CIA director: There’s no need to release the 28 classified pages of the 9/11 report

Director Brennan says that it would be “unhelpful” to release the 28 pages of the September 11th report which some say implicate or at least connect official Saudidom.

My question is,”To whom would such declassification be unhelpful?” I’d say it might be quite helpful to historians and the American people who would like to get a complete picture of what happened on that day. On the other hand it might be unhelpful to people who would prefer to keep history muddled.

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Puerto Ricans Are Fleeing The Island En Masse As Debt Crisis Worsens

One can not blame these people. Call them internal economic refugees. It’s not unlike other parts of the United States where big local government and unsustainable patronage structures have collapsed. Puerto Rico is kind of like Detroit with palm trees in many respects.

The solution for Puerto Rico is similar to the solution for Detroit too. Basically they need to come to terms with default. The massive government employee system has to implode and a new economy, a free market,

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The real reason everyone in the media is unloading on Larry Wilmore for his White House Correspondents’ Dinner address

I watched the whole bit on Saturday night and I thought it was actually pretty darn good. (Saying this I fully acknowledge that comedy is a very subjective thing.)  Wilmore hammers the media and gives Obama a good ribbing too. Mrs. Obama was the only one who got out unscathed. It really is worth a watch.

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The House of Representatives Just Fashioned A Heavily Overspending, Pork-Filled Defense Bill

No one in Washington really seems to care about reining in the size of government. (There is a tiny minority.) The Dems want welfare and corporate welfare. The Republicans want corporate welfare and “defense” spending. There is no real effort to save money for the taxpayers. And the thing is many supposed small government “conservatives” give “defense” a pass on spending. Much of the military is chock full of boondoggles. Anyone who has been around the military (and I am a Navy brat) knows this.

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Buffett says if the government did THIS the Dow could hit 100K

Savers, you can forget about opting out of the stock market. If you want any kind of return you will get in the market and you will like it. So what if artificially repressed rates are crushing you? So what? Do you think you matter? Most of you savers will be dead soon anyway. You and your bank CDs. How quaint. Now pony up and buy some more stock grandma. Oh I’m sorry? You think there’s too much risk in the market?

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More implosion in Detroit: City closes 94 schools due to teacher sickout

At least it’s warm in Puerto Rico.

4 years ago we argued that Detroit ought to just declare itself a “free zone.” Cut taxes to nothing. Make the city a business friendly place in stark contrast to what it was before. The former metropolis literally has nothing to lose. Big government failed (as it always does eventually), let free enterprise come in and maybe there is a chance for something like a renaissance. A chance. (Which is more than the place has now.)

We knew of course that our calls would likely not be headed,

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It will be hard for some but we must let Puerto Rico default, no bailout. Same goes for Illinois, other states

The refrain from politicians and Wall Street has now become all too familiar.

Bail us out or the world will blow up! Financial dysfunction will catch like wildfire. If you don’t give us piles and piles of money (taxpayer money of course) you may just wake up to a world which is a smoldering cinder. It will be Mad Max in the streets. The sun will go down and never come up. In short, do YOU Mr.

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George F. Will: What Happens In Puerto Rico Won’t Stay There

(From The Investors Business Daily)

Puerto Rico, an awkward legacy of America’s 1898 testosterone spill, the Spanish-American War, is about to teach two things that few Americans know: If conditions get bad enough there, its residents, who are American citizens, can come here. And if Congress does not deal carefully with the mess made by the government in San Juan, Congress will find itself rescuing governments in Springfield, Ill., and other state capitals…

…But some Democrats — perhaps anticipating a day of reckoning for their one-party state of Illinois,

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($86 million) DEA drug fighting plane doesn’t fly

This is the sort of thing which really gets me. That 86 million was spent but the taxpayers got nothing for it. People got paid. Contractors went to work. Checks were issued. But nothing tangible. And the thing is this sort of thing probably (well, we know) happens all over the place. These projects just get lost in the giant government mix. No biggie. It’s just the taxpayer’s money. (Not that anyone in government seems to think like that anyway.)

(From The Washington Post)

The plan was for DOD to modify a DEA plane to be used in counter-narcotics operations in a combat zone.

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Four Los Angeles retirees collected $1 million-plus pension payouts last year

Look, nobody doesn’t like fire fighters. My neighbors years ago were both fire fighters and they are very nice people. If God forbid one needs help one is always happy to see the engine roll up the street that is for sure.

But a million dollar pension payout? For one year? Let’s get real here. (Where I live we have volunteer fire fighters and they are top notch.)

(From Transparent California)

Four Los Angeles police and fire retirees collected over $1 million apiece in pension payouts last year,

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84% Of Hollywood Campaign Donations Have Gone To Hillary

Hollywood is an incestuous little town. A “liberal” boys club which too often appeals to the lowest common denominator. (And that can be pretty darn low.) It is a place where narratives are conjured and cultural norms are sold. It is a deeply political place. More political than many people realize.

Now I haven’t gone out and joined the Moral Majority (does that still exist?) or anything but I am amazed at the degree to which the American public,

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