Obama’s Dirty War on Journalism

The information genie is out of the bottle and many leaders see this as a threat to their power, which it is.

Governments, even democratic governments, have long operated in the shadows. Now however with powerful information technologies this is less the case. With the Internet, sunlight sometimes shines onto the underbelly of leviathan. Leviathan does not like this.

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Export-Import Bank, International American Crony Capitalism

Imagine your company produces airliners. Imagine that there are costs associated with purchasing your airliner for your customers above and beyond just the cost of the plane. Imagine that there is a way for you to get the American taxpayer to pay for a lot of these costs so that neither you nor your customer had to pay them. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

No need to imagine. That’s basically what the Ex-Im Bank does.

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Germans Loved Obama. Now We Don’t Trust Him. (Because of the NSA scandal)


This article is from a Green parliamentarian in Germany. The Greens are supposed to be the pseudo communists these days, but at points in this essay the author almost sounds like a Tea Party regular. He makes reference to Benjamin Franklin’s “liberty versus security” quote if you can believe it.

The Germans remember the Stasi and Hitler. According to the article the Krauts will never let big brother creep into their lives again.

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Rand Paul: The President should not be able to veto border security provisions in immigration bill

In the version of the immigration bill which recently passed the Senate the president has the power to veto pieces of the bill that he doesn’t like. If this is not changed in the House any chance of border “security” is over as Mr. Obama has indicated that the US/Mexico frontier is secure enough.

Also I thought the “line item veto” was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

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Millennials Are Obamacare’s Last Hope

Come, young people to the Obamacare exchanges. Your premiums will likely go up, by a lot, but the administration needs you to subsidize other people or the entire giant bureaucratic, crony capitalist endeavor might come crashing down. With all that student debt what’s a premium increase of hundreds of dollars right? It’s only money.

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Desperately Trying to Avoid Failure: White House Recruiting Hollywood Stars for ObamaCare Rollout

If the Obama administration can’t get young, healthy people to enroll in Obamacare (against their best interests in many instances) the system will almost instantly be overwhelmed by older sick people. The government needs the spritely to join so that they can subsidize the cost of the less spritely.

To do this HHS is actively trying to get the NFL and NBA to spread the pro-Obamcare word. It is also leveraging its connections in Cronywood.

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Crony Media? Demonizing Edward Snowden. Which side are you on?


It is unfortunate that Mr. Snowden popped up in Hong Kong, skipped over to Moscow, and has found refuge in arms of America’s rivals. But what was one to expect? Initially reports were that he wanted to head to Iceland but for all of Reykjavik’s recent bucking of the current world economic system, it remains a member of NATO with a large US base on the island.

So Snowden went where he wouldn’t be handed over and this has allowed his critics,

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Republicans On the Attack Against Corporate Welfare (?)

The GOP and the Democrats both like to engage in crony capitalism. It is a transpartisan phenomenon. But we the people are making some headway, and at least some of that headway is coming from the Republican “New Wave” as Jay Carney at The Washington Examiner points out.

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USDA Announces 38 Million Dollar Sugar Bailout to Prevent Big Sugar Bailout

Sugar in this country is colossally messed up. Really we shouldn’t even be growing sugar crops in this country as the countries to our south can do it for less than half the price. But the Louisiana, Mississippi, and Hawaii cane growers have a powerful lobby.

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Government Could Use Metadata to Map Your Every Move

Metadata, who one communicates with, where one communicates, how one communicates, how long one communicates, the IP address of one’s computer, etc is even more valuable in most instances than the communications themselves. And as of this moment it appears that the NSA has free reign over this information.

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Why Government Spending Does Nothing for Jobs

This is a very important thing to understand. We are told over and over that government spending creates jobs and that through the multiplier effect the economy can then blossom. But time after time after time we see that this does not happen. Yet many still believe that something can be had for nothing. Many very respectable people believe like members of a cult. The cult of Keynes.

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