Leaked: Obama’s TPP will raise cost of medicine, creates protections for pharmaceutical industry

You’ve got to hand it to Obama in a weird way. He does a good job of placating his populist flank while his administration does the bidding of large corporations. Obamacare is one example, net neutrality is another, the TPP yet another.

One of the reasons we have generally opposed the Trans Pacific Partnership, even though we are big fans of international free trade, is because the agreement is likely chock full of crony deals. There’s a reason why so much secrecy surrounds the thing.

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Leading anti-marijuana academics are paid by painkiller companies

In an earlier post we wondered why it is that we have what is essentially “medical heroin” (Oxycontin) in all 50 states, but medical marijuana  – a far, far safer drug – in only a few states. We argued that Big Pharma had a lot to do with it. A recent report from VICE supports this hypothesis.

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Will Government Protect Big Pharma from 3D Printing?

3D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing already. From food to guns, the old business models are being undermined.  Information is spilling out all over the place, information one can now hold in one’s hands.

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How much is Obamacare REALLY going to raise your premiums? (in most states, quite a lot) Part 2: The raw study by the Society of Actuaries

It is interesting to me how wedded some people are to the idea that Obamacare is not a crony capitalist disaster. I understand why. It is the president’s signature piece of legislation. It has long been the dream of many in this country to implement nationalized healthcare. To acknowledge that what at first appeared to be an important political victory is likely anything but, is a hard pill to swallow.

If Obamacare fails it also means that Obama fails historically,

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Christian Science Monitor: Paul Ryan and Obamacare: Can (should) he stop Ted Cruz’s government shutdown?

Can he? I think the real question is – should he?

Obamacare is a bundle of crony capitalist red tape which will make your life more difficult. There are exceptions of course. If one is a drug company there is a good chance that one is going to make a ton of money with Obamacare, so your life might get better. But for most of us, this won’t be the case.

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Drug companies love Medicare Part D, Billions in taxes go right to Pharma

Putting aside that the author repeatedly refers to “excessive profits” (who is he to determine what is excessive?  In fact I’d say that there is no such thing – in a free market) and his misunderstanding of the Big Oil tax breaks (they are not subsidies, still market distorting, but not subsidies) and the other partisan talking points, he correctly identifies how Medicare Part D has become a direct revenue line from tax payers to the bottom line of the large drug companies,

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Dept of Justice Tries to Turn FedEx and UPS into Cops, Big Pharma Applauds

The Department of Justice and the pharmaceutical industry are not keen on pharmaceutical mail order. According the the DOJ the concern is that people are ordering illegal drugs through the mail from overseas pharmacies. No doubt this is true.

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