Some thoughts on family and government (PIC)

The communists were deeply against the family. They celebrated children who turned their parents in for anti-state dispositions.

Indeed there is an old communist/socialist adage that holds one must indoctrinate a child in socialism before he or she is too big to fit sideways on the bed. If they aren’t brainwashed into their love of the state very early the child’s love of family will take over.

Consider that for a moment.

There are many people in this country who abhor the family unit and are more than happy to see the family’s destruction as an informal institution.

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‘Liberal’ Washington Post: $15/hour minimum wage will put people out of work, hurt poorest people

“We don’t understand basic economics!!!! Fight for 15!!!!”

Well, you don’t say…

Hey, if you still want to blow up your community (and hurt poor people especially) with a $15/hour minimum wage you go right ahead. But when things head inevitably south, and likely quickly, just remember that you were warned multiple times. This time even by The Washington Post.

(From The Washington Post)

According to the 146-page report by Philadelphia-based consulting group PFM,

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Britain should become a “tax haven” post Brexit but the establishment fears unleashing wealth, annoying German dominated EU

Oh, wouldn’t that be smart? Britain as tax haven is a brilliant idea. Right off the coast of heavily taxed and bureaucratic “Europe.” Just smart.

The problem is Britain has too many full on Marxists in its bowels. The statists might be dark pink here in the US. In the UK they are straight up red as a rose. And even (and perhaps especially) those in dark blue and pin stripes have a profound affinity for the state.

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Government Employees Earn Almost Double The Average American

At least when it comes to Washington DC government employees it’s about more than just pay. Every federal holiday off. Lots of vacation. Unbelievable job security. They get a SWEET retirement. And if there is snow in the air, one can pretty much count on “liberal leave.”

On the other hand they have to work for the government.

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Sen. Cory Booker just introduced a bill that could legalize marijuana nationwide (But it’s got some problems)

Drugs should be a state issue. And as much as legalization is the right way forward, getting federal funds mixed up in the situation is unwise and will only lead to cronyism of one sort or another.

Better to legalize federally and keep Washington out of it. They’ve screwed up enough pot policy over the years.

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Trump Bumping and end of Obama era relief: U.S. Companies Post Profit Growth Not Seen in Six Years

Trump bump? To a large degree yes.

Obviously Trump has his issues – to say the least – but the uptick in the ersatz economy (the one that most of us live in until reality inevitably hits and overwhelms the fakery) is about American optimism inspired to some degree by Trump, but as much as anything by relief that Obama is adios. The people who make things, who grow the economy had little confidence in Obama. The media had confidence,

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The “barnacled enabler” McCain betrays conservatives, country on Obamacare repeal

He figured that re-election wasn’t an issue and so he did the wrong thing.

Having followed McCain, and even having supported him in 2000, there is likely a serious dose of spite in his vote.

Maybe not. Maybe he wasn’t trying to get back at anyone. But hey so what? Blowing up repeal is still wrong.

This is the same guy who once called for mandatory government service for young people. He believes in big government.

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