Socialism is a sucker’s bet: 100 Years of Communism’s Bloody Legacy

There are people who believe that the 2008 Crash, a crash that affected many profoundly, was created by the market mechanism. Greed run wild etc etc. And while greed did indeed run wild during the housing boom it was facilitated by a key piece of central planning, a mechanism that Marx himself favored, central banks.

The Fed and its brethren kept interest rates too low for too long and as such created malinvestment on a massive scale which eventually toppled on itself.

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Democrats’ all-too-telling love for Maxine Waters

Ms. Waters is a crony capitalist to the max who recently said that Putin had invaded Korea (she meant Crimea – but in this video one can see she’s not really sure about where either one is, or perhaps WHAT either one is).  She is far from the type of person the Democrats should be celebrating. But if the Democrats want to keep on losing – go right ahead.


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John McCain: “I Hope” Trump Has Been “Sucked In” By The Washington Establishment

That’s right. Let’s hope Trump is hopelessly entangled in the same crony morass that you find yourself in. Yes, let’s hope that any bit of change and challenge to the establishment is wiped clean from the Trump White House. That would be just great for America.

Now let’s go drop some bombs! Eh Mr. McCain?

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Trump learning to love Bush aides

One of the reasons many people supported Trump and opposed Hillary Clinton was because she in many ways was of the “Bush club.” A Democrat sure, but a neocon internationally and definitely a part of the establishment.

Increasingly it seems Trump is cozying up to the establishment. Perhaps this is the trade for the reduction in Russia heat.

The last thing this country needs however is a bunch of Bushites given new life.

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A simple truth about socialism and incentives (Cartoon)

Some folks won’t like this cartoon largely because it hits a little too close to home. Not because it’s wrong.

Look, most of us who understand the moral and functional superiority of free enterprise flirted at some point in our lives with socialism. We get the appeal. Thing is socialism is not a system that anyone should commit long term to. Socialism, even in Scandinavia, will always disappoint. It’s doomed from the start. It’s fundamentally unsustainable.

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