Fox’s Rupert Murdoch nudges (‘liberal’) Michael Bloomberg to mount presidential run

Man, Murdoch must really hate Trump. We know that Roger Ailes has an ongoing beef. (Ailes threatened to “go to war” with Trump over the whole Megyn Kelly flap.) But for a guy who many people associate with “conservative” politics to encourage Michael Bloomberg to run for president is, well, interesting. Not that Trump is  a conservative either. But Bloomberg is anything but conservative. Not even close. He is however very much of the Wall Street insider,

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Michael Bloomberg considers third party run

I don’t see it. I know he thinks he can bump chests with Trump and maybe win, and he sees weakness on the Left with Hillary and company but a real Bloomberg run would be pretty tough even with his ocean of money.

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Why the world belongs to the (software) coders

This is a piece on my wall which was inspired by coding and coders. Data 1

I’ll say from the outset that this article is not for everyone, (and it is LONG) but I found it intriguing and potentially very useful for people who are trying to get their heads around what the economy – what I would consider the REAL economy – is doing right now.

And on a personal note I have to give a nod to my dear old Dad who,

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No question that “low interest rates have exacerbated the wealth gap between the poor and the rich because the rich have assets.”

Michael Bloomberg said this recently and he is right. If one had assets prior to 2008, particularly of the stock variety, there is a very good chance that your portfolio is looking pretty good these days. The Fed through various means has inflated markets artificially.

If however one had no assets prior to 2008, or went bust during the chaos of the Crash one is probably still struggling.

The Fed, the central planners, have made the rich much richer.

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“Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will return to face a mutiny within his coalition after he surrendered to European demands”

This hashtag has been trending.

Tough decisions in Greece. Huge pressures.

I was watching Bloomberg last night just before midnight and they were reporting that the hashtag #thisisacoup was the highest trending hashtag on Twitter for a while yesterday. So what does that tell you?

The Germans (and others) wanted to crush Greece. And it looks like Deutschland may have succeeded.

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Rapid Rise in Super PACs Dominated by Single Donors (List of the top in 2014)

Super PACs can spend whatever they want on ads, etc. so long as they do not coordinate with any specific candidate. They are a direct result of the Citizens United decision, of which we don’t have much of a beef. It’s way harder to buy elections than people think, and given the number of people entering the race for president (on the Republican side anyway) the current political money regime may actually be broadening the issue spectrum.

Saying this,

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Candidate for VA governor Terry McAuliffe meets with Michael Bloomberg, The New York Connection

Terry McAuliffe is a Clinton era apparatchik from Syracuse and he wants the head political job in Richmond. He’s long coveted the position and was defeated 4 years ago in the primaries in his first quest. Now that he has the nomination however he is calling in his chips. Politico reports that McAuliffe recently met with Mr. Moneybagssodabanguncontrol, AKA Michael Bloomberg, AKA Mr. New York. Hooray.

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The world’s smallest drone, the “robo-bee.” (Video)

This is a real bee.

The idea is that perhaps this little robot could fly from flower to flower pollinating plants in the same way that real bees do. We need the insects to grow food. With declining bee populations around the world this is a legitimate concern.

Also of legitimate concern is a drone the size of a penny which could perch itself on one’s windowsill. But I guess that’s why God invented fly swatters.

Click here for the video.

Read More David Stockman Takes On the Fed’s Easy-Money Policies—and the World

A great in-depth article on David Stockman, gadfly, revolutionary, Washington insider/outsider, and friend of Against Crony Capitalism.

The entire establishment hates Mr. Stockman because for the most part he is right, and that means bad things for the people who currently run the show.

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