Statement on Manchester attacks from that right wing nut Morrissey

For those who are not familiar with Morrissey or the band The Smiths, Mr. Morrissey is certainly not a right winger. But it sounds like he’s fed up.

The words below are not “incendiary” to me. They seem pretty matter of fact, and in many respects pretty much the truth. But the singer is catching heat for saying something that isn’t politically correct – in public.

Check out this lady who tries to make the argument that “misogyny”

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Rand Paul: “These Barnacled Enablers Have Never Met A War They Didn’t Like” (Video)

It’s true. There is a predisposition toward war in the official corridors of Washington DC now. But this country was supposed to mind its own business. That was a founding principal.

We are about to make another mistake in the Middle East because our president (and nearly everyone else in DC) took the bait ISIS set. But let’s be honest, our “leaders” wanted to take the bait. Obama and McCain have been miffed ever since the people rose up and kept them from bombing Syria about this time last year.

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Senators Authorizing Syria Strike Got More Defense Cash Than Lawmakers Voting No

Just because a senator gets a bunch of contributions from the defense industry does not mean necessarily that there is a quid pro quo, or even anything close. Many senators are naturally inclined toward a big military and so it just makes sense that defense contractors throw money their way. (It “makes sense” anyway, given our current system.) However, there is a pretty strong correlation between voting for bombing Syria and defense contributions as Wired explains.

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Obama says that a Congressional “NO” vote on war with Syria won’t keep him from starting a war (*If he still wants to)

FYI Mr. President, Syria is also not on the Gulf Coast.

We are often hard on the president, mainly because he has taken crony capitalism to whole new levels. But his general leadership style is also suspect. It just seems like the guy has a chip on his shoulder, like he’s got to show everyone who’s boss. He seems to hold the entire idea of separation of powers in contempt, something which is not a stroke of genius by our founders but a roadblock which keeps him from implementing his agenda.

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Does Obama know he’s fighting on al-Qa’ida’s side? (If he initiates action against Syria)

I suppose we’ve come full circle. It is we who helped create the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan, the guerrilla army which morphed into Al Qaeda. Now again we may be fighting on the same side. We appear to have learned nothing from our 3 decades of wandering (while being shot at) in the desert.

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