Justice Department to end Obama-era ‘Operation Choke Point’

“Operation Choke Point” was one of the most crony programs of Obama’s deeply crony 8 years. (Why are some people still surprised when Obama’s cronyism is pointed out? It’s weird.)

Choke Point was about putting pressure on banks to stop doing business with legitimate businesses, like gun manufacturers etc. And the banks largely complied because they got their bailout a few years ago and because they didn’t want the Feds breathing down their necks.

It was crony bullying from the Justice Department and thankfully this horrible scheme is now dead.

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Yes, you can reject Antifa Commies and Alt Right Nazis at the same time (And Dear Lord, please do!)

Of course one can. We do. Alt-right national socialists, alt-left socialist socialists, both groups deny the importance of the individual and celebrate collectivism. They both worship the state. They both live for the hive.

That ain’t what ‘Merica stands for in my opinion.

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Silicon Valley Tightens Its Grip On Free Speech (Totalitarianism spreads)

Is that a laptop?

There is a real emergence of totalitarianism on what is often called the “left” in this country. With Trump’s election it seems some people have become completely disconnected from adult level thought. They really do think that Trump is Hitler. They honest to God think that he is and that their virtue signaling and general bitching is somehow heroic. It’s the “resistance” after all. Free college. Free phones. Free everything. The “1%” is why my life sucks –

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Trump Administration, Reversing Trend, Sheds 11,000 Federal Employees in Six Months (How about 100,000 more before the end of the year?)

This is a real positive. But 11,000 should only be the beginning. Our taxpayer financed bureaucracy is a target rich environment.

Given advancements in automation and in technology generally the Obama years should be the high water mark for federal employment. From here on out  – and I mean from here until eternity – there is no need to add one more net federal employee. No reason.

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The anti-Trump, George Soros sponsored Media Matters playbook for all to see, Download it while you can

David Brock and George Soros were tightly tied in with the Obama White House. Then they got slammed by Trump. Since being demolished they’ve coordinated an effort to derail the current president.

It’s spin. It’s political information warfare. Media Matters was the de facto Ministry of Information for Obama (and his sponsors). And they don’t like that they got housed. They don’t like that the everyday American raised their voice.

Trump ain’t perfect but at least he isn’t sponsored by George Soros like Obama and Hillary were.

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The “Diversity” Memo Rocking Google: Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber

Google, Huffpo, Yahoo News. This is “diversity.” 
See some went to one of the lesser Ivys (probably Brown or Penn) a couple went to Georgetown. One went to UC Davis.

The above (pic) is a big part of the problem. If an organization is going to preach “diversity” it needs to walk the walk. And key to ACTUAL diversity is diversity of opinion. But like many universities many of America’s largest companies (particularly in tech) do not want ACTUAL diversity.

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The $2 Million (taxpayer funded) Bathroom (VIDEO)

It’s half because of stupid rules and half because of connected contractors (and others) on the take. This bathroom was built with union labor at artificially high rates of pay.

Government does not care that the money for these projects, which always run over projected (already high) costs, comes from taxpayers who earned the money and then had to give it to the government. Governments just don’t care. They don’t respect the taxpayers – who have little power versus connected interests.

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The Fascist Threat

From 2012 by a friend of Against Crony Capitalism. If you really want to understand crony capitalism (and fascism) read this piece. It’s long. It’s challenging. But it is high quality reading.

Fascism is real. It is here. And it is not what many people think it is.

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