Rove Declares War on the Tea Party (On Tea Party 3.0?)

I really liked the first iteration of the Tea Party, the one that was more aligned with libertarian values than anything. Quickly however it morphed into a more socially conservative entity which I feared would be completely co-oped by the powers that be. It was.

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Good to be Goldman Sachs, Tim Geithner’s Turn to Cash In.

In this article in The Nation Robert Scheer explains why “It’s good to be Goldman.” Goldman Sachs that is.

If one wants to get paid (via the government/Wall Street axis) the old vampire squid is where it’s at.

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The Political Reality of Too Big to Fail

“In short, TBTF is FUBAR.”

How does one deal with too these giant banks? It is believed widely that if one of the big banks were to implode the whole world might also collapse into a debt chain reaction ending in a monetary singularity.

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Crony Capitalist Conduit? Obama’s New (Tax Free) Group, Organizing for Action, has “Closely affiliated itself” with Mega Corporations and George Soros

The crony capitalist conduit has been established. If your corporation wants to influence the direction of policy, this is the place to do it, anonymously.  If you want to be a part of the President’s effort, just drop a check into this designated box. Tax free of course.

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Sorry Mr. President but to a Large Extent We have Become a Nation of “Takers.” And You’re Making it Worse

President Obama doesn’t seem to have a problem with the fact that 49% of American households get some sort of means tested wealth transfer. And this isn’t even counting tax credits.

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