Brazil’s worst-ever recession unexpectedly deepens in late 2016

Before the Olympics

Brazil has been having a tough go over the last few years. A country that was once riding high and peering just barely into the 1st World neighborhood has now stumbled back behind the southern fence. The years and years of corruption under leftist governments (recently) have taken their toll as has the general slowdown in China which is a vital trading partner.

(From Reuters)

The downturn has left nearly 13 million people unemployed,

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2016 the year Latin America rejected the neo-socialists

Better days for the socialistas.

It’s been a weird political year south of the US border. The Peronists in Argentina lost.  Dilma was kicked out of the Brazilian presidency. Venezuela plunged totally into economic chaos induced by the current Chavista government. And now the rejection of the FARC deal in Columbia. Things have not gone well for the lefties, and it doesn’t look like they will be seeing much relief anytime soon.

The Pink Tide has ebbed and continues to ebb.

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Latin America’s (Socialist) Pink Tide Crashes on the Rocks

High tide in 2008.
Times change, and socialism always eventually fails. It just did particularly quickly in South America.

And thank God for that.

Unfortunately however in the crashing and chaos people are hurt. As the state apparatus grinds to a halt in Venezuela and spits and coughs in other parts of South America life has gotten harder for many as the statists cling to power. Government is a helleva drug and it is very very hard to quit.

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Dilma Rousseff the Crony Capitalist/Socialist has Officially Been Thrown Out of Brazil’s Presidency

Brazil is truly and deeply a crony economy. Red tape strangles everything. This has long been the case. However, since the socialists came in on the “Pink Tide” it’s just gotten worse.

But this is progress. There was no coup. The removal was constitutional. And Brazil’s young and very strong libertarian movement was key in this effort. Let’s hope that Brazil will continue to turn its back on crony capitalism/socialism in the weeks, months, and years ahead.


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Why can’t Brazil get it together? Crony Capitalism

For all the cronyism we have in the United States, and we have plenty and it is growing, Brazil is far beyond us. It is truly a crony capitalist state through and through. It has probably always been but the country’s recent socialist leaders haven’t helped things.

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How Brazil’s Libertarian Movement Helped Bring Down a President (VIDEO)

Menos Marx! Mais Mises!

This was one of the anthems of the revolt in Brazil which brought down the corrupt, Marxist and crony capitalist Dilma Rousseff.  We documented the uprising as it happened. Less Marx! More Mises! (As in Ludwig von Mises the godfather of modern Austrian free market economics.)

When I told a friend of mine, a wizened veteran of politics who has been a champion of free markets in Washington DC since before Nixon that this was the chant down in Rio and Brasilia he couldn’t believe it.

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Welcome To Hell——Central Banking At Work In Brazil and Beyond

I remember when Brazil was rocking and rolling. Home to oceans of sugarcane ethanol and all kinds of other natural resources it was poised for the future. Exports rapidly escalated to China. We were looking at a new day. The BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa were strutting their stuff. Where we were slowly puttering along in the post tech bubble economy (everywhere but housing it seemed) the new kids on the block were coming into their own and throwing off the years of economic dysfunction.

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YIKES: Brazilian police greet tourists with ‘Welcome to Hell’ sign at Rio airport #Olympicfeverzika

I believe the only modern Olympics to make money were the 1984 LA Games. Generally speaking the Olympics are an economic hole. Tossing such a burden onto the back of a developing country like Brazil while it finds itself mired in the worst economic depression in a century might not be such a good idea. (They did ask for it of course.) Heck, even some of the athletes are bailing on Rio at this point.

(From The Independent)

Some 300 police held a rally on Monday rallied to protest unpaid wages and unsatisfactory working conditions.

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Excelente! Brazil moves to shrink the state

There is a role for government. Setting simple rules of the road in clear and transparent ways seems reasonable to me. However there is always the temptation to expand government. To think it should do more. That it can solve this problem or that. More often than not this mentality just creates new problems or compounds old ones.

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Bernie Sanders does not want to talk (can’t?) about the failure of socialism in Venezuela, Brazil (VIDEO)

Socialism is imploding in South America. People have died and are dying because of the “system” on the continent. What was once called “The Pink Tide,” the rise of socialist leaders in Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, and Bolivia at the turn of the century has become a nightmare. The Pink Tide has evaporated with economic dysfunction, hunger, chaos, and state dependent cronies scurrying on the mud flats in its wake.

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The Brazilian Crony Scandal Takes Down the Socialist Prez, Dilma Suspended, Economy in Shambles, Olympics Only A Few Moths Away, Zika

That’s Dilma on the left.

Brazilian president and Marxist Dilma Rousseff has been suspended by the senate. Her crony dealings with Petrobras, the state controlled oil company, have found her (along with many other politicians in Brazil). And despite political bobs and weaves in the past few weeks she is now suspended for the duration of her impeachment trial. (Which likely means forever.) She has protested that the suspension constitutes a “coup.” But what else is she going to say?

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The great Brazilian crony crisis: 68% of Brazilians support the impeachment of socialist President Rousseff

The bigger the state, the bigger the corruption. This is a simple and near universal equation. Wherever and whenever the state grows beyond the basic level corruption spikes. It’s not the people in the government. Filling the state with well intended (for the sake of argument) people isn’t going solve society’s problems. This is the great “progressive” fallacy. It is government’s nature to become corrupt. Cronyism is a fundamental part of a powerful government. That’s just the way it is,

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