts, like Pennsylvania going Republican are obvious. Others are much more subtle, the result of quiet movements in political magma bubbling under the surface.

In the attached article, Politico (being Politico) makes sure to trot out the already tired memes of Tumptist racism. The article also perpetuates the “Steve Bannon is a ‘white nationalist’” bit. (Which for the record,

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Watch as CNN abruptly cuts from Bernie protesters stopping delegates from entering convention to…Boys II Men? (VIDEO)

This is American media now folks. There is real news happening, obviously important news. But one can almost hear the producer in Jake Tapper’s ear yelling…“Look, just cut away…The DNC does not want this on the air…Just cut away…”

Of course we can only speculate as to what was really happening. Maybe someone in the control room just wanted to watch Boys II Men.

This is why they say “the revolution won’t be televised.”

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Not Just Debbie: Pelosi Booed by Democratic Delegates in Philly (VIDEO)

“Some people are new, and huh, are not familiar with how things work.” – Nancy Pelosi

Yes Nancy they are NEW. But they are booing you because they KNOW how things work.

So the revolt is in full swing. I figured that the Dem convention would be more interesting than the Republican one and it looks like that is playing out. People are not happy and the old girls club in the Democratic Party looks silly at this point.

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Sanders sells out to Hillary (?)

One thing about America’s “Left” wing party is that it knows the power of the union and it knows the power of the union boss. One way or another you will comply. You will NOT think for yourself. You will NOT think independently. You WILL fall in line. Don’t even think, think of doing anything other than what we have told you.

Sanders, for all of his frankly destructive economic ideas was a breath of fresh air.

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Hillary Clinton: ‘Why Is There One Standard for Me and Not for Everybody Else?’ (Good question Hillary)

Sometimes truth comes from weird places.

Shoot, Ms. Clinton, many people have long wondered why there is one standard for you and another for everyone else. But I don’t think you pose the question many Americans pose it.

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